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Romance / Adventure
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Chapter one

You sighed as you hid behind a huge rock waiting for the first task to be over. You'd been waiting for a while, waiting for people to kill each other until there'd be 200 left.

Why weren't you doing the work for yourself? Because you were lazy of course. Your family were a bunch of assassins and you being the only female, became the little princess who never had a need to do anything. But now you had to climb the tower to prove your status, or whatever.

But you would do anything to do as little work as possible. Maybe make some friends? So you could have them do everything for you? That's how you lived you life anyways.

You heard a loud scream from far away. "Damn it! Where are you?"

As the words echoed around you heard sounds coming from the long grass. You tensed up but internally groaned. You would have to fight. You'd just bought these new jeans and really didn't want to blood on them yet.

A knife was thrown at your head which you swiftly dodged and watched as it hit the rock behind you. You put your hands up. If this person had knives it could be even more bloody.

"Look, I don't want to fight. Just show yourselves and let's have a truce, yeah?"

You didn't expect them to listen but slowly two boys, one with blue hair and one with dark brown hair came out with their hands up as well. You glared at them making sure they wouldn't do anything if you put your guard down and received the same glare from the blue haired boy. However, the one with brown hair looked more innocent and confused.

Slowly you and the blue haired boy put your hands down in sync and put your hands out to shake wordlessly. It was a silent alliance you had with the boy. You thought about saying your name for a second but decided against it. If he wouldn't say his name you wouldn't say yours.

You sat down against the rock like before and the boys joined you, sitting a bit farther away. After a few quiet and awkward minutes you sighed again and checked your pocket.

"Two hundred and sixty eight regulars remaining," You groaned when you realized it would be a while until this was over.

"Just a few more," the blue haired boy commented. You noticed you couldn't keep calling them that. Would nicknames be nice? He would be blue... and the other could be brown.

Brown looked down. "Already?"

Blue looked at him a bit surprised. "You've never killed anyone before?"

That shocked you too. Yes, you avoided it as much as you can, since you hated blood despite being part of a family of assassins. Maybe it was because you were around it so much that you disliked it? Having too much of the same thing isn't great afterall.

"Probably not," Brown answered.

"Probably?," Blue asked.

Brown looked even more sad now. "I don't remember the past. Only what Rachel taught me."

"Rachel?" You questioned. "Is that you sister or something?"

"No. I belong to her."

"So you have some BDSM thing going on?" So not siblings... hopefully. Blue looked over at you with a funny look and pointed back at Brown who looked very serious. "Okay, so nothing to do with that. Nevermind."

Blue urged him to continue and he did. "So I have to climb the tower, and to do that..."

"I get it now," Blue concluded, "She's you rule."

"Rule?" You and Brown both asked in sync.

"Bam, let's shake our hands to form an alliance," He said giving out his hand to Brown. So Bam was his name. "When I heard the rules of the test, I decided that rather than killing 200, I would find allies in the 200 that survived."

Bam got up and took his hand. "Those certainly would be strong and interesting people."

"What's more important is not to be controlled by their rules. You impose your own rules," He glanced over at you and let go of Bam's hand to shake yours. "That's why I want to be your ally as well."

"Because I impose my own rules?" He nodded and you scoffed. "I really don't care about that. I'm just too lazy to kill."

He eyed you for a second before glancing over at Bam as well. He must be thinking over his decision of why you two would be good allies. You looked over at a still confused Bam and noticed his weapon. The Black March, if you weren't wrong. You didn't know much about the weapons, not really caring, but you'd recognize one once you saw it.

Khun-san glanced back at you and properly shook your hand. "I'm Khun."

You nodded and introduced yourself. "Y/N."

You nodded at Bam as well, not bothering to shake his hand as it was too much work to get up and do so.

He smiled at Bam. "Not a bad deal, right?"

Bam looked down again- god why was this baby boy always sad. It didn't seem like he deserved it. "But I'm not interesting. In that regard, Rak is more"-

You jumped away a second before and your eyes widened seeing a large crocodile or alligator (you couldn't tell the difference) jump behind the boys making them fly up.

He huffed and yelled. "Found you turtles!"

Was he blind? They were obviously humans? Why did he call them turtles? Were they turtles that had the ability to turn into humans and were tricking you all this time-?

As the very muscular alligator whipped his spear at the boys, Khun jumped in front of Bam and put his suitcase in front of his face as a shield. Like that would do- The spear hit the suitcase and you heard a bang. It looked unscathed. Okay, maybe it did help.

As the action scene in front of you got interesting the girl on the announcer spoke up. "Ta-ta-ta-dah!" She sang. You scoffed. Is she a child?

The three stopped their fight and looked up in surprise. "Survivors, congratulations! By the way, anyone still fighting after the time limit ended will fail the test," you took out your pocket and saw 200 people remained, feeling happier it was over. But the announcer announced the second test and you sighed. More work. ""Please find two or three allies within five minutes. As long as all three or four teammates are touching when the countdown ends, you pass."

