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⚠️Warning Will Contain⚠️ SMUT, VIOLENCE, STRONG LANGUAGE ETC. Meredith never really knew what real love feels like. Not after what happened with her last relationship. How can she expect the best if she doesn’t believe in love or is always getting judged by society? That is until she meets a boy she’s never seen before and the boy is full of surprises. But what happens when the past affects the future? What happens when the society grabs ahold of your life and never lets go? *THIS STORY TAKES PLACE AS IF THE ROYAL MERCHAT NEVER EXISTED AND THE CHARACTERS LIVE A NORMAL LIFE*

Romance / Drama
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1. The Gathering

The Gathering:

Three hours.

It took three fucking hours to get to Kiara's place, all thanks to my best friend, Santana. She's scared of driving at night since it's "dangerous" and how we might have a chance of having a car accident since it's dark. We drove up to Kiara's driveway and parked the car in front of her house.

Damn, this a whole fucking mansion.

We exited the car as we looked around at the front yard to see a beautiful garden of daisies and tulips with a water fountain in the middle of it. I look at Santana with worry as I analyze how beautiful this house was.

I've never been to a Kook's place since, well, since him.

Santana rolls her eyes, "Cálmate' miga, it's literally like three people; they aren't drug dealers or anything; Kooks don't like to get their hands dirty," Santana looked at the house and muttered, "Obviously...". She looks back at me with smiles, "But trust me, you don't have to worry about Kie; I mean, she once told me that she doesn't have a connection with Kooks like her connection with Pogue people, Mer, a good person."

I take a deep breath and nod.

I went up Kiara's steps with Santana on my side. My whole body starts trembling with anxiety. God, I fucking hate caring about what other people think of me. I really shouldn't care about other people. They don't know me, and I don't know them. But after what happened, I'm more nervous than ever to meet other people because of my reputation.

Santana knocks on the door and faces me, "Don't be nervous, Mer; Kiara just told me that she's the only Kook here, you'll be fine," she reassured me as she grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers. I nodded, but I was still nervous. It's not every day you hang out with Kooks. Some Kooks just can't be trusted in the first place.

I should know.

Suddenly, a girl with beautifully tanned skin, curly brown hair, and mesmerizing brown eyes opens the door and gives us a welcoming smile. "Santana! Hi! I'm so glad I'm not going to be the only girl here; these boys are making me go psycho talking about who can ride waves better and who ca-" she stops and looks at me. The girl smiles at me and sticks her hand out, "Oh hi, I'm sorry I didn't see you there, I'm Kiara, but most people call me Kie, and you are...?"

"H-Hi, I'm Meredith, but you can call me Mer if you w-want," I stuttered while shaking her hand. Why the fuck am I stuttering? I shouldn't be nervous just because she's a Kook.

Not everyone is like Topper.

Topper Thornton.

Sure everyone can judge me because I'm a filthy Pogue who lives near the marsh with no air conditioning and mice running around with floor creaks. But God forbid anyone to judge him because he has money in his pockets.

Oh, wait, scratch that because he has his parent's money in his pockets.

"Well, it's a pleasure meeting you; welcome to my place, it's not that big, but it's comfortable for us 6."

I widen my eyes and look at Santana. She notices my gaze, winks, and looks back at Kiara. I was hoping for this to be just three people in the room, but whatever, I guess.

Kie continues, "Please come in; I'm not gonna leave you guys out here." Kie lets us inside and closes the door behind us. Santana then lets go of my hand, and we examine Kie's beautifully structured house.

Goddamn, this place is more prominent on the inside. I mean, it has everything a Kook would have. Curved stairs that lead into the second floor, a beautiful chandelier with diamonds in them. The kitchen was more significant than my room and bathroom combined. Kook homes were stunning, and I also envied that. Almost every Pogue would kill to have a life like this.

Kie took us to one of the family rooms, where two boys were talking on the couch. One of them looked familiar, and the other was a fresh new face. I look at Santana, and she seems nervous. She catches my gaze once more and smiles nervously.

I mouthed, "what's wrong?" as I studied the living space and house once more to see what made her nervous. I can't have her react like this since she's why I'm not having an anxiety attack and not vomiting on the floor from emotional sickness. Ugh, fuck my life.

