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Stiles stood at the island in the middle of the kitchen, straight across from were most of the members of his old pack, his father Noah was still smiling, Natalie who was comparing nail polish with her daughter Lydia, Parrish who was googling something on his phone, Liam holding Jacen who happened to be yawning, Danny was holding Jaina who was laying her head on his shoulders, Alec and Ethan were chatting about army stuff. As he began to speak the door bell rang... Alec answered the door and Melissa walked in with Scott and Malia in tow. Alec stood in front of them, "I have a huge surprise for you all!"

Stiles wasn't sure how this would go, Ethan caught his attention with his hand in front of him, he lowered it as to say 'calm down' .. Stiles looked up with an "I got this nod".

Scott rounded the corner, Stiles was standing there in his army uniform and he at first glance thought that he was seeing things. Then Melissa said Scott's name to him so softly "Scott go" but Stiles still heard it with his Sup hearing. "Stiles" Scott muttered. Melissa turned to Alec and almost fell, the women that had seen all the horrors in the world working as a nurse in the crazy supernatural hot spot! Melissa finally saw something that made her nearly pass out. Stiles was practically her second son, and she was very much overwhelmed.

Stiles turned his attention from Ethan to see the commotion at the door way. Scott stood there staring as Liam had moments earlier, he ran to Stiles and gave him his biggest bear hug yet, "My God your here, your really here!" Scott whispered as the tears of his sorrow finally turned to tears of joy. "Stiles my brother, my best friend, and my do or die,.. When I couldn't sense you anymore I thought you were gone, and no one would help us find you." Scott looked at Lydia, "The one thing that kept my hopes up, were the fact she never saw your death!"

Stiles was getting overwhelmed, but Scott was more so than he! Scott literally fell to his knees while Stiles held him on the way down. "I thought I lost you!" Stiles held the hug as long as Scott was still holding it. And like with Lydia, Stiles could smell Scotts happiness and love. And then Stiles for the first time marked Scott with his scent, not knowing what he was doing and Scott slowed his breathing down and the two men stood up. Stiles released Scott and walked over to Melissa and Malia, as he hugged both ladies, Ethan was getting his greetings from everyone as well.

Scott shook his head, he needed another hug, "Is this real?" Scott looked at Alec who smiled and nodded a yes. "Don't worry Scott its really me, its Stiles!" Stiles Smelled Scott again, this time willingly. Scott looked at Stiles, "What was that, first it was like you smelled me then it felt like you marked me?" Stiles looked confused. "I ah, well Scott when you got here I was going to let everyone know where Ethan and have been for the last few months.

............ moments later ............

The group stood there silently as both Stiles and Ethan told their story. "And we followed lead after lead becoming dead end after dead end." Stiles calmly explained.

Noah looked at his son, "So you are a werejackle?" Stiles grinned, "Ahh yeah, seems like it, I can do everything a wolf can do, but my hearing is much better, but I've never had a full moon yet." Ethan looked scanning the room, "But I've got that covered with Alec's help!"

Lydia questioned his last statement, "When were you bitten?" Stiles looked at her, "I wasn't in close proximity to a Meeting, so I never dealt the pull oh the moon or it's affect!" Ethan interrupted politely, " The same reason I didn't feal my wolf powers, I couldn't shift!"

Alec looked at Noah, "Dad I told you we would get him back!" the boy smiled as he walked to his brother, giving another hug. Stiles looked down something was touching his hand. Grinning as big as life, he looked at the little lady holding his finger, "Untle Siles, will you tuck me in?" as her twin brother asked Ethan, "Untle Efan will you tuck me in pwease?" Liam's heart felt full, finally his children were coming out of their shells. "You know neither of them, really speak to anybody, so they must trust you in a unconditional way!" As the two children pulled the two soldiers towards the stairs Noah looked at Natalie they both called out "Hey , excuse me!", at which the twins let go of the fingers and ran too them. "Gewd nite Papa Nowa and Mama Natawee!"

