As you grumbled about the boys not telling you about the plan ahead of time and Bam repeatedly apologized Khun looked around. "Looks like about... 120 regulars passed."

You looked at him surprised. "That was really accurate don't you think?"

He shrugged, "I said about."

"Fight me black turtle!" The alligator shouted, catching yours and Khun's attention.

Bam turned his head away, hugging his now covered Black March. "No."

"I said fight me"-

"Oi, Gator!" Khun-san called.

"It's Rak!" He yelled.

So that was his name. Thinking alligator all the time was making you waste too much energy on syllables in your head. Rak was only one, so way easier.

Khun lazily made his way over to the boys and you followed. "Try revealing Bam's weapon here," He looked over at the other people who passed, "The others will hunt Bam down in a blink of an eye. Besides won't it be more fun once he's stronger?"

Rak seemed to understand the reasoning but immediately shook his head right after. "No! You can't fool me!"

Khun chuckled and walked towards Rak to hand him something from his bag. Chocolate. "Here you go. You can have this so let's make a truce."

Rak grabbed it by the bar and not the wrapper. "What's this?" That explains it. He took off the whole wrapper and ate it. The idiot. What if it was poisoned. Well, then Khun-would be the idiot because he would be losing an important teammate.

Once Rak ate it he seemed to enjoy it as he asked for more. As he happily ate away at the chocolate you sent Khun a look.


"Give me some."

"Chocolate?" You nodded and he chuckled. "Well aren't you straightforward."

"I can't help it," You took the chocolate bar he handed you and peeled off the wrapper. "I was always given what I wanted when I was at home. I didn't have to do anything... oh the good old days."

He scoffed and as he was about to answer with a sly remark, the sound of arguing caught your attention. A brown spiky haired boy was threatening another boy with black hair.

"Look at what you did to my arm!" The brown haired boy yelled, "How are you gonna fix this huh?"

"Make me," answered the black haired boy making the brown haired boy ask him to repeat threateningly.

"Isn't he cute?" You said after taking in how the black haired boy looked. Khun was about to answer when he was interrupted yet again.

"Fighting is prohibited during breaks," The voice seemed to finally catch everyones attention and the brown haired boy spoke back.

"Huh? Who are you?"

"I'm your test administrator .My name is Lero Ro." He had short blond hair and two black dots on both side of his face. You could assume they were birthmarks but probably makeup or facepaint since they were perfectly symmetrical and no way that was possible.

The grip on his shirt seemed to loosen and the black haired boy spoke up. "An administrator? Then you're a ranker."

"That's right," the brown haired boy let go of the cute one and watched the administrator, Lero ro, intently.

"He's amazing. He stopped the fight immediatley," Bam noted.

Khun looked bewildered at Bam's inexperience. "You don't know about Rankers either?"

It was surprising, yes, but you couldn't bring yourself to care.

"What's a ranker?" He asked.

"A ranker is someone who's climbed to the top of the tower. Where King Jahad is. Only a hand full of regulars are insane monsters like him."

"More of you passed then expected," Lero Ro explained, "We'll have to do some culling."

He smirked and produced a ball of blue in his hand. You felt like you're father had explained this to you but you couldn't remember what it was. You knew it was important when you saw Khun gasp though.

A wave of water was shot in the air, then down to the ground wiping everyone away. You held on to Rak to avoid getting pushed away and heard Khun mutter something about shinsu as he did his best not to be pushed away. How that suitcase did anything, you had no idea?

"That's right," Lero ro said once he heard Khun say what this was. He projected it even more to make Rak and Khun wash away, bringing you along with them. As you all safely landed, the water formed into a straight barrier.

"Shinsu is the source of this towers power. We're able to breath thanks to this water. Everyone within this tower uses this water to fight. Any team that passes through this wall without succumbing to the Shinsu's strength passes. Everyone else fails."

"Team? What if one of us fail?" The random idiot. Did he need to be shown the definition of a team?

"You fail," Lero Ro answered.

"That's messed up!" a group of people protested.

As Lero Ro gave some speech about luck, you spaced out, thinking about how your team would do. Rak was a strong guy with no brains, so he should be able to pass. Though he didn't look it, you could tell Khun-san was strong and smart making him a double edged sword. He was fine as well. You knew you could. But Bam was a problem-

"Excuse me?" you turned your head towards the voice, recognizing it. "It didn't push me back."

