Chapter three

You'd heard about him. His sister wasn't chosen as the princess so he got exiled. You'd heard horrible words said about him. You'd always felt bad since nothing was his fault. It was that girls fault.

He was used. So you were sure he didn't trust you, Rak or Bam. You weren't sure he ever would.

Khun seemed so space out as Bam called out for him. "Khun-san!"

You shook his shoulders and he finally listened. Bam looked up to the sky, "The ceiling here is rather bright."

You and Khun looked up as well. "Ceiling?" There wasn't one, so what was Bam talking about?

"You mean the sky?" Asked Khun.

Bam looked shocked. "The sky?!"

Rak burst out laughing and you did your best to cover your mouth to stop laughing. "You don't know what the sky is?"

Bam was still looking up at the sky in shock. "This blue thing is the sky?"

"Oh, you poor baby," you said, "You've never seen the sky?"

Rak started laughing more. "You idiot! Hey, there's a stupid turtle over here!"

"Th-then! At night does it glitter and shine?" He looked like a small, happy baby. "W-with stars?"

"What?" Khun asked.

"S-S-Stars!" Rak burst out laughing even more.

"Shut up!" You scolded as you slapped Rak, who kept on laughing. "Stop laughing at the baby!"

Bam looked confused. "Huh? But Rachel said you couldn't see them unless you went to the top of the tower."

At this point Rak was rolling on the ground in laughter and you'd given up trying to stop him. "What are you talking about! That's obviously just a legend!"


"In other words," Khun explained, "The thing we call the sky is an imitation created using shinsu, modeled after the legend."

"An imitaion," Bam repeated looking upset.

"I doubt the real sky actually exists."

"I...see," He was obviously very upset. You got up to get one of Rak's chocolate bars and handed one to him to make him feel better. "Thank you Y/N-san."

"You wanted to see the stars that badly?" Khun asked as you took a seat next to him.

Bam seemed to brighten up a little after taking a bite of the chocolate and hearing the question, "No, not me. Rachel."

You smiled as you rested your chin in your palm. "Wow, even thinking of her makes you happy."

"She came to the tower because she wanted to see the stars. I hoped they were visible from here." Khun didn't answer for a moment so you looked over at him. He got up and turned his back.

"I was wondering. Why did Rachel leave you and climb this tower alone? And I wonder why she took care of you for so long. It seems odd."

"There's nothing odd about Rachel!" Bam yelled making Khun turn towards him in shock. Rak came up from behind and commentated.

"The blue turtle made the black turtle mad!"

"I'm not angry!" Bam defended. You watched Khun-san as he lowered his head in though but both of you were quickly interrupted by a scream from the test room.

The group near you, bald boy, cute sword boy and lizard girl spoke.

"What was that?" Bald boy said, obviously a bit scared.

"Probably a death cry," cute sword biy answered. Bald boy looked back in worry.

"It came from in there," Rak pointed out.

"What if the next test," Bam asked, "is really dangerous?"

"Well what do you expect if you're climbing up this tower?"

The lady at the front let the next team enter. You and the boys sat on Rak's stomach who seemed a little tired. "Blue turle, more chocolate bars."

He snored causing the air blow your trios' hair and clothes.

"They're taking a while," Pointed out Khun, "The last group ended immediately."

When he said that another scream was heard and Bam perk up. "Again!"

"What's going on?" You muttered. You watched Khun scratch his chin with his fingers, thinking.

You jumped feeling something crawl up your back and jumped out of the way, right next to Khun. It was a pink creature with a hole for eyes and mouth. It freaked you out. "You kids look extremely distressed."

"Maybe that's because we saw your face," You muttered, still pressed against Khun's side.

"Who are you?," He asked coolly.

"Don't glare at me," the thing answered.

Khun looked away. "What do you want?"

The creature waved his finger around. "I thought I'd give you kids a hint for the next test."

This caught your attention and you listened attentively. Hints meant less thinking, less thinking meant using less energy.

"Really!" Bam exclaimed but was quickly shushed by the creature.

"Keep your voice down. The others might hear you." Despite wanting to use less energy you weren't stupid. It was probably not best to trust this thing. He didn't give you the best vibes.

"How do you know a hint? ," asked Khun, turning his head towards the creature. You realized you were a bit close for comfort now and quickly moved away, earning a small glance from Khun.

"Simple deduction," answered the creature. "I was chosen based on my exceptional intellect alone."

