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eternal door (writing contest)


one-shot for a writing contest, for more infos go on my wattpad

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eternal door

eternal door.

t/w: swearing, use of alcohol

The Door of Eternal Peace. It was said that this door would grant new beginnings to those who dared jump into it, for this door was at the end of an infinite well. For those with desperate, pure souls, the Door of Eternal Peace would silently grant them access to their wishes. For the other ones, well… let’s just say they weren’t nearly as lucky as them.

“I love you.“, mumbled Athena in her sleep.

Falling. Into nothingness. It was such a relief for Athena Black. Her dreams were her only safe place. No, her nightmares were her only safe place. It all changed when her beloved one died during the Battle of Hogwarts. A Death Eater; Draco Malfoy. He was her stability; her sanity. He was the light in her darkest days. They certainly looked like the liveliest couple, before… well, before it happened. This is why Athena’s dreams and nightmares were her favourite part of the day. Filled with sleeping potions, they were dreamless and gave her the feeling of falling. She somewhat felt free in these dreams; not chained down by guilt, fear, sadness.

“Athena. Enny wake up. We have to go.”

There it was. What she’d feared most out of the whole world. She had started living — quite literally — on Draco’s bed at an inhabited Malfoy Manor, only getting up to shower and go to the bathroom. Athena was forcing herself to inhale his scent until it would disappear, leaving her body aching for more; something she would never be able to have anymore.

Athena slowly looked up from the silky black sheets stained with her tears; the only physical proof of last night’s events. Her eyes tiredly scanned the dark and messy room, squinting in the penetrating daylight before landing on her best friend, who was now walking hurriedly towards her. She realized, for the fifth consecutive night, that Draco wasn’t holding her.

“Enny come ON! They’re almost here and we have to leave within the next 2 minutes if we want to make it out alive. I know it must be hard but please, do it for us, remember-”

Whatever Annalise was about to say next was drowned by Athena’s loud sobs. It hurt Annalise, seeing her best friend like this. She used to be such a lively bird, she thought sadly. Annalise quickly crossed the room, sat near the edge of the bed and placed a comforting arm over a sniffing Athena.

“Hey, it’s alright. It’s going to be okay,” she cooed, “I’ll help you pack. We don’t have much time though, so I’ll pick you some clothes and you take three things of Draco’s you want to bring. How does that sound?”

Athena weakly nodded before softly whispering, “Okay”. She picked the three items in no time; Draco’s cologne, his unsent letter to her and his wand. Her gaze fell upon a mirror, and she intently analyzed herself; knotted up hair, pale features and skinnier legs; she hadn’t eaten nor gone out in a coupleHer eyes landed on his sage green hoodie, before debating whether to wear it or not. While this little conflict was going on inside her head, Annalise had already organized her clothes and charmed them to apparate to wherever they were headed. She sadly watched as her best friend unsteadily walked over to a chair and quickly threw a hoodie over her head. The two engaged in a big bear-hug, which was interrupted by rapid footsteps and shouts from downstairs, snapping them back to reality.

“Okay, we have to go now. Take my arm,” said Annalise softly

“ ’Mkay. Where are we going?”

The footsteps were just down the corridor.

“You’ll see. But to give us a little more time”, she announced, winking, “Nebulus.

Just as the fog began to spread in the room, the wooden door separating Draco’s bedroom from the corridor flew open. There, in the middle, stood a furious looking Lucius. His long, platinum blonde hair — which reminded Athena of Draco’s — was resting messily on his shoulders. A hint of curiosity flashed in his eyes and his eyebrows scrunched up in confusion as he recognized Athena in the middle of his son’s bedroom. Whatever he was about to say was drowned by the familiar crack! of Disapparation, and the two girls were gone, leaving a very baffled and raging Lucius Malfoy behind.

One week. It had been one week since the two best friends had abruptly left Malfoy Manor. One week since Athena had slept in Draco’s silky sheets for the last time. They still hadn’t arrived at their destination. Under a lot of pressure, Anna had made a mistake while Apparating and the two had been desperately trying to get to Godric’s Hollow for the past week.

The duo hadn’t slept much, travelling day and night despite the freezing October temperatures. They had landed somewhere near the Weasley’s Shell Cottage, and still had a long way to go. Their trip was mainly made up of severe mental breakdowns from Athena and desperate attempts to calm her down from Annalise. They had trekked among several forests and poorly maintained meadows, until one day, they decided to set up a tent.

“We ought to take a break. No offence girl but look at you; you need some rest.”, declared Annalise, eyeing her best friend up and down.

Anna was right; Athena was in a terrible state. Not having taken a shower since they had left, her hair was tangled up in a messy bun, and she had stopped smelling like her usual vanilla perfume. Her clothes were all wrinkled and dirty, and some tiny pieces of fabric had been torn away from her jumper and trousers. Her sneakers had gone all brown and muddy. Her facial features had become duller, and she had started getting dark circles under her eyes. Her lips, once plump and cherry coloured, had become all dry and cracked.

Athena was gazing off on the horizon, zoning out from whatever her companion was saying. She started wondering where she would be if Draco were still alive. Perhaps they’d have bought a nice cottage on the shore, just like he had wanted. She recalled he had once admitted that living in a big manor next to the woods had made him feel trapped all his life. A single tear started gliding gracefully down her cheek just as she felt a warm pair of arms trap her weak ones to her side and engulf her into a warm, comforting hug. For a split second, she thought — perhaps almost hoped — that it was Draco. The person had hugged her just like he would have done; except he would have snaked his arms around her waist rather than trapping her arms.

“Hey, it’s okay. It’s gonna be okay,” murmured the voice, “Let’s get you inside.”

Confused as to why there would even be an ‘inside’, Athena turned around, facing Annalise, who placed a light but comforting kiss on her temple.

As soon as Annalise stepped out of view, Athena was surprised to notice a small-looking tent. She knew, by experience, that the tent had an invisible extension charm on it, like all the ordinary wizarding tents, and couldn’t wait to get inside. She let out an involuntary squeal of excitement as she rushed through the vestibule, and stood there, gazing mesmerizingly around. In front of her laid the most gorgeous tent she had ever seen. It had sage coloured walls and furniture made from different shades of beige and white; her favourite colours. Athena quickly went through all the rooms, scanning intently each and every one of them, before coming back into the living room and slumping down on the brown, puffy sofa, emitting a loud puff! as she let her tired body hit the soft couch.

She heard a soft, almost inaudible giggle coming from the vestibule, and her eyes lazily landed on her best friend’s face.

“I was going to ask if you wanted to help me set up some protective enchantments, but I see you’ve already made yourself comfortable.”

Athena’s lips slightly tugged upwards at that comment, and she let her eyelids fall close as she heard Annalise head out in the forest and mutter “Salvio Hexia, Repello Inimicum, Cave Inimicum, Fianto Duri” over and over again.

After ten minutes, Anna had come back and had started making dinner, moving swiftly and quietly, humming to herself, while Enny distractedly watched her. How ironic, she thought, that I am on the run with the Dark Lord’s daughter. What my father would think of me. She internally snorted bitterly at her remark; of course, she didn’t give a damn about what her father thought; Liz was her best friend, and she had helped her so much throughout her time at Hogwarts, and during so many other dark periods of her life. I would probably be dead by now if it wasn’t for her, she thought as she pushed herself up from the sofa and joined her best friend in the kitchen.

“Ah! Her Majesty has decided to grace us with her presence!”, sarcastically announced Annalise.

“Yes, and you better make good use of it or I will be sure to make you my personal house-elf”.

Laughter exploded in the room, and the two girls had to hold themselves on furniture as to not fall over, while they recalled their warm memories from Hogwarts.

Despite Athena and Annelise’s failed attempts to cook pasta the muggle way, it hadn’t turned out that bad; in fact, it was probably one of the most exquisite dishes they had ever eaten in their whole life. The duo passed dinner by animatedly chatting about the good times and about their friend group, whom they missed terribly much.

“Oh my god”, exclaimed Athena, “remember that time you and Theo were supposed to go out on a date in 6th year, and you ended up not going because your brother kept him in his room all night having the ‘big brother talk’ and you were so fucking angry at them!”

“Fuuuuuck, don’t even get me started, I didn’t talk to both of them for days, I thought he’d set me up bitch!”, slurred a very drunk Annalise.

“Hey, we should take shots. For old times sake”, winked Athena.

And so they did. They drowned down several shots, feeling the familiar and pleasurable burn through their throats as the firewhiskey entered their system. They were both very drunk come 2 AM, when Annalise decided to fall asleep on the sofa with drool on her chin. For the first time since her finacé’s death, Athena felt light, almost happy, as she observed her best friend, letting her thoughts wander off to anything that came across her mind.

Somehow, she ended up outside the protective shield under her Animagus form — a German Shepherd — and found herself sniffing quickly at a couple of trees, before breaking into a run and feeling the cool breeze between her fur, ears flapping in the wind. She broke down to a trot near a lake, before everything went black.

The very first thing Athena felt when she woke up was some sort of soft duvet under her aching body, warming her shivering self, followed by angry whisper-shouts at the far corner of the room.

“Liz, I’m gonna ask you one more time. Why the fuck was she outside, alone, under no protective charms whatsoever?! PEOPLE ARE OUT THERE LOOKING FOR YOU TWO, FOR FUCK’S SAKE!”

“Calm down Noah, you’re gonna wake her up, and for the last time, I don’t know, I woke up and she disappeared! Do you s-seriously think I would let my best friend out of my sight when there are people out there waiting for the perfect opportunity to m-murder her?”

Annalise was starting to break down from all her brother’s questioning and had started to feel incredibly guilty for her friend’s disappearance. However, a loud grunt coming from the bed caught their attention, and both brother and sister shared a look before rushing to the bed where Athena was laid on.

“OhmygodEnnydon’tyoudarescaremelikethateveragainIwassoworriedand…” Liz wasn’t able to finish her sentence, as she let out loud, broken sobs. She took a few minutes to recompose herself before fiercely hugging her best friend and whispering, “I’m so sorry”

“What are you sorry for? And what happened to me, anyway? The last thing I remember was l-lapping water from a lake in my Animagus form”, questioned Athena.

“Well”, started the boy, with a devilish smirk, “let’s just say you were dead lucky I recognized you, otherwise you would’ve died from hypothermia.”

Athena sucked in a quivering breath as she replied, “No way. Noah Riddle? Is it really you?”

“The one and only”, announced Noah as he approached Athena and brought her into a warm hug, “Fuck I’ve missed you.”, he whispered, so low Athena barely heard it.

Athena giggled as she hugged him back, instantly breathing in his expensive cologne, different yet so similar to Draco’s. As the two pulled away, a tingling sensation remained in the areas he had hugged just seconds ago, bringing back too many flashbacks for Athena’s liking.

“Ugh, Noah! You’re so frustrating!”

“So are you, you little snake.”

“Let me take you out on a date.”

“And why should I accept?”

“Because you love me, duh!”

“I-I think I love you, little snake.”

“I love you too.”

“Oh my god, it’s beautiful. Thank you so much.”

“Anything for you love. Happy anniversary Thea.”

“I don’t want to marry him, Noah. I hate him.”

“No. No, you don’t. You don’t hate him.”

“I’m so sorry Noah.”

“So am I darling.”

“You okay Enny? You look like you’re going to be s-”

Annalise had no time to finish her question, as Athena rushed out of the bedroom, face as pale as a ghost, and into the nearest bathroom she could find before vomiting her insides out in the toilet. Just as she thought she had finished, she felt a strong yet gentle pair of hands — one she knew too well — tenderly removing the hair from her face and holding it back, his movements coming naturally. Their eyes met, and another wave of nausea took over Athena.

When she was done, Noah picked up a towel and gently cleaned her face, before putting Athena’s hair up in a messy bun — something he had mastered last year — and carrying her bridal style to her bed, before delicately placing her on it and tucking her under the soft duvet covers. Noah stood up and turned to leave until he felt a cold, soft hand gently squeeze his forearm and heard a whimpering voice beg for him to stay.

Noah furrowed his brows, deep in thought. He knew she wasn’t in the clearest state of mind, however, he just wanted to lay there with her, to hold her and comfort her, tell her how he had never stopped loving her…

But he knew, regardless of how much he wanted to tell her, that he couldn’t. Because she was still grieving. Grieving for someone whom she wouldn’t be able to hold anymore. He was about to go, deny her pleads, but found himself getting lost in her twinkling hazel eyes. Those goddamn eyes. Eyes as pure and beautiful as honey.


Noah sighed heavily, “How am I supposed to say no to you princess?”

“It’s easy; you don’t.”, she scoffed.

Slightly shaking his head, the young Riddle boy slid himself under the sage green duvet, unsure of how close Athena wanted to sleep next to him.

“Thea how do y-”, his question was abruptly cut off as he felt the weight on the mattress shift, and suddenly a slim pair of arms wrapped themselves around his torso, as she snuggled her face in his chest.

“Oh, alright. I guess we’re back to basics huh?”, chuckled Noah, more to himself rather than to anyone in particular, before gently resting his hand upon her waist.

He observed her for a little bit, taking in every single detail of her body. From her flawless skin, long and curled lashes, relaxed brows, plump lips to her small waist and long, lean legs. He watched her chest slowly rise up and down. She looks so peaceful, he thought, like an angel. But then again, she is an angel. Noah slowly caressed her cheekbone with his thumb, letting his mind wander away for a little bit, before falling asleep, his love in his arms.

A couple of days after Noah’s arrival, the group had set off again towards Godric’s Hollow, looking for the Door of Eternal Peace. The trip had been slightly more endurable with Noah’s witty jokes. The group was travelling with a newfound determination; the location of the Door of Eternal Peace. Upon Athena’s wish, the group had decided to travel there as soon as possible, seeing as she had an important request to make.

“Well”, exclaimed Annalise, “the Door should be approximately ten minutes’ walk from this little village. I propose we stay the night, and depart tomorrow after breakfast.”

“That sounds perfect”, replied Athena with a heavenly smile.

While Noah had gone off to a small Bed and Breakfast asking for information, the two best friends took some time for themselves and headed towards a cosy-looking café, the bitter November snow crunching slightly under their footsteps. As they sat down, Athena noticed her best friend frowning in disgust at a couple positioned near the back of the pub, before subtly shaking her head and sitting down, blinking away the tears that had begun to form in her eyes.

“What’s wrong Anna?”, questioned Athena.

“Nothing, it’s just- forget it.”Annalise wiped away the remaining tears with her sweater’s sleeves before looking at Athena with a knowing smirk, “So missy, I noticed you and my brother getting rather close in this past week”, she said, winking, “perhaps there’s something you’d like to share with me?”

“Huh? What I, n-no, I mean he’s just there, comforting me whenever I need it… yeah”, mumbled Athena

“Well”, started Annalise, “I think it’s a bit more than jus-”

Helloooo ladies. I’ve been looking for you two practically everywhere! Leaving me like that, really? It wasn’t very gallant of you; I even got chased down by an old lady menacing me with a flower pot while asking where you had gone off to!”

Athena and Annalise started giggling hysterically at this rather hilarious scene, imagining it unfolding in their minds, while Noah grinned triumphantly at them before sliding himself down on the blue bench next to Athena. It was Annalise’s turn to smirk as she watched her best friend’s cheeks turn a shade of beetroot red; it was a good thing Noah was too busy ordering butterbeer to notice.

The girls had started chatting again, barely paying any attention to Noah and the waitress, until loud laughter exploded, causing them to curiously tilt their heads towards them.

“Well, aren’t you a charming gentleman!”, exclaimed the waitress, Brittany, “I’m sure I can convince the owner to get you a discount!”

“Well, I’m sure with all my charms, it wouldn’t be too complicated!”, explained Noah, winking at her.

Then, the world seemed to freeze for Athena as the waitress seductively placed a hand on Noah’s shoulder, whispering softly in his ears, causing him to smirk to himself. Athena couldn’t take it anymore, and, ignoring her best friend’s pleas to stay and the baffled glances thrown her way, grabbed her coat and stormed out of the cafe.

Athena furiously walked for several minutes in the frigid weather, before switching to her Animagus form and breaking into a run while heading towards the nearby forest. Once under the trees, she sat down, neatly curled her tail around her paws and thought. Thought about her feelings for Noah and Draco. About the consequences of loving them both; the possibilities. Is it so wrong to move on now?, she thought, after everything I’ve been through to reach this Door. Is it really worth it? Please help me Draco, I don’t know what to do anymore.

Athena rested her head on her forepaws; for half a second, she thought the figure approaching her was Draco’s, before sadly realizing it was Noah’s. Their features were so similar.

“Hey girl. What are you doing here in the cold, all alone?”, cooed Noah, while sitting down beside her and affectionately patting the dog’s head. “You know, I’ve been such a bad friend to this girl. I really like her, but I fucked up big this time. I’m afraid there’s no turning back now. See, I feel like we’ve gotten so close these past few days, and even though I know she’s still grieving Draco, like me, I just want to make her happy. She deserves it. And the thing is, I don’t even think I’ve ever stopped loving her.”

Athena noticed his eyes beginning to glimmer in