She shook her head in the direction of one of the guys who looked familiar and mouthed, "homework guy".

I look at him and widen my eyes. I look at Santana, and she's blushing, which made me roll my eyes and shake my head in disbelief.

But honestly, love is just a word to cover up the real definition of it all; loneliness. Anyone who falls in love with another person is only fooling themselves. They don't like the other person. They want the idea of that person's affection towards them because they can't feel that for themselves.

But not for Santana, she's been obsessed with this guy from our freshman year because he helped us with our homework assignments from our English teacher Mrs. Davis. Get this, Santana doesn't even remember his first name, but she claims it was love at first sight.

I look back at him while he talks with the guy next to him. Yep, that's him alright.

The boys on the couch are looking up at us, and both smile, and for some reason, I'm not nervous anymore, probably because Santana says that Kie was the only Kook here and the rest of us are Pogues.

Kie looks at the boys and introduces us, "Hey guys, I'm back; this is my friend Santana the one I've been telling you about, and this is Mer, so please don't embarrass me or scare them away while I get- wait where's JJ?" She pauses and looks around.

I suddenly get butterflies in my stomach.

Who's JJ?

"Oh...probably walking around, you know how JJ is when he sees something he likes... he explores it, besides this is an upgrade compared to our houses...obviously," the longed brown-haired boy responds.

I didn't know why but I suddenly felt my body temperature rise and goosebumps planted on my skin at the phrase "explores it".

Homework boy faces Santana me, "Hi, I'm Pope, and this is John B, it's nice meeting you guys... please don't eat us alive like Ms. Carrera over here, sometimes, when she's furious, she rips our heads off and becomes a whole cannibal," Pope looks back at Kie and smirks, "isn't that right Kie?"

Kie made a smug face and raised the middle finger at Pope, "I'm vegetarian, sweetie, you're not my type". Kie sneers as Pope starts laughing towards her reaction.

"Ignore Pope over here, he may be book smart, but he's falling in a class called Girl Psychology," John B faces Pope and pats him on the back, "you'll get them next time".

I giggle, and I look at Santana, and she's blushing. The vibe that Kie, Pope, and John B were giving me made me feel relaxed and comfortable—also knowing that these were fresh faces and they didn't know a thing about me.

God, what would they think of me when they find out? Everyone judged me for it, including my own family. Hell, they even made me do community service in the local church.

No, no, they're not going to know, the only person that knows what happened is Santana, and I know for a fact that she'll never tell anyone, not even Kie.

But does Kie know? I mean, she goes to the same academy as the other Kooks; she must know, right?

My clouded thoughts were interrupted when I heard a crash coming from the main hallway. Everyone turned towards the hallway to find a blonde boy picking up pieces of a broken vase from the floor.

He looks up and smiles awkwardly, which makes Kie walk up to him and starts yelling, "God damn it, JJ! I didn't bring you here just for you to break my mom's vase and decrease my chance of living? My moms gonna murder me!".

My face gets red from second-hand embarrassment. I look away, so I get this uncomfortable feeling off and act as if I didn't see anything.

"Kie, cmon, look it's not a big deal, you'll just buy another one," the blonde boy says as he starts picking up pieces from the small vase. He then walks up to Kie, gives her the fragments in her hands, and walks away while Kie swore under her breath.

The blonde boy draws his attention towards Santana and me. He approaches Santana first, JJ takes her hand and kisses it, "Hey Tana, nice to know that you're still living after you offended the turtle environment in front of Kiara," he puts his hand over his heart and closes his eyes as if he were vowing, "Turtle lives matter."

Santana rolls her eyes and moves her hand away from JJ, "Don't push it, JJ, I might offend you next," Santana threatened. JJ makes a hurt face and chuckles.

He shifted his eyes onto me.

And mine to his.

I felt an electrical shock running through my body as soon as our eyes encountered each other. If I could describe the tension between us in one word, I couldn't. I've never felt this way just by looking at someone before.

Not even with Topper.

Suddenly I start getting butterflies in my stomach as he walks up to me and grabs my hand to kiss it.

Holy fuck, he's hot.

I examine his facial features; light golden blonde hair, wide blue eyes, strong jawline, medium-size red lips, small nose, and thick eyebrows.