"That's the only thing they could choose about you," you remarked. The thing waved it's finger around again.

"I would think you would use your energy in more useful situations," he snided back. Your eyes slightly widened. He wasn't talking about that, was he?

Khun glanced at the two of you but ignored it and continued. "You have a hint with zero clues to go on?"

"You haven't noticed the most important clue of all?" The thing asked, turning around, then back again.

"What?" Asked Khun.

"Please tell us.," Bam begged.

"Oi!" Khun-san yelled at him.

"That clue is," He paused for a more dramatic affect, "time."

"Time?" You asked, looking at the timer.

"Every team that hasn't screamed so far has passed the test within five minutes."

Khun looked at the timer. "You're right."

Bam looked at the pink creature. "Then we have to finish the test within five minutes."

The pink thing put his hands on his hips. "You're a quick learner."

"Thanks for giving us such important"-

"You don't need to thank a fluorescent plastic bag," Khun interrupted angrily.

"A fluorescent plastic bag?"

"Good one," you nodded and looked over at Bam seriously, "He's right though. You shouldn't go around trusting strangers like that. Why would he want to help us?"

"He's just trying to use us to test his theory," answered Khun, "If we finish this test within five minutes, his theory is proven. And if we don't..."

"You know being too careful with come back to bite you..." Khun huffed, glaring at the plastic bag, "Abandoned son of the Khun family."

Khun's eyes widened, and a chord seemed to have been struck. "Well, I suppose you can't help it after that cruel betrayal you experienced."

You reached out your hand to stop him but was too late. Khun whipped out his knife and jumped at the bag, grabbing his weird neck and pushing him on the ground.

"Khun-san!" Called out Bam. "No!"

Khun had his knife pointed at the mouth of the bag which did nothing. You jumped off, feeling Rak stirred and just in time since he got up, making Bam fall with a thump. "A fight? I'm in!"

You pulled Rak's cape, making him turn back to look at you. You shook your head and walked towards Khun as he shook trying not to stab the bag. When you were close enough to make sure only he and the bag would hear you stopped.

"Stop it. If you kill him Bam won't have any respect for you. He'll probably find out about your past. And he'll probably leave you. And go to that Rachel girl. Isn't she the one you want to protect him from?"

Khuns' breathing was still heavy but he got off and stumbled away, towards you. "Leave."

The bag stayed on the floor as the announcer called for you to go inside. Khun picked up his case and walked towards the announcer. "Let's go."

He seemed to try to sound calm but it was easy to hear the venom in his voice.

You, Rak and Bam followed. As you stepped inside the first thing that caught your attention was the clock. "Khun-san, look," Bam pointed out, "The time must be related somehow."

"Forget what the plastic bag said," Khun answered.

Red doors showed up out of nowhere but your eyes fixed on the blond man in the middle. "My name is Hansang Yu. I'm the director of the test you're taking."

"That means he's really a-amazing right?," Bam asked.

"Yeah," Khun agreed but his mind seemed to be elsewhere. You slapped the back of his head lightly and he glared at you.

"Get your head in the game. You're the only one with brains after all. Don't snap out of it again."

Hansang Yu continued. "The condition for passing this test is opening the correct door. That's it. You have only one chance to open a door, and if you take longer the 10 minutes you'll be forcefully terminated."

"Forcefully terminated?" Khun asked.

The floor opened up and you all looked down. You, not liking heights, looked straight up very quickly. "I didn't come all the way for that to happen."

"Now the test will-"

"Wait!" Khun interrupted. "We need more clues!"

"I've given you all the clues."

"No way," he said.

Bam joined in, "Is this another test of luck?"

"Hey! Quit being mean and give us a clue!" Rak yelled.

"The test has begun."

The clock began ticking and Khun began speaking. "This is messed up."

You watched as Khun was deep in though and Bam was being abused by Rak's stomping. You glanced at Hansang and sighed. Why couldn't your hair be as nice as his? Would you be disqualified for touching it?

As the sound of the clock ticking came into your head so did the image of being forcefully terminated. So you began thinking. He said that he had already given clues? What were they...

The smell of instant coffee filled your senses of smell and you gravitated towards the smell. In a few seconds you were in front of the tests director.

"Can I have some coffee?"

He raised an eyebrow at you. "Shouldn't you be finding a way to get out?"

"Khun's already thinking. He's smart, he'll find a way."

