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To my one true love, my grandfather told me that all my dreams could come true as long as I had the courage to come after them. So, I will go after my dreams even if it does not come true because a dreamer must believe in the beauty of the unpredictable dreams that keep us living.

Astrid Mai
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Seoul, South Korea

Kim Jennie: The Villain of K-Pop

Another malicious headline about me on a gossip magazine no longer comes as a surprise to me. In fact, the majority of the media love to push this narrative of me, Kim Jennie, being a cold-hearted, insolent witch ever since I was a mere trainee for YG entertainment, one of the largest entertainment companies in South Korea. If you thought the gossip was terrible before I debuted in BLACKPINK, you could imagine how worse it would become when BLACKPINK became one of the largest girl groups in the world. So, the majority of my life has simply been one headline after the next, but they all tell the same story of a girl obsessed with fame that she does not even deserve. I even stopped reading articles about me for a while because they all essentially say the same thing: I was like one of the wicked stepsisters of Cinderella. I was beautiful of face but vile and black of heart.

After reading the myriad of articles published about me, you start to get bored because of how repetitive they get. Well, I only assume so because humans have short attention spans. I, too, get bored and tired of these articles but even after I tell myself to stop for I know that it will only result in pain, I cannot bring myself to simply close the tab and never look back. Something always compels me to browse through my search history until I find the horrific article and return to reading it. I do not know why I continue to do it, but I guess it only matters that I do. I read headline after headline. Hate comment after hate comment. Death threat after death threat. It is now a part of my daily routine to do this. Why? Again, I do not know.

Lisa: Jendeukie! What are you doing? We are already here!

Jennie: Ah, sorry Lili! I was, just, um…reading something.

Of course, my members see right through my awful lie. After training and living with me for years, they know me better than I do, so it is quite idiotic of me to try and lie to them. Although I try to quickly put my phone away, Jisoo grabs it from me and sees what I have been reading.

Jisoo: Jennie-yah! I told you to stop reading these kinds of articles. They spread nothing but lies and rumors. You know better than to give them the attention they desperately crave for.

Jisoo continues to scold me as we gather all of our belongings, but the rest of us exchange eye rolls, knowing to just let Jisoo ramble on and on until she is satisfied. There is no point in stopping or interrupting her for she will simply continue the next time she gets the chance, so I simply nod my head and pretend to listen. Fortunately, Jisoo has little time to lecture me for we are already here at the headquarters of YG. Our security team opens the doors of the car and while they quickly lead us to the entrance of the building, Rosé entwines arms with me to comfort me. I never liked the flashing of cameras and people invading my personal space but nevertheless, the media loves to start my day off with cameras and their provoking comments in our faces. It is quite charming of them to especially do it in the early morning. (Note my sarcasm.) Hence, the kind and loyal Rosé quickly notices my discomfort and stays beside me, reassuring me that my members will always be with me every step of the way.

Rosé: Jennie unnie, please listen to Jisoo. As annoyingly repetitive she may sound, she is right. Those articles are not worthy of your attention.

Jennie: Yes, Rosie. I know, but you know how stubborn I am.

Lisa: Ah, you and that stubborn head of yours!

We all laugh and enter the building. As we walk towards our practice room, we greet the fellow members of YG Entertainment, who are ever so delighted to return our friendly greetings. It seems to be a normal day till…

We walk into the studio to see Yang Hyun-suk (YG) and Teddy with grim expressions.

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