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Fate: The Winx Saga - A Rewrite

{1} To the Waters and the Wild (Part 1)


Here we are.

Writing about how you thought driving away from the ones you thought were out to take advantage of you, but, were the only people who would remember your name.

You thought moving from one world to the next, would help you feel like an actual person, but instead, you turned out to be nothing more than dirt on the ground.

You thought you could escape their cold judgment, but instead, you worsened it.

You thought you could run from your mistakes and that you could get rid of them, but, you can’t; they are a part of you.

You taught that life would have finally given you a chance, but turns out, you’ve already wasted it.

And now, you have to undo all of your stupid mistakes but... you don’t know how and you don’t know how long it will take but... you have to find a way... even if it takes days, weeks, or years, no matter what.

A few days ago

Her suitcase was bouncing tirelessly from side to side. She wasn’t wearing anything special; just a simple pair of white sneakers and jeans with a long-sleeved blue shirt. Her auburn hair resting lazily on her shoulders, while her blue eyes stared intensely on the ground.

She only wanted to forget what happened a week ago and this seemed to be the right place to do so.

Being in an entirely new world under a new name and told her whole life was a lie was certainly not what she had expected but then again… she always felt there was something off about her. From the disgusted looks of her peers to only being a pawn to her parents’ collection.

She always felt like a lesser being; like a worm to a bird or an ant to a giant. That led her into thinking about that note.

“Hey Bloom since I literally can’t stand the sight of you, can you please go k*ll yourself? My dying cat needs the oxygen (:”.

She didn’t know what to think when she saw it; she could have reported it like a normal person but instead, she ran to the bathroom and cried like an idiot. She thought she had enough for that day; she just wanted to relax for the rest of the day.

Her Science teacher yelled at her for missing homework, being called derogatory terms by her peers, getting detention for doing something she didn’t do and being pressured to write speeches for clubs and her parents’ fundraisers.

She shouldn’t be complaining; it was a usual procedure for her.

The only things that seemed to comfort her were her fairy book collection. A small smile formed as she remembered the countless hours she had reading them. She didn’t expect to be a fairy but it would explain how she doesn’t see her period, the sudden flames in the bathroom, and how she defeated a monster.

Speaking of the monster, if it wasn’t for it, she wouldn’t have met Farah Dowling. An old woman who kicked serious ass, and also saved Bloom’s life. She was fascinated by Bloom’s power and suggested Alfea, a place where she can learn to control them.

Bloom took the opportunity the moment it was offered; she had nothing to lose anyways.

Her thoughts started to shift as voices started to become audible and a mist of flowery aroma engulfed her nostrils as she approached closer to the school. Her baby blue eyes slowly moved from the ground to a breathtaking scenery. She quickly greeted the female guard and continued gawking at the scene.

The sun was towering over it, highlighting its warm grey tones. It had a tall medieval-like structure with many glass windows. There were a few plants clinging onto the walls.

The courtyard was crowded with people and suitcases on the concrete pavement; some were showing off their awesome powers and fancy things while others were deep in conservations.

“Wow,” She gasped. It was just as she imagined it in her fairy book. ’Maybe this time, things won’t be bad’ A thought wandered across her mind. ’Just maybe’ It cautioned.

She grabbed her suitcase, ready to find the fairy hall. Two girls rushing passed, pushed the redhead onto the ground. She watched as they hugged their friend like it’s been ages since they’ve seen each other. After hugging, they chuckled and walked away, talking excitedly.

She sighed, and got up, brushing off the dirt on her pants. ’You can do this’ she reminded herself. She toughened up, grabbed her suitcase, and walked to where she suspected was the fairy hall. However, the further she went down the path, the more unsure she felt about herself. She looked around, seeing more people cleaning and dangling weapons than showing off magic. “Is this the right path?”, “Did I seriously make a wrong turn?”

Maybe if you did ask someone, you wouldn’t be lost...” It was that voice in her head. The one which seemed to be right about almost everything. She stopped and looked at the ground once again.

“But you have seen the way they treated me… I’m nothing and that’s all I’d ever be,” A small tear slid down her face.

Some people walk past her, unsure of what to say while others minded their own business or laughed. She wiped away her tears, sniffing, but that couldn’t stop more from building up. ’Wow, I’m crying to myself.

“Are you okay?” A low, worried voice questioned. Bloom quickly wiped away her tears and looked up to be met with a tall blonde with sky blue eyes. He saw people mocking Bloom, and couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

“Yeah... um... I’m... I’m just a bit lost...” She avoided his eyes, her fingertips tickling under her sleeve’s soft fabric.

“What are you looking for?” He asks.