He then exams me from top to bottom, which made my heart flutter for some reason. JJ meets my eyes once more, "Hey angel... I'm JJ, what's your name?" He asks as he licks his lips.

Fuck anxiety attacks; I'm already fucking dead.

"I-I'm Meredith, but you can just c-call me, Mer." I stammered, making me shoot my eyes onto the ground, trying to hide my embarrassment that's painted on my face.

Real smooth Mer.

JJ lifts my chin with his finger and looks at me in the eyes, "Don't be afraid, Mer, we ain't gonna bite," he then came closer to my ear and whispered, "unless you want us to". He looks back at me and winks.

Shit, he's hot and bold?! Do men like him exist?

I blush uncontrollably as JJ then moves away from me, not breaking eye contact to sit with John B and Pope on the couch. He then looks out, and fist bumps the boys.

I couldn't move. I was trying to process what the fuck just happened. My body temperature was rising once more because all of a sudden, I started to get hot. I needed air, but I can't just leave right when I just got here.

"Well... now that everyone knows each other, let me go get snacks, cause we're only gonna be here for a little while since my parents are coming home a little earlier than expected," Kie put the broken pieces in one of the bookshelves in the hallway and headed to the kitchen. A few seconds later, she then calls out, "So is no one gonna help me? I can't grab all these snacks and beers on my own!".

John B shakes his head and gets up from the couch, "I'll help Kie give me a sec," he turns to JJ and Pope, "Guys, please don't be weird, I don't want to come back here and see that you guys frightened them just because you can't talk-."

"Says the one who cried after you finding out that your tenth-grade crush was a stripper," JJ muttered under his breath. John B grabs an apple from the fruit basket on the table in the middle of Kie's living room and throws it at JJ's head, which then bounces off on the floor.

JJ winced at the pain and raised the middle finger while taking the apple from the floor and took a bite off it. "Go and help mama bear before she takes her claws out and kills us all innocently!"

"I heard that, JJ! Don't piss me off even more!" Kie exclaimed, which made everyone laugh.

Tonight is going to be a long exciting night.


I didn't see Kie as a Kook no more. She didn't even treat me or anyone else differently.

She's a damn queen, and I respect that.

"-so then Pope became a pussy and backed out because the waves were 'too high'," JJ mocked Pope, "that's embarrassing Heyward".

"It's not if I know that hurricane waves aren't surf-able, unlike your dumbass Maybank," Pope jeers, making him throw chips at JJ.

"Yo, why is everyone throwing shit at me?" JJ beckons, "I'm just saying facts, and y'all are just mad," JJ scoffed and rolled his eyes as he took a sip from his fourth beer bottle.

"Cause you're a dumbass dude," John B replies.

I giggle while grabbing chips from the table and sat down on the floor mat again. Santana laughs too as she grabs my beer and starts to take little sips.

I've only been here for a little while, and I've never felt this comfortable around a group of people after the Topper situation. These boys do know how to keep the audience entertained.

Especially JJ.

I look in his direction and examine his facial features once more. Without trying, I start moving my eyes a bit lower to study his muscular body. I bit my lip checking him out, and began to fiddle my thumbs together from the overwhelming feeling of naughtiness.

As if my thoughts escaped from my mind, JJ's eyes glanced onto mine. The commotion in the room was slowly fading out, making me focus on JJ a little more.

I didn't break our contact for a few seconds until I couldn't handle the tension anymore. I faced John B talking about something that I couldn't focus on what he was saying.

I felt JJ's eyes traveling downward onto my body, which made me have shivers down my spine and goosebumps all over my body.

I suddenly felt a heartbeat in what lies between my legs. I widened my eyes a little from realization and immediately crossed my legs together and tried to keep a straight face to not draw to attention.

But that failed when I viewed him out of the corner of my eye. I could see JJ smirking and then looking back at the rest of the group.

Few laughs later, Kie gets up and faces everyone, "Hate to cut the party short, but my parents are gonna be here any minute now, and I can't let anything ruin my chance from going to the environmental committee." Kie grabbed the bowl of chips from the table and headed back to the kitchen. She then looks back and tells us to help her clean.