Bam awkwardly laughed with his hand up awkwardly as well. Could the boy be any more awkward?

Lero Ro looked surprised and Bam bowed. 'S-sorry! I'll go back!"

Lero coughed as Bam walked towards the Shinsu. "No. You pass. Perhaps it's a mistake but that would be luck as well."

As you heard people be annoyed at how unfair it was, Rak praised his black turtle. You were glad though, now there was no problem. As you watched people struggle to get through you decided to spark conversation.

"So, Rak, why do you call Bam black turtle?"

Rak looked at you confused. "Because his hair is black."

"No, it's brown."




"Nevermind. Yes black." Arguing with him would take too much energy. Rak, having nothing to do, walked towards the wall but Khun pulled at his cloak.

"What was that for!"

"Let's see what the others do," He answered.

"Like hell I'm doing that," you argued. Your back was hurting from all the slouching you'd been doing while you were here. You didn't have your maids to scold you for not straightening your back after all. You grinned. "I'm gonna have some fun!"

The boys watched as you made you way over to a bald boy and a girl with medium length hair who were trying to get through the wall. You inspected it, gaining their attention and frowned. "This can't be that hard to go through."

"Ah yeah?" The girl said, "Try it then."

You shrugged. "Alright."

You poked your finger through with ease and the two gasped. You giggled as you pulled out your finger and put it back like you were poking a hole. You started making booping noises as they yelled, frustrated you could do it so easily.

Your playful game was interrupted by a gunshot. You turned to see the idiot from earlier that didn't understand what a team was. "We're out just because we can't pass this test?"

You did your best not to laugh. Did he not understand what a test was either? Did he not understand what any word that began with T was? Next he'd be asking what a Tutu is.

"I refuse to accept this!" You watched as Lero Ro got up as the dumbass spoke. "I'm way stronger! I don't care if you're a ranker! I could kill you easily!"

Wow, he was even more stupid then Bam. At least he knew who to respect.

The idiot pointed his gun at Lero Ro as he walked through the wall. "Come to die?"

"One last mercy," Lero Ro began using more Shinsu then before. "Shinsu has no limits. It can make you immortal and grant you unlimited power..." He blasted it on the idiot. "If you can withstand it."

The idiot yelled in pain. Serves him right. "On the 30th floor and above, you'll have to endure Shinsu of this concentration daily."

"This!? Daily!?"

"I won't deny your strength or effort. You simply were not chosen. That's all."

As Lero Ro stopped using his Shinsu the idiot fell to the ground on his hands. "I threw away everything! Everything! Even if I go back, there's nothing left for me!"

As he sobbed- which was a very annoying sound to your ears- Lero Ro walked away and went back to Bam. You stepped back from the wall and sat down, watching the boy and girl push through the Shinsu wall with all they could. You were starting to like them. You wanted them to pass through the wall.

It seemed the boy was putting all his energy into this and it seemed to work, since he got his head and hands through. As he did so, Khun and Rak passed by you and went through the Shinsu. You watched as the girl and boy were getting body part through and sighed.

"I hope to see you on the other side." You easily walked through following the boys. Khun had made it through but his bag was stuck so Rak laughed at him.

"What's wrong, blue turtle?" After struggling a bit Khun got his case out of the Shinsu.

"Shut up," He answered playfully. You had to admit you kind of liked listening to him talk. The three of you walked towards Bam, Khun calling for him. Bam waved at the three of you and Lero Ro got up to leave.

You had walked ahead of the boys wanting to sit down where Bam was as soon as possible and heard the warning Lero Ro gave Bam. "And don't get too close to Khun."

"Huh?" It did leave you curious as well but that was interrupted as you heard bald boy from earlier yell and get even further through the Shinsu. You sat down and clapped excitedly for him. The girl had started making it through too. Their yelling annoyed you, but not as much as the sobbing from Idiot.

They both made it through and you let out a little cheer for them. As they cheered together. A boy in a blanket told them to shut up. Would he let you cuddle with him? You wanted a pillow too.

The announcer spoke once again. "The third test will take place here."

You saw Bam stare at Khun, probably worried about what Lero Ro said before. Khun noticed. "Hmm. What's wrong?"

"Nothing!" He said shaking his hands.

You stared at Khun for a little longer and something seemed to click.

Khun Aguero Agnis.
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