“Um... the fairy hall... thanks…” She responded and he pointed at the other castle and said it was the fairy hall. Bloom thanked him once again and rushed off without a second glance.

The halls were busier than the outside; there was a faint minty scent in the air and people were mere peas in a pod. Bloom watched as a girl made a plant appear out of her bare hands, and the guy beside her, laughed and disappeared instantly, and reappeared at that same moment.

As she walked further down the halls, trying to navigate through the enclosed space. She saw a guy draw water from thin air and another one floating in a mediating position. Bloom’s eyes widened at their tricks and was elated that she will learn something as cool as that.

A tall figure emerged from the crowd, approaching the lost girl from the left. Their long, golden hair hung helplessly behind their shoulders and their cyan eyes twinkled with excitement. They wore a silver necklace which complimented their white top and yellow blazer. Their golden clutch brushed lightly against their pleated black skirt, topped off with a pair of white Bella flats.

“You must be Varanda,” Their voice startled the redhead. Bloom looked at the blonde, confused before registering that she called her by her fake name. ’Welp this is gonna take some getting used to,’ She taught before clearing her throat. The blonde chuckled at her, introducing herself as Stella, her tour guide. She urges the redhead to come with her, to see Farah Dowling who requests her presence.

Bloom grabbed her suitcase and followed closely behind.

Stella started to talk about how Alfea is known for putting out the best fairies in Magix, whether their element is Water, Sound, Air, Earth, Light, or Fire. She adds that recently, specialists have started training here. Bloom asks who’s a specialist and Stella says they are warriors in training and that they, just like fairies, have to do a 3-year course. After finishing their final year, some of them can either join their respective countries’ defense force, stay at Alfea to teach, or go to Earth to protect the humans.

Bloom took some time to soak in this new information while a few people greeted Stella as they walked past. They made a few stops on the way and Bloom couldn’t help but smile at how easily Stella communicates with people and wished she was more like her. Although, she couldn’t help but wonder that specialists were everyday policemen and women, soldiers, security guards, and more.

“Shall we go?” Stella asked, coming back from cheering up a sad girl. Bloom nodded, leaning off the wall she was leaning on. The blonde continued the history lesson, saying Alfea was once two separate schools; the Red Fountain School for Specialists and the Alfea College for Fairies. “Why is it one school now?” Bloom pondered. Stella looked at her, a sad glint twirled in her eyes. “Burned Ones… they took out almost half the school, no one knew where they came from, they were said to be extinct from the Black Mud Swamp Marracse, but... turns out they were wrong.”

“Oh,” Bloom said, shifting her eyes onto her sneakers once again. Weirdly enough, Bloom can relate to them; maybe they had a reason for attacking the school, maybe they were looking for something and they had just had to be there, maybe they were running from something...

“Suppose they were trying to hide from something?” Bloom muttered.

“What?” Stella raises an eyebrow at her. Bloom’s baby blues widened and she catches herself. “Nothing, nothing… is it getting rebuilt?” Stella took in a sharp breath, her mouth turning into a thin line. “The queen wouldn’t do that,”

“What do you mean-”

“Would you look at that? Here’s Headmistress Dowling’s office,” She smiled as they approached a glass door. They entered and were immediately greeted by two women, clicking away on their computers. Both had short hair; one brown while the other was purple. The brunette had small glasses sitting on the bridge of her nose with a sour expression on her face whereas the other one had a subtle red eyeshadow on with a more serious, composed look.

“Good day, Griffin and Griselda,” Stella smiled. Griffin, the purple-haired one, greeted her with a small smile, and Griselda, the brunette, rolled her eyes. She says that Farah’s not there. Stella approaches her table and says that Farah urgently wants to see Bloom, and she should wait in the office when she’s not there.

Griselda insists that she’s not there so she can’t give her the key, but Stella stands her ground. Griselda’s umber eyes wandered over to Bloom who was staring at the bookshelf behind Griffin. ’Should I really give Stella the key? Farah didn’t even bother to tell where she was the day before, much less tell me, she wanted to see someone.’ The brunette sighed and handed over the key to Stella much to her despite.

Upon entering, they were instantly surrounded by hundreds of books causing Bloom’s face lit up. ’This woman could put my book collection to shame.’ She taught. There was even a globe sitting on a table nearby; soaking up the sunlight from a small window.

Stella headed towards Farah’s table and wrote down something, and Bloom admired the place some more. The walls were painted in a deep blue with a concrete ground and a slight smell of lavender was in the air.

“Farah will be here shortly, I strongly advise you not to touch anything.” Stella startled the redhead. She watched as the blonde walked towards the door.