Stiles smiled then looked at Ethan, Can you smell that too?" Ethan grinned, "Do you mean can I smell the scent of love that this room is full of?" Ethan asked smiling. Stiles looked at him questioningly, "Yeah, its wonderful, I never new that we produced such scents!" Ethan looked at him and turned his head as Stiles leaned into the whisper, "It's also how you can tell if someone is lying, upset, angry almost every emotion has its own scent, be mindful of each!" He exclaims as children grabbed their fingers again and lead them upstairs.

The group watches the soldiers carry the two little children up the steps towards their room. Noah looks at Scott. "Have you heard anything from Derek or Isaac?" Scott shook his head, "No not at all!" Noah looked worried "Maybe just say they are out of town, no sense getting him all worked up about them being out of contact!" Scott looked a Malia, "I don't know though, guys lying to him would hurt him just as much, don't you think?"

Stiles looks at Ethan, "Are you Eve's dropping?" He whispers as the children finish their prayers. Ethan frowns as he hears the conversation, "What are they saying?" Ethan lies, " didn't catch any of it!?" Stiles kisses both children on their foreheads as he stands up. Stiles turned on a small light that slowly spun shinning blue stars on the ceiling "Come on buddy, be happy, this is your home now, here with us." Ethan smiled haphazardly, as they turned out the light.

Noah put his pinching fingers on the bridge of his nose and looked down, "Lets just keep it under wraps for now, Ill take the heat if it some how comes out!" Everyone agreed as the two men come down the steps.

Well guys we have got so much to accomplish tomorrow, so I'm going to head to bed. Stiles stops, "Im going for my run in the morning, would anyone like to join me?" He says as everyone looks away or to the ceiling or the floor. LIam smiled, "I'll go, I don't have class on Saturday, um what time are you going?" Stiles looked at him, "At 0430!" Liam looked with wide eyes, "Isn't that like 4:30 in the morning?" Ethan snickered, "I"ll go if we make it 0530 hours Stiles!" Stiles shook his head, "Ok 0530 it is, anyone else?" He aske as he raised his left eyebrow. Liam shook his head, "I"ll go aswell." Stiles turned to his father. "Um 100% no."

The group all laughed as Stiles turned to hug each person as they started out the door. "Scott, I have a meeting at noon in town, but I'll be free afterwards if you want to talk!" Scott gave one of his puppy dog faces, "Of course I do, meet me at my house after your done!" Stiles smiled, "Sounds good Bro." As he hugged his friend goodbye, Stiles turned to his Dad and Natalie, "I love you Pops!" Noah had a tear in his eye, "I never thought I would hear you say that again, my God Stiles I never thought I would see you again Son, I love you so so very much now I have both my boys together!" After a moment long hug with his new brother and dad, Stiles let go and quickly turned to Natalie, "Well I'm happy you two finally connected.! Now I'll have help keeping him healthy!" Stiles smiled as Noah rolled his eyes, Stiles hugged and than scented her as he had done to each person who left.

As Alec started cleaning, Stiles noticed Lydia still sitting in the kitchen.. "Um Lyds whatcha doing?" Stiles politely asked. Lydia grinned at him, "I sent Jordan to get me some ice cream, I have a few questions I didn't want to ask with everyone here!" Stiles smiled and looked at Ethan he motioned him over and asked, "Could you keep Alec inside a few minutes while I chat with Lydia one-on-one?" Ethan smiled, "No problem Serge, I got your back!"

Stiles place his headgear on his head, squared perfectly and took Lydia by the arm and walked with her out to the picnic table and sat.

Looking at Lydia Stiles began to cry, "Before you even ask, I think the answer is yes, but I'm not proud of it, I mean I'm not gonna run around waiving a rainbow flag!" Lydia placed her hand on his and they held each other's hand. "Hun you are who you are, you don't have to shout about it on top of the rooftops screaming yay yay I'm gay!" Stiles looked sad, "I never went searching for this, it just happened, he just happened!" At that moment Stiles eyes glowed red, he had to run, " Let's go for a ride I wanna show you something.

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