Her Hidden Soul.


Akina was a normal playing child before her horrifying quirk appeared. She had to live a life of lies and hiding herself away. Will she every be able to get back to the time before?

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Chapter 1

You know how a child can or can't get a quirk, right? Well, I got one. Not too different from everyone else. Until it start to use itself on it's own. Ever since I got my quirk, it has tried to run my life. Eventually it created a mind for itself, a name, and a seperate soul, in which I have to keep hidden. This quirk, I thought, was a curse. Until it- she, sorry, saved my life.

I am Akina. Akina Sanokuda. I'm 17 and I go to U.A. Class...General studies. I hate it but one person was there through it all. He's been through it all.
Hitoshi Shinsou. He and I relate a lot to each other. Like we were twins in a different life.
I was walking to school on a tuesday morning. It was a little chilly and I didn't bring a jacket. I was looking at the sky when I bumped into a tall blonde boy.
"Watch where the hell you're going, Extra!" The blonde boy yelled at me.
"I'm sorry! I was admiring the sky..." I told him. He scoffed and walked off. I felt a hand on my shoulder.
"He's just angry cause he has class with someone he hates." Shinsou said.
"Shin!" I turned around and hugged him. He laughed.
"Akina! You're hugging a little too tight..." He managed. I let go of him.
"How was your night, Shin?" I asked. He just looked at me. "Um...did you sleep well?"
"Akina. I don't sleep. Insomnia, remember?" He said. I covered my mouth.
"Oh no. I'm so sorry! I don't get the sleep I need anymore either!" I continued to ramble on as Shinsou started to walk in front of me. We soon arrived at general studies.
"It's fine, Akina. I get it." He said. He seemed a little annoyed. It was like that the rest of the day. I walked back the route I walk to school and saw the tall blonde boy from this morning. I walked closer to see he was bullying a green hair boy.
"Hey! Leave him alone!" I shouted. The blonde boy turned around.
"Get the hell out of here! This isn't your problem!"
"You are bullying him! If it wasn't my problem before, it is now!" The blonde boy's hands started crackling. He charged at me. "Nashio! Expand!" Nashio, My living quirk, expanded herself out. All she needed to do was touch the blonde to immobilize him.
She managed to touch the tip of his finger, making him stop in his tracks and forget what he was doing.
"Go! Before he remembers what's going on!" I called to the green haired boy. He ran. I walked back to my route home.
"What the hell? WHERE'S DEKU?!?!?!"I heard from a distance. I snickered to myself.

What was to happen next?

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