You and the boys walked through a hallway after finishing the third test, Rak yelling about how he was the greatest in front of you with Khun closely behind you and Bam at the back.

"Uh, Khun-san?" Bam asked, making you and Khun stop. Khun because was called for, you because you wanted to listen in and you didn't want to walk. "Hansang Yu mentioned..."

Khun, realizing what Bam was bringing up turned his head. "Sorry, but I don't want to talk about it."

He began walking again and you and Bam followed behind. "R-right, sorry," Bam said.

"Hey, Bam," Khun said, "I hope you get to see real stars with Rachel."

Bams' demeanor brightened up. "Yeah!"

You patted his back. "Me too! But if you don't mind, can I come too?"

Bam nodded. "Do you want to see them too?"

"Oh no, I was forced to come here. Climbing this tower is just so much work and it's going to take so much of my energy away. But I think it'd be a nice place to relax. Plus, it would be nice to take pictures and it seems like a really romantic spot. Maybe that cute black haired boy from earlier"-

"I could go with you," Khun interrupted. You looked up at him, surprised and he looked away shrugging. "Well, I'm right here and you probably don't have the energy to ask a boy out."

You smiled at him, not like he would see. "Yeah. I mean, you're pretty cute too."

You swear you saw his ears go red for a second which made your smile grow.

Eventually you were all lying around waiting. You saw a little girl get a drink from someone as you sat on top of Rak with Khun.

"Well isn't she the cutest?" You smiled as you watched the girl happily drink her beverage.

"Blue turtle, I'm thirsty too," Rak groaned.

"Huh, go get it for yourself," Khun argued.

Bam ran up to you with a smile. "That's okay! I'll go."

"He's really sweet," You watched Bam with a smile as well.

"Why are you smiling so much now? You sure you have enough energy?" Khun teased.

You smiled softly, bringing your knees up to your face. "I don't know. Seeing how innocent they are just makes me happy. I don't want anything to happen to them. I feel like I have to protect them with my life. Is this what it's like having kids?"

"You're thinking of having kids while we're climbing up this tower!" Khun exclamied. You nodded.

"I need someone to have the kids with me though," You smirked, "Would you like to help me with that too?"

Khun turned all shades of red and looked away from you huffing, making you and Rak laugh. "Haha! Blue turtle is embarrassed by female turtle!"

So that's my turtle name. I was wondering what it was.

You saw bald boy from earlier talk to Bam and did your best to listen in. You heard him introduce himself as Shibisu.

He gestured to his teammates who were sitting on the floor. The cute sword boy and lizard girl were apprently Hatz and Anaak.

Shibisu threw the drink towards Rak. "Who's the big guy?"

Rak caught it easily since it was a bit smaller than his hand. "Call me 'the leader'."

You scoffed. Khun, looking bored introduced himself. "I'm Khun. You can call him gator."

You gave out your hand to Shibisu. "We've met before. Remember?"

Shibisu pointed out you. Rude. "You're the annoying girl from earlier that could get though the Shinsu!"

"Annoying," You scoffed as Rak and Khun laughed from behind you, "A bit rude but sure. I'm Y/N. And if he stops laughing, you can call the Gator, Rak."

Rak shut up and Khun decided it was time to stop as well when Shibisu shook your hand. As Bam ran towards your group Shibisu looked back at him. "You've got some interesting teammates."

"Yes, very," Bam agreed.

"I hope we make it to the end," Shibisu said. When Bam was confused he further explained, "You and I look rather ordinary, you know? It makes me feel sympathy for you. Watching you inspires me, I guess."

"Such wonderful friendship!" A voice further away exclaimed. Lero Ro.

"I have wonderful news for all of you. You've been granted the opportunity to participate in a bonus test!"

"We seem to have very different definitons of wonderful then," you commented.

Lero Ro put his hands on his hips. "It's no ordinary test. First, participation is voluntary. Declining to participate will not put you in any disadvantage. Second, a team that wins this test will have been considered to have passed all tests."

That sparked everyones interest. "You'll be granted permission to climb this tower."

"That's great," Khun commented.

'We have to take it," the girl with Shibisu from the second test said.

Everyone agreed and cheered. "So you'll all be participating."
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