“Why?” Bloom asked, and Stella spun around at her, a dead serious expression on her face.

“Not unless you want to get eaten alive. Enjoy!” And with that, she left. Bloom shifted from one foot to the other and her hands involuntarily rubbed her sleeves. ’Alone once again’ she thought. ’What should I do now? I was told not to touch anything...

Her thoughts subsided as the doors budge opened causing Bloom to jump. A woman of enormous length, took her powerful strides as she talked to the man beside her. Her graying hair was tied in a bun and the slight wrinkles on her face were becoming more evident. She wore a blue pantsuit with white flats. The man beside her, despite being the buffer one, struggled to catch up. He wore a dark brown turtleneck with a pair of black pants and boots.

He said something causing the woman to widen her eyes at him, “What?”. He repeated his words and she snapped at him. He remained silent, reminiscing her words when he noticed the redhead looking around awkwardly. He indicated her presence to his colleague and she took a quick glance at her.

She sighed, rubbing her temple before looking at him. “We will finish this conversation later,” She whispered and the man left. She walked around her table, a weak smile on her face. She apologizes for the long wait however Bloom assures her that it wasn’t long and it’s okay. Farah’s smile seemed to be happier now and she suggests if they should sit and Bloom agrees.

“Welcome to Alfea College, I’m sure Stella provided you with the necessary information on our school,” She asked and Bloom nodded. She offers Bloom a chance to ask any more questions, and she thinks for a moment while she tries to gather some things for Bloom. She wanted to know about the monster in the woods and why it seemed like it was after her.

She asked questions like this the day they met and Farah avoided them like the plague; she was only interested in Bloom’s powers.

“What was that monster thing in the woods?” Bloom asked, causing Farah to stop and look at her.


Answer me,” She demanded and Farah sighed. “If I’m going to tell you about them, I would have carry you to the beginning, all the way back to the creation of Sparks.”

“In the beginning, there was nothing but deep darkness. Suddenly, a miracle happened; a dazzling light appeared and was called the Great Dragon for his fiery breath created the 7 major planets and spread life, and light across Sparks. However, when he became exhausted; he created Gods to oversee his creations, while he rested.”

“Who are these Gods’ names, and what planets did they look over?”

“He created Linphea; known for its lost relics, legendary myths, and abundant plants and wildlife; it was overlooked by nature God Tellus Mater and Goddess Terra Mater. Eralykon is known for its fearsome warriors and strong prisons and the war God, Ares, watched over it. Zenith is a highly advanced planet; it has made many species that are trying to be named up to this day and was guarded by the air God Aeolus.” Bloom nodded in understanding. ’Wow, there is so much more to this place than at first glance’ she thought. She wondered if she could go to these places and learn more about them.

“Amaterasu, the Sun goddess, looked over Solaria, the planet we are on, which has days that last up to 28 hours. Goddess Mami Wata guarded the dual-monarchy planet Andros, known for its dangerous sea creatures and harsh waters. Melody is a peaceful planet that depends highly on sound, “magi-music”, for its well-being, and was watched over by Shizuka, the sound Goddess. As time passed by, these planets became the blueprint for many more to be formed.” Farah concluded and returned back to gathering things.

Bloom shifted her eyes from Farah to the telephone resting on her desk. She noticed that Farah forgot to mention a planet and has yet to mention anything relating to the Burned Ones. She wonders if they are connected in some way or if there was any God of some sort. Where did the Great Dragon rest? What was this planet like? And why is Farah so afraid to talk about it?

“You forgot to mention one,” Bloom said. Farah opened her mouth to say something but Bloom narrowed her eyes at her, saying she won’t be worming her way out of this one again.

The tension in the room heightened. Bloom wanted to know something but Farah didn’t want to provide it. Bloom narrowed her eyes even further and she was about to repeat her question when a loud ring from the telephone cut her off. The old woman quickly grabbed it and held it to her ear. ’How convenient’ She mentally scolded. ’One way or another, I will find out what happened.

Farah hung up the phone aggressively and hurriedly took some more things out of her drawer. She got up and walked towards Bloom, grabbing her out of the chair and says she has to leave. Bloom asks why and Farah opens the door, puts her out, and says they will talk about it later. She adds that she gave her some stuff like the Alfean handbook, her class schedule, and a pair of glasses that will help her find her dorm. She slammed the door, and Bloom stared at it for a few seconds before heading to her room.

After a few minutes, Bloom finally reached her dorm room and she could hear the faint laughter and chatting coming from the other side. The glasses disappeared, causing the redhead to reverse back, and bump into someone. “Watch it, freak.” A high-pitched voice scorned, to which Bloom quickly apologized. She watched as the person’s long deep blue hair swayed like the waves in the ocean made a quick turn around the corner. Bloom stared longingly at it.

