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Choose! {Osomatsu-san}


It was a normal day for the Sextuplets until a girl fainted in front of their home. After taking her in and getting to know her, they all found that love isn't as simple as they thought it to be. This is an Osomatsu-san Fan fiction. Sextuplets x OC but you could put yourself in the situation of the OC All art in this book APART FROM THE COVER has been drawn by myself. (I'm shite at these descriptions)

Romance / Humor
Age Rating:

Chapter 1. Fainted girl

Hey Guys! I started this back in 2018 on Wattpad when the 2nd season was airing but never finished it but now I’m back to write this again! I absolutely love this show and I hope you enjoy! All OC’s in this story are mine! Any of the other character’s are owned by the man, the myth, the legend, Fujio Akatsuka.

All the art featured in this fanfiction APART FROM THE COVER is drawn by myself! (I ain’t an amazing artist but I do try. Also I can’t draw hands so expect some shite looking hands. And some shite backgrounds.)

ALSO. It seems from what I can see on the app, the drawings may not show up for you. I do apologise that’s Inkitts fault. The chapter drawings can be seen on my Deviantart - JudeAbarai and my Instagram @judehpart

(Any dialogue spoken in English will show up like this)

It was a normal day. Osomatsu was sitting on the roof of the Matsuno household, being lazy as usual. He’d lost at pachinko earlier in the day and had been sulking on the rooftop ever since. He was about to go inside when he spotted someone walking quite slowly along the road in front of his house. On closer inspection, it seemed like the person was limping more than walking.

They don’t look like they’re doing so well... He thought as he stared at the stranger. The person got to the front of the house before slowly falling down face-first into the ground. Osomatsu stood up quickly and peered over the side of the roof to see they weren’t getting up. He yelled out, expecting them to jump back up and apologise but when they didn’t he frowned. Oh crap.

He quickly retreated back into the house and ran down the stairs, passing his confused brothers who were wondering why he was in such a rush. “Osomatsu-niisan? What’s wrong?” The youngest, Todomatsu, asked. “Someones collapsed in front of the house!”

All six brothers scrambled to the front and stared at the fallen figure. The person had some plain black jeans on and a black hoodie. Choromatsu cautiously turned over the person, the hood falling down from their head in the process to reveal their long dark blue hair. It’s a girl! All of the boys looked at each other with a mix of shock and panic. What do we do?! Any other time they would get their mother but she was out so they had to deal with the problem themselves.

“We can’t leave her out here.” Choromatsu said and took the initiative. He awkwardly stepped forwards towards the girl’s motionless body. What do I do? How should I grab her?! He panicked a bit before eventually picking the girl up bridal style, his face bright red as he turned around. She feels so soft! They all walked back inside and set her on the couch upstairs. Karamatsu brought in a blanket and covered her with it to make sure she was warm.

“What now? Do we call an ambulance?” Ichimatsu muttered, sitting the furthest away in the corner.

“Let’s just wait for her to wake up.” Osomatsu said, crossing his arms as he looked at the unconscious girls form. This was not how he had imagined a girl would enter their home. Jyushimatsu raised his arm and pointed at the girl with his hoodie covered hand. “Look at her face!” He spoke with a shocked expression. On the girl’s cheek was an angry-looking bruise that was developing. “Damn, that looks painful.” Karamatsu said with a worried look. “Not as painful as you!” Todomatsu retorted with a snicker causing Karamatsu to look back with a hurt pout. “She did hit the floor face on...” The eldest sighed, staring at the purple skin.

Suddenly, the girl moved, making all six of the guys jump back up against the wall. She quickly sat up, her breathing unsteady as she held the part of her hoodie over her chest. She slowly calmed down, trying to return her breathing to normal. Her eyes focused on the room and the sextuplets. She stared in silence before rubbing her eyes, trying to see if she was seeing six of the same person. She took a second glance and they were all still there.


All of them nodded in unison, not making a sound. She looked back down at her hands for a minute, something clearly on her mind. “Ah okay. So where am I?” She questioned, trying to get up but creasing at the pain that surged through her body. “You’re in our house. You collapsed outside of our front door.” Todomatsu answered her question. She nodded at the answer before looking at Karamatsu’s mirror which he had left laying on the ground. She picked it up and frowned at the sight of her bruising cheek.