We all get up from our stops and start cleaning the table and clean the room itself. Santana and I took a couple of bottles of empty beers and threw them out in Kie's recycling bin near her garage while the boys picked up leftover food and threw it in the trash.

"Hey, Kie?" I call out, "The recycling bin and the trash bags are full; where do you want me to empty them?".

"Just put them in front of the driveway. The cleaners will clear them out in the morning," Kie answered as she helps John B, Pope, and Santana with organizing the kitchen and living room.

I went down the main hall and to the front door, walked down the steps, and made my way down until I met the main road. I placed the recycling bin onto the ground when suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turn around, frightened to see who it was.

It was JJ, holding a bag of trash in his hands. He places it down on the ground and faces me, "Hey, it was nice meeting you today; you seem cool," JJ says while rubbing the back of his head, "I hope we can hang out more and get to know more about one another Meredith Star."

I blushed and smiled softly, "Yea... it was nice meeting you too, and I hope we can hang out too, you seem interesting... JJ Maybank". I beam. I make my way past him and walked my way up the driveway.

"You liked what you saw?" JJ calls out to me.

I gulped and stopped walking immediately. I turned around slowly until my whole body faced JJ, "W-What?".

JJ walks up the driveway and stops until we were a few feet away, "I said," he pauses as he looks down onto my lips, "Did you like what you saw?"

"I have no i-idea what you mean by that," I bit my lip, trying to reduce the anxiety that I felt.

"Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about Mer, I caught you checking me out, so... did you?" JJ creates a devious smirk on his face.

It might've been the beer, or it might've been something in the chips, but a sudden wave of boldness washes over me, and I take a step closer towards his direction.

"And what if I did?" I ask confidently, placing my eyes at his lips, "What are you gonna do about it?"

JJ cracks a peal of laughter as his blue eyes travel my body once more. He takes a few steps closer. Close enough to make me feel his breath, "Answer my question, and I'll answer yours, angel."

I felt shivers down my spine and felt my face getting red, but I didn't want JJ to know that I'm weak to his words, so I kept my poker face on, "Yeah, yeah, I did, I'm not going to deny that you're hot."

JJ met my eyes and cupped my head with his hand, "Then let me take you home, and I'll answer your question... physically." He winked and slowly moved inward towards my lips.

Did he-? No. He did not-.

I clicked back into reality and took a few steps farther away from him, disgusted by what he just meant by that.

"If you think I'm that easy to get in bed with JJ, then the boys were right; you are a dumbass," I snapped and turned around to make my way back to the house, "Goodbye, JJ!" I shouted out without facing him and ran to the door before he could say anything else.

Of course, he'd want sex instead of trying to get to know me first. Fuck! It's as if this society needs to breathe sex to live. The fucking audacity to offer that when he just met me.

I opened the door and let out a small sigh, disgusted by what just happened. I took a deep breath and made my way towards the others. I looked around while going to the kitchen, admiring the architecture and the charming house's patterns.

Santana stumbled her way out of the kitchen and reeked like alcohol. She would always have more beer, even if the party or event were over. "O-Okay, Star, we're l-leaving, you're gonna be driving because I'm too t-tipsy, and I can't drive in the dark".

No shit Sherlock.

I nodded and headed towards the kitchen to talk with Kie and the others. I wished we could've hung out longer, but I knew in my heart that I'd meet up with this group.

"Thanks, Kie, for everything actually, I'm glad I had the pleasure to meet you," I looked at Pope and John B and heartily smiled, "I'm glad I got to meet the two of you; you guys made my night".

Kie comes to me and gives me a hug, "Of course, Mer, we're friends now," she lets go of me and grabs her phone, "Here, put your number in so we could talk and hang out more".

Excitement rushed into my veins as I placed my number in her phone. Pope and John B both gave me a goodbye hug before I made my way towards Santana.

"Fucking f-finally now let's go h-home make sure you have everything you nee-" she pauses as her attention made its way to the door. I follow her gaze to see JJ coming back into the house with his head faced down. Santana glances at me, then towards JJ, then back at me. She smirked and gave me her "knowing look."

Oh, shit, don't do it, Santana, I swear to fucking God if you-.

"H-Hey JJ," she calls out, which makes him address her eyes, "Do you want a ride home?".
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