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Choose! {Osomatsu-san}

Chapter 2. Pachinko

Mia’s pov

I strolled along the pathway, heading towards the Pachinko place. I’m feeling lucky today! I didn’t really do this often, not wanting to spend all my money on a hobby like that but it doesn’t hurt to do it every once in a while. Whilst I walked I found myself thinking about a certain set of boys.

The Matsuno brothers.

I had met them around two weeks ago and had been texting all of them ever since when I had the time. Sadly, I hadn’t seen any of them in person since we first met. With how busy I had been with my job and other things, we never got the chance to plan anything. I really do want to see them again. It’s been so long since I made new friends.

As if the universe had heard my thoughts, I saw Osomatsu walk around the corner, heading towards the Pachinko parlour as well. “RED MATSU! OSOMATSU!” I raised my voice since no one was around to hear me but him. He turned around and a grin spread across his face as we made eye contact. “Hey!” He ran towards me. I smiled at him before asking him if he was also going to play Pachinko. He nodded and we both smirked at each other before walking into the building, the sound of ball bearings from the machines filling our ears.

“You know, I’m feeling a bit luckier now you’re here.” I beamed at the red hooded guy. His face lit up and he turned around to hide his face. “Osomatsu?” I questioned. He turned back around, his face bright red but a confident smile on his face. “Let’s do this!”

By the end, I was in the gold and Osomatsu...he was in the ground. “I didn’t win at all! You’re amazing though!” I looked down at my winnings and an idea sprung to my mind.

“Well, I wouldn’t have won so much without you! I’ve never won so much but because you were here I guess luck was on my side. How about I treat you to some food?” His face lit up and he enthusiastically nodded. “Ah a girl is buying me food! Akatsuka-sensei thank you!!” I couldn’t help but giggle as we started walking to a small local restaurant close by. We ordered some food and sat down at the table.

Third-person Pov

The food had arrived not long ago and Osomatsu had already finished, having eaten it quickly. He was hungry after all. He pulled out a small box and turned to Mia. “Mind if I smoke?” He asked, thinking it wouldn’t be much of a problem considering there was a man not too far from them smoking like a chimney.

“Oh sure yeah that’s fine. Though I didn’t see you as a smoker?” She leaned on her hand as she watched the boy light a cigarette in his mouth, noting the cheap brand of cigarettes he was using. He took a long puff before blowing the smoke out into the air. “I don’t do it often just sometimes. Does it bother you?”

“Nah. My best friend has been smoking since they were a teen. I’m more than familiar with the smell.” She let out a laugh and took a bite of her food. “You ever think about quitting?”

The boy took another puff and grinned as he breathed out. “If I quit I won’t be able to smoke after having sex with a super hot girl.” He laughed before stopping abruptly. Wait fuck she’s gonna think I’m a creep. Fuck- His thoughts were interrupted by a giggle coming from Mia. Osomatsu watched in disbelief as the girl on the other side of the table laughed at his shitty crude remark. “You watch too many movies Osomatsu.” The boy shut his gaped mouth and tried to keep a confident facade.

“So where are the rest of the Matsu’s?” Mia asked the eldest Sextuplet as she finished off her meal.

“They’re at home doing their own things.” The leader Matsu sighed as he put his cigarette out in the ashtray on the table. If they saw me here with Mia they’d be so jealous they may just kill me... As that thought crossed Osomatsu’s mind, his brother Todomatsu just so happened to be walking past.

“EHHHH?” He looked into the window and saw his brother talking to Mia. He jumped behind a well-placed bush and stared at the two talking to each other. Both looked like they were having a fun conversation which kind of pissed Todomatsu off. He’s getting ahead of us! He quickly whipped his phone out and held it up, snapping a picture of the two. “Stupid older brother!” He growled as he stomped away.

“He will be killed when he gets home.”

Later that day, Osomatsu returned home with a smile spread across his face. “I’m home!” He said, his voice running through the oddly silent house. Osomatsu kicked his shoes off before making his way into the home. He was in such a good mood from today the weird silence didn’t even cross his mind. He entered the living room and was instantly attacked by his five brothers.

“JYUSHIMATSU! OCTOPUS HOLD!” The eldest Matsu screamed in pain as the second youngest tightened him in the dreaded octopus hold. “WHY?!” They all glared down at him.

Todomatsu sighed and got his phone out from his pocket. He got up the picture he had taken and held it in front of Osomatsu’s face. “Shit.” Osomatsu muttered, knowing he was fucked.

“YOU WENT ON A DATE?!” Choromatsu and Karamatsu shouted in unison.

“N-No! I’m serious we just accidentally bumped into each other!” Osomatsu whined even though he already knew nothing he could say would stop the pain he was about to experience. Jyushimatsu tightened his hold. “NOOOOOOO!” He felt like his bones were breaking. Ichimatsu grinned as he brought out some burning candles. He held them above Osomatsu’s body and allowed the wax to drip onto him.


By the end of the torture, Osomatsu collapsed down onto the couch, smiling whilst rubbing under his bloody nose. Even though it hurt, the beating was worth it. To spend that time with her it was worth it.

I always just imagined that Osomatsu would smoke... but like the cheapest brand and not all the time cause he can’t afford it 😂

Until next time bye!- Jude

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