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VERY SPICY 18+ todorokiXReader


It's a hot summer day and you shake from shivers and a hot burning sensation 😏😉 (18+SMUT

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Chapter 1

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It's a hot summers day and you and todoroki are laying in a bed watching tv

Y/n "babe it's so hot"

Shoto "hmm oh we can stop cuddling if you want"

Y/n "NO"🥺

Shoto "since we're not doing anything i have an idea"

Y/n "why are you blushing so much, are you too hot"

Shoto "Im fine... your just wearing a tank top and shorts, your also rubbing on me a bit too sorry"

Y/n "something poking me I-oh"

*you start to slowly grind on him to be a tease

"Ahh fuck BABY"~ as shoto screams

Todoroki creates a small glacier of ice in his hand as you were passionatly kissing as he rubbed the ice up and down your thighs "shoto its so cold Agh hmm but it feels so good"~ leaving you a whimpering mess from how cold and sensitive you were.

Shoto " I thought you were hot your just my little princess in heat"~

Shoto : Baby"~

Shoto begins to undress you leaving you only in your lace silk underwear, as he sucks and gently uses his teeth on your breasts ,using his left hand to caress your body as you moaned in pain and pleasure as he began to kiss you dominating you completely, you couldn't help but moan as he stopped you let out a muffled "master please".~

You saw that devious smile realizing what you just did

shoto looked you up and down as he watched your body ache as needy as ever,lightly rubbed your panties you let out a gasp trying to contain yourself, "babygirl you don't have to hide your voice from me let me hear it",sucking and nibbling on your ear as before you knew it you were soaked

Shoto "your body is already begging for me how about you use your words"

Y/n "please shoto i need you"

Shoto "hm?

Y/n "master im sorry it-

you were interuptted as he began to strip your underwear and started to go down on you at a fasten pace moaning and whimpering in complete bliss "my baby feeling good i can see your twitching already gonna cum for me" "without thinking you said yes master can i please"

He inserted a finger without giving your body time to adjust feeling it hit your most sensitive parts overwhelmed with ectsasy you relase only hearing him swallow till he says "oh baby we're no where done yet but you taste so fucking good fuck baby"

Shoto knew he was in complete control still just to be a tease used his quirk caressing your body with heat and ice

Y/n "Master please i can't take this your such a tease"

shoto went in the night stand and pulled out a condom, and pushed his hard cock inside as you tightend up "baby your so tight fuck it feels so good princess". Giving your body time to adjust as you felt his pace at rapid speed "BABY YOU KEEP HITTING MY SPOT STOP" "oh you mean right here as he repeatly pounded into you over and over kissing you as he moaned in your mouth knewing he was on the edge of release "baby im on the edge"

Shoto "lets cum together princess"

as you both finish at the same time shoto begins to throw away the used condom and prepares you a set of clothes to change into as he runned a shower for you to go in together to wash up while you got in he came back with a glass of water where he iced it himself since there was fragments of isicles,he surprises you in the shower and washes your back for you "I love you" and snuggles and warms you up kissing your forehead dozing off to sleep.

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