"You trust him that much? You know who he is ,don't you?" He handed you the coffee he just made and you gratefully took it sitting in front of him.

You shrugged. "I never really cared for the drama that happened. You know, I'm stuck in my own little world or whatever those poor shits say."

He smiled. "Language, little princess." You nodded and sipped on the coffee. "That's my specialty. Do you like it?"

You raised an eyebrow. This was just instant coffee. But then again, he decided if you passed or not so nodded with a smile. "Delici"-

You were interrupted by the sound of Rak climbing up the wall? Well, you had an alligator for a friend so it couldn't get weirder. You looked over at Khun who was thinking very hard, blocking out everything else.

Hansang smiled at you as he brewed his own coffee. "Someone who uses his own head has finally arrived. That's nice but"-

"But this test can't be passed just using brains." You finished for him. He looked a bit surprised and you bowed your head. "Ah, sorry I interrupted."

"No, no, it's fine. Well, little princess, have you figured it out?"

"That pink bag from earlier? Was he to throw us off?" You watched as he just sipped his coffee and you continued. "I'm assuming we have a 5 minute time limit, like the pink thing said. It has something to do with time, yes, but I can't figure out what's going on with the doors. Which door do we open...?"

"So the little princess is finally using her precious energy?"

You glared at him. "I know you're the director and all but would you kindly shut up as I drink my coffee?"

He smiled, nodded and sipped his as well. You heard someone gasp and turned you head to see Khun. He turned around and looked at you. "Maria!"

Your eyebrows furrowed. Maria? M- no. His sister. Rumours of Khun and his sister filled your head. Lovers? No, weren't they half siblings? If they were, that's sick. No way Khun would participate in that.

Khun- was shaking and you slowly put your cup down. You flinched as Khun yelled, "Stop it!"

He was breathing heavily now. You rushed over to him, but he turned to check the time and Bam was yelling at Rak. "Rak-san, what are you doing!?"

You gasped and turned around to look at them and saw Rak kick a door down. Your eyes widened even more as the lights turned green. "I feel better," Rak sighed.

"Oi, gator," Khun asked confused, "Why did you open that door?"

"Eh?" Rak's eyes seemed to harden in some way. He looked a bit scary as you notice his muscles and that he's a huge alligator. "Instinct."

It looked like the cogs in Khun's brain stopped functioning. Hansang clapped, getting everyones attention.

"Congratulations. You pass."

"What?" Khun-san drawled.

"The passing condition for this test is to open a door within five minutes," He explained.

"You mean opening any door would have been right?"


Rak started laughing mockingly and pointed at Khun. "See that? See my deductive powers?"

"What?" Bam asked "But you said it was just instinct?"

You laughed at Bam's seriousness and watched as Rak ran through the door "Let's go! Follow Rak the genius!"

"I'm glad we worked that out," smiled Bam, "Let's go!"

Khun-san stayed in place, staring at the ground. You called out for him. "Khun...?"

"What does this test measure?" He burst out.

"Were the wounds inflicted on you by the princess that deep," asked Hansang. Khun clicked his tongue angrily and glared at the director. "Now that you're wounded, you trust nothing. You can't do anything without certainty."

"So what?"

"The world won't wait for your certainty. You need companions who'll open doors with no hesitation. And... don't you want to protect those eyes, which don't know doubt? Or the one that doesn't care of your flaws and helps you with no hesitation?"

He looked back at you and you awkwardly waved with a smile, then he looked at Bam who stood there confused but eyes looking as pure as ever.

"Yo, turtles! What are you waiting for?"

Khun sighed. "Let's go Bam, Y/N."

"Okay," Bam went through the door but you grabbed onto Khun's wrist. He looked back at you in surprise.

"Are you okay?"

Khun's eyes seemed to widen and it looked like he was about to rip away from your grasp when Hansang spoke up. "Take care."

"I'm fine, thanks Y/N." you nodded and went to find Bam and Rak who you didn't trust alone together but you heard Hansangs' final words.

"You seem to be carrying quite the heavy bag." You could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

"What an ass," Khun muttered. As he passed by you, you swear you felt your heart burst. You'd forgotten how nice his voice was for a second.

As your heart pumped abnormally, Hansang was talking to the plastic bag you disliked from earlier. "Why did you have me give them hints?"

Hansang closed his eyes and smiled. "I wanted to see if the hint would hinder or help them. That's all." He looked at the almost finished cup he had left on the table. "One little princess had even figured us out."
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