Save Me (KageHina A.U)


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-3rd Person-

Shoyo Hinata. He used to be a little ball of sunshine. Used to be. After he came out, his father became rage-induced and began abusing Hinata.

Currently, Shoyo was sitting in his room, hugging his knees to his chest as tears spilled out of his eyes. He felt sore, the whip marks clearly visible on his body.

After a while, Hinata wiped his eyes, making his way to the bathroom. He washed his face, wincing as he touched the sore parts. Hinata looked in the mirror, carefully studying his messed up face. His cheeks were swollen, sprinkled with cuts from his father’s beer bottles. He sighed, tenderly drying his face before making his way downstairs.

Hinata’s father had left the house, going God knows where, leaving Hinata alone. Hinata sat down on the sofa, whimpering softly as his whole body ached from the beating he had received. Chewing the inside of his cheek, Hinata got up, picking up the house phone to call his best friend, Kentaro Matsuda.

Matsuda is cold towards Hinata, but Hinata - being, well, Hinata - still considered him his best friend. He dialled Kentaro’s number, the call being accepted after the first 3 rings.


β€œI-I... Can you c-come over...Please?” Hinata asked, his eyes watering.

β€œTch, what happened this time?”

β€œM-My dad... He gave me another beating and I just w-want someone to comfort me...”


β€œN-No? But-”

β€œNo. Don’t be a bitch and maybe he wont beat your ass on a daily basis. You’re stupid. It’s your fault, you deserve it, now stop calling me for stupid things”

With that, Kentaro ended the call. β€²H-he’s just in a bad mood...β€² Hinata thought, placing the phone down.

He wandered back over to the sofa, feeling hurt by Kentaro’s words. He bundled himself up in the blanket, slowly letting tears fall.

Worthless, useless, failure, unwanted... these words clouded Hinata’s mind as he sat alone, nobody to comfort him or tell him things would get better.

Hinata had dozed off, because he jolted up to the sound of rapid knocking on his front door. Groggily, he walked over to open it, but not before keeping his appearance in check. Hinata rubbed his puffy eyes, but to no avail, before quickly opening the door. Kentaro’s 5"8 figure towered over Hinata’s 5"3 body.

β€œK-Kentaro-” he began, but was cut off as his friend barged past him, knocking the boy over in the process. Hinata bumped his back against the wall, wincing as his bruises began hurting.

β€œJeez, sorry, Shrimp. Not my fault you’re so small." Kentaro teased, smirking at Hinata.

β€œI-I’m not small...” Hinata muttered, looking away.

β€œWhat was that?” Matsuda prodded, pretending not to hear.

β€œI said I’m not small...!”

Matsuda frowned, β€œNo, I think you are, Shoyo.”

Hinata pouted, smacking Kentaro’s arm. β€œNuh-uh!”

β€œYes you are, that’s that.” Kentaro said, getting the last word.

β€œFine, I’m small... Now can we please cuddle?” Hinata asked, looking up at Matsuda as he made puppy eyes.


β€œFine, I’m small... Now can we please cuddle?” Hinata asked, pouting as he made those puppy eyes. Under his eyes were puffy, probably as a result of crying all the time. His chubby cheeks were red, smack marks now faintly visible. His nose was a little runny, but Hinata quickly wiped it with the sleeve of his worn out jumper, still waiting for my answer.

I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t cute, but I’m not attracted to him or anything.

β€œY-Yeah, we can cuddle...”

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