Maybe I don’t belong here’, ’Omg, will you stop with the mental breakdowns? It was just an accident, move on!’ ’But-’ ’Would you rather die alone or finally be accepted by something?’ The voice was right once again; she was acting stupid but she couldn’t help it. She never had any real people in her life… and the last people she trusted, turned out to be her worst nightmare.

She turned her attention to the wooden door. ‘The Winx Suite’ proudly stood out on its dull features. She hesitantly touched the door handle as the bad thoughts came rushing in. ’Will they like me?’, ’Should I go in?’, ’I should have pretended that fight in the woods was all just a fever dream, Maybe I should tell Farah I can’t do this anymore

Right as she was about to leave, the door opened, and a brown-skinned girl appeared with a wide grin on her face. Her long, tawny hair was in a high ponytail, and her dark brown eyes twinkled with excitement. She could barely pass Bloom’s shoulders and she was wearing a white floral shirt with a short blue denim shirt and brown sandals.

“Are you our last roommate? Varanda right?” She peaked. Bloom blushed, looking at her sneakers, a soft ‘yes’ leaving her lips. The brunette noticed her suitcase and asked if she could carry it for her. The redhead involuntarily pulled her suitcase closer to her and muttered ‘no.’ The brunette looked at her for a moment, shrugged it off, and grabbed Bloom’s hand.

They entered a room painted in deep blue with two beds located on either side of it. Wooden drawers were placed a few meters away from them with a window hovering above. There was a flowery aroma in the air, and Bloom noticed some plants sitting on a large table like they were on display. She remembered when she set her mother’s flower shop on the weekends. Flora notices Bloom staring at the plants and a smirk appears on her face.

“Do you want one?” She asked, heading over to the table.

“No,” Bloom responded, dryly. Flora frowned, ’Why is she saying no so much? What did I do wrong?’ She taught as her fingers played with a plant. An awkward silence fell over the room and a small cricket chirped loudly in the background. Flora was trying to figure out what she did wrong for her roommate to be saying no. Bloom walked over to her side of the room to see that her bed was neatly made up. She sat on it and started to unpack her things.

After taking out all of her clothes and books, she noticed a picture of when she was younger, tucked deep in the corner of her suitcase. It was the year she was going to high school after being homeschooled all her life.

Her parents bought her a bicycle so she could travel to school. They were at the park, trying it out for the first time. Her father was trying to hold her steady, but she was too eager - she always wanted to do one of those cool stunts on TV and her father couldn’t help but smile in adoration. A smile slowly came into view as she taught about the simpler times, back to when they would see her as a human and not a pawn.

She wondered if she could call and tell them; ‘Maybe they have changed’ A small part of her hoped. She took up her phone, swiped the little phone icon at the bottom, and typed in her house number. Her thumbs hovered over the call button and she bit her bottom lip.

‘Should I do it?’

‘Yes, they shouldn’t be worrying excessively about you,’.

‘But what will they think? I can’t tell them what I did!’

‘Just... don’t. Can’t you reassure them that you are okay? Didn’t get eaten by a lion? Something…’

The redhead sighed and tossed her phone somewhere else on the bed and continued packing her things out.

“Are you coming to the orientation party?” Flora muttered. Her eyes were focused somewhere on the ground and her hands were placed on top of one another and her feet were glued together.

Bloom looked at her with a blank stare - she didn’t know what to say. She noticed that Flora wasn’t in her typical mood and began to realize what she had done. Not accepting when she offered her a plant or to help with her things. She was behaving just like the people she wanted to forget and she hated herself for being such a hypocrite.

“Oh, I’m so sorry-”

“Don’t be,” Flora said and took in a deep breath. She stared at her hands for a bit and Bloom watched her waiting for her to say something.

“Look, I wasn’t exposed to much people during my childhood, so I’m sorry if I come off as pushy at times. I wasn’t taught how to act, or do certain things since my parents never made time for me. My father would always be here at work while my mother would be clicking away on her computer.” Bloom looked at the brunette with a sad look.

She didn’t expect the girl who seemed like she could outshine the sun with her smile to be so sad and lonely. As on impulse, the redhead engulfed the brunette with all her might, which surprised the brunette. She smiled and hugged her back.

۵ End Of Chapter ۵

Author’s Note: Welp, since I’m a lazy b, it’s gonna take a little while (1-2 weeks) for me to write (i mean it could be better but wtv) part 2 and Chapter 2. What do y’all think of this and want to see in the next chapter 👁👄👁? Enjoy the rest of your day. 🌸

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