The Baby Project


In which two mortal enemies are forced to take care of a fake baby together for a week. "HOW DO I MAKE IT STOP CRYING!?" He yells while frantically flipping the rubber baby upside down, resulting in the baby crying harder. I roll my eyes and grab his ear, making him whine and flinch, and tug downwards. "First of all you stupid peice of fucking white bread, you start by NOT HOLDING THE DAMN THING UPSIDE DOWN!" All Rights Reserved to @YoongisExpensiveGoRl 2020

Humor / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I sigh walking into the dreaded pits of hell, or in other words, highschool, and I'm immediately hit with the sounds of lockers slamming, people yelling, and that one annoying 9th grader being pushed around by the school fuckboys, BTS.

Me, and pretty much all of the rest of the student body here at Kyeongbuk High School, absolutely despise BTS, because of their fuckboy ways.

Well that and they are major assholes, but it's their fuckboy tactics more than anything. I watch as the youngest of the group, Jeon Jungkook, pushes the poor kid down to the ground, and punches him.

The rest of the group hoots and hollers, while the boy on the ground is gingerly holding his cheek, trying not to cry. I roll my eyes and walk towards the seven idiots, and the 9th grader.

As I get to them, Jungkook picks the kid up by the shirt, and raises his hand to hit him again, but before he can, I call out, "Leave the kid alone Jungfuck!"

Jungkook stops, and drops the 9th grader and turns to me, with fire in his eyes. "What the fuck did you just say to me little girl?" He grits out through clenched teeth.

I laugh. "Obviously you need a hearing check you annoying rabbit. I said leave the kid alone.....Jungfuck." I say, dramatically pausing before saying the slightly (only slightly) rude nickname.

Jungkook audibly growls, and walks towards me. "You're a smartass little girl, and I don't like smart asses." He hisses, cracking his knuckles.

I giggle. "Well I originally thought my brain was in my head, but I guess it's in my ass! Hey! Maybe that's why my ass is so big!" Jungkook glares at me threateningly.

"And what's with all this little girl shit? The last I checked, I'm older than you little boy." I say tauntingly. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the 9th grader scurry away from the boys unnoticed.

Jungkook scoffs. "You're not my Noona bitch." I smirk. "My birthday is July 27th 1996, how about yours pretty boy?"

Jungkook's eyes widen and he visibly shrinks back. I look around at the group of boys, and my eyes land on the one and only, Min Yoongi. Aka my biggest enemy.

We scowl at each other, then he breaks eye contact, looking everywhere, other than directly at me.

I could care less

I clear my throat. "You pathetic asshats need to quit bullying poor ninth graders just because this is our last year in school."

They look at me, annoyed. "What makes you think we're going to listen to a rich girl like you?" SeokJin asks accusingly. I groan and roll my eyes.

"You can't address me as a rich girl when y'all are rich boys yourselves." They shrug and Yoongi looks at his watch. "Are you done yet? Mr. Kwon said if I'm late to class one more time that he's taking my jersey away and I can't play on the basketball team anymore." Yoongi says.

I look at him for a good long minute, then turn around and walk to my locker and grab my stuff for life skills, leaving the seven fuckboys standing in the middle of the hall.

I walk into the life skills classroom, and sit down in my seat beside my best friend, BamBam. "Girl, where the fuck have you been? I was worried sick!" He cries out, throwing one hand over his forehead, and one over his heart.

I grin and shake my head at him. "I was just putting the fuckboys in their place after I caught them bullying a poor ninth grader." BamBam pulls a disgusted look.

"Ew. I feel for you honey booboo. I may be gay, but I avoid those STD infected man hoe's at all costs."

I laugh loudly, as Yoongi comes walking through the door, accompanied by the school slut, Jiyeon in her usual short skirt, heels, and crop top that shows way too much cleavage.

"White bread and cake face incoming." I say a little too loudly, causing Jiyeon to shoot a glare at me, and BamBam to stifle a laugh. She rolls her eyes and follows Yoongi to the back of the classroom where they immediately sit down in their seats.

Well more like Yoongi sits down in his seat, and Jiyeon sits down in his lap, giggling and running her hands down his chest.


After internally puking hundreds of times, Mr. Kwon finally walks into the classroom, and following close behind him are the 3 janitors, Mr. Kim, Mr. Henry, and Mrs. Song, with huge boxes in their hands.

I perk up and look curiously at the boxes that the janitors sat down beside Mr. Kwon's desk. "Good Morning class," he begins.

We all look at him, and he sighs, knowing he isn't going to get a response from a bunch of seniors at 8:30 in the morning.

"Okay then, let's get started! I'm sure all of y'all are wondering what's in the boxes?" He asks. We nod our heads, a few kids grunting in agreement.

Mr. Kwon smiles. "Well, I'm glad to announce that today will mark the beginning of your mid year life skills project!" He says excitedly.

A few unenthusiastic whoops are made by the class clown, Mark. Mr. Kwon stops smiling and rolls his eyes, grumbling to himself. "Okay, you know what? I'm just going to hurry up and tell you what your project is going to be, so you can get paired up with your partners, that I ALREADY assigned you to." He says loudly.

Everyone groans at the fact that he already picked our partners. I look at BamBam and cross my fingers smiling, and he does the same.

"Your mid year project is something I like to call, The Baby Project. What is the baby project you may ask? The baby project is a project in which you and your given partner will have to work together to overcome and overpower the everyday life of being a parent. And we use these bad boys,"

He says while ripping a box open and pulling a rubber life sized baby out, then continues.

"To do so. This looks like a baby doll at first glance correct? Well I assure you, it is NOT. This baby can cry, can drink formula, poop, pee, puke, and all of the other wonderful things babies do. The objective of this assignment is for you, and your partner, to take this baby with you over spring break, and care for it like a real child. After your week is up, I want you and your partner to write separate reports about how acting as a parent for your fake baby impacted your life, meaning your sleep schedule, your hygiene, anything! And that's what you will be graded on. Any questions?"

We all look at him dumbfounded. He laughs. "No? Okay well the list of partners are behind me, come take a look!'' Everyone jumps up at once and rushes to the paper.

Jeon Jungkook & Kim Jiyeon

Kunpimook Bhuwakul & Kim Taehyung

Lalisa Manoban & Mark Yi-en Tuan

Min Yoongi and Kwon Y/N

Jung Hoseok & Park Jimin

Kim Namjoon & Kim SeokJin

My eyes scan down the list, and pause on the 4th row. I scowl and look at Yoongi who is glaring at me. "Everyone please come up with your designated partner and get your fake baby!" Mr. Kwon yells out over the excited chattering of the seniors.

I grudgingly walk towards Yoongi and glare at him. "Just because we're paired up together, doesn't mean I won't beat your ass if you annoy me." I say through clenched teeth.

"I would say the same goes for you, but I don't hit girls, no matter how manly they are." I scoff and roll my eyes, and walk up to the desk with Yoongi and get a female fake baby.

After everyone has gotten their babies, Mr. Kwon clears his throat and looks around at the room. "I have been granted special permission from the principle, to let you guys out early so you can begin taking care of your baby." Everyone yells happily.

"But before you go I'm going to activate all of the babies." He says while holding up a button. He pushes it and immediately the baby on the desk beside me and Yoongi, starts whirring lightly.

"Now you guys can go." He breathes out. Everyone jumps up out of their seats with their partners chattering happily. Me and Yoongi stand up and walk towards the door. "Be at my house with that thing as soon as you get home and drop your shit off at your house." Yoongi says.

I roll my eyes and watch as he walks off into the distance with BTS.

This is gonna be an.....adventure

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