"They make it sound nasty, huh?" Khun-san drawled, getting your attention, "Five minutes? Well, the three of us can be a team."

You looked over at the alligator and felt a bit bad. If four were possible, you would feel guilty not including him. "No," You decided, finally getting up, stretching as you did. Khun-san raised a brow at you. "We're getting the crocodile to help as well."

"But we have three"-

"I'd feel bad if we didn't have him on our team," Khun-san scoffed at you.

"You want him on our team because you'd feel bad?"

You nodded and stretched you hands above your head. "Besides, we need one strong man on the team right?"


"Actually," Bam joined in, "I think we should."

Khun sighed and you smirked. Looks like Bam was a weak spot for him. Good that he's around then.

The alligator, now a bit annoyed, raised his spear. "Don't ignore me!" He hit the spear on the ground making it shake and making you and the boys have to jump away.

The boys started running away and you groaned, not wanting to move. As the alligator started running after you three, Khun turned around to see you sluggishly walking and ran towards you to grab your wrist and run.

You groaned, hating to move your feet.

"What's your problem?" Khun yelled while running.

You stopped. "Carry me?"


The alligator roared. "Stop!"

Khun turned around and you happily - and quickly, you weren't stupid enough to not realize the alligator was a threat- jumped on his back.

"Hey Gator!" He called out, "Did you hear that explanation? Well?" You were surprised Khun could talk with such stability since he was running and carrying you. You turned your head to see the 'gator taken aback. "Feel like teaming up with us?"

The 'gator opened his mouth and laughed. Rude. "I'd never become allies with my prey."

"Really?" Khun turned around, "Then within one minute"-

"What are you doing"-

He straightened his back and you took it as your signal to get off and watch at the sideline. Khun menacingly took out his knife, the swish of the knife sounding very pleasant to you. You couldn't see his face but you knew it was menacing, especially when you heard his voice get deeper.

"We'll kill you and go on."

"I though we agreed we felt bad"-

"What?" Interrupted the 'gator. Well if he interrupted you like that, should you really feel bad?

Bam ran in front of Khun-san and waved his hand in the air. "Wait!"

He lowered his guard, which you mentally scolded him for. "You want to hunt me, right?"

"That's right," The Gator answered, "Fighting enemies with powerful weapons will make me even stronger than anyone."

"Very well," Bam answered seriously answered, completely lowering his weapon, "Let's fight."

"Bam!" Khun warned. You didn't know if you should laugh or not. Was this boy dumb or stupid? He had no chance against this large animal.

"Alright," answered the alligator, "You're not such a bad turtle after all. Let's fight."

He pointed his spear at the unprotected Bam. "Okay." He did not seem ready at all.

Then the dumbass dropped his weapon. You stood mouth agape, along with Khun and the alligator, who you worried was dead. "Now hunt me. Let's fight."

The surprised alligator shook his head. "P-pick up your weapon!"


"Pick it up!"


"Pick! It! Up!"

You laughed expecting his answer. "No."

But stopped hearing the woosh of a knife being taken out again. You glanced at Khun who grinned. "You've got guts."

As the 'gator and Bam continued to fight you watched Khun as he took out his pocket. "Visible mode!"

It seemed that Khun already figured out the plan. And while you possibly could too, you didn't have the energy to think and figured you'd let them do the work. "Didn't you come to find strong prey!" Khun called out as the alligator yelled.

"That's right." Khun began walking towards the alligator and started to reason with him, "Then wouldn't it be better to team up with us so you can climb the tower and fight stronger prey?"

"Huh?" Khun repeated himself but was quickly interrupted by the gator. "Don't be ridiculous blue turtle! It doesn't matter how tall the tower is! I decide where my hunting grounds are."

He swung his spear which was too far away from you to hit you but close to Khun and Bam. Bam let our a small yell and Khun was hit and thrown to the swept to the side but landed on his feet, a bit roughly.

The announcer disrupted the fight yet again by announcing there were 10 seconds left. Your eyes widened. How were they going to get this thing to side with them in 10 seconds. You knew you were the one who asked but it really wasn't worth it now-

You were interrupted by the announcer counting down from five and looked over at the alligator who was being held onto by Khun-san. You watched at Bam picked up his Black March and ran towards them and Khun-san struggled to hold alligator man by the neck.

"Damn you!" As Bam charged at them there was four seconds left and Khun-san covered his eyes with alligators cape. At two seconds you realized you had to touch him as well.

Bam yelled as he jumped on the man and you quickly ran and landed your self on his shoulders. Right after you'd landed time was up and you leaned on the alligator head as you let out a breath of air you'd been holding in.

"You damn turtles!!!"

You might be deaf.
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