“That happened when you fell!” Jyushimatsu said in his boisterous voice. The girl jumped slightly at his loud voice before quietly laughing. “Yeah.”

“Are you okay now? D-Do you need us to call an ambulance?” Choromatsu asked being the responsible one. The girl shook her head, assuring them she was all fine yet never gave a reason for why she collapsed.

She slowly stood up, desperately trying to ignoring her aching body. “I’m sure I’ve wasted enough of your time. I really do appreciate your help.”

“NO!” All six boys screamed. None of them wanted her to leave. She intrigued them. “Stay a little longer? We have cake! It’ll make you feel better!” Jyushimatsu begged, smiling widely as he always does. She just couldn’t say no to that face so she smiled and nodded.

“My name is Mia Carter.”

“That doesn’t sound very Japanese.” Todomatsu said, clearly confused considering she looked fairly Japanese. “Yeah my dad’s British and my mum’s Japanese.” Mia grinned, sticking up a peace sign awkwardly. “Nice to meet you.” She beamed as she spoke in English. The boys looked at her with awe before introducing themselves.

“I’m Osomatsu.” The red one smiled, rubbing his nose.

“I’m Karamatsu.” The blue one smirked, moving his sunglasses and winking.

“I’m Choromatsu.” The green one blushed a little whilst rubbing his head.

“I’m Ichimatsu.” The purple one mumbled, not looking interested.

“I’m Jyushimatsu.” The yellow one squealed, jumping around with a large smile.

“I’m Todomatsu.” The pink one smiled sweetly and winked.

Mia’s pov

After the introductions, the sextuplets brought up the cake Jyushimatsu mentioned before. They cut a piece and gave it to me. “S-So what do you do Mia-chan?” Choromatsu asked. I looked them up and down as I slowly ate some of the cake. Are they all nervous or something? Damn I hope I’m not being awkward...

“I was in university but...it really wasn’t for me. I just ended up just sitting in my dorm room playing games.” They all looked at me with interest in their eyes. “Now I’ve ended up working in a Cafe close to the Uni campus.” I laughed a little, surprised at how calm these guys made me feel.

The six boys were quiet until Choromatsu jumped up and shouted. “You play video games?!” I looked at him, a bit taken back before nodding with a smile. How is that a shock in this day and age? Do none of the girls he know play video games? He smiled wide, his face went red and he fell down. “C-Choromatsu?!” I squeaked a little and scuttled over to him, putting my hand on his shoulder. “Are you okay?”

“I’m finnneeeeeee.“He said in a dazed voice.

“So, what do you guys do?” They all froze and looked at each other with worry evident in their eyes. “Unemployed?” They nodded sadly. “In education?” They shook their heads with sorrow. “A buncha NEETS.” They all looked really disappointed in themselves. “O-Oh guys that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Being a neet doesn’t make you a bad person!” They all smiled a little and blushed. I saw the eldest pull out his phone and the others glared at him. “You really are great! What’s your----” Osomatsu was about to say something but was interrupted.

“Never mind him! My Karamatsu girl! I would like your nu---”


Choromatsu and Ichimatsu punched Karamatsu across the room. “Painful...Mia-chan, I think we should speak more! Could I-----”


Once again another brother went flying across the room by the hand of Ichimatsu.

“It’s not like I care but could I talk to you over the ph---” *TACKLE*

Jyushimatsu tackled Ichimatsu and covered his mouth, his smile still on his face. “COULD I HAVE YOUR PHONE NU---” They were both jumped on by the three older brothers.

“Mia?” Todomatsu smiled sweetly with a cute voice, ignoring the fight that was happening behind him. “Could I please have your number?” He held up his phone with a grin. The other brothers stopped fighting and glared at the youngest. “You can all have my number.” I laughed and grabbed a piece of paper from the side. I wrote out my number and handed it to them.

“Sad to say I have to leave though. I do have things to do today.” They all nodded, red in the face.

“Hopefully I’ll see you all around.”

I hope you all enjoyed that first chapter and I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the story! 😊 Thanks for reading!

Until next time Bye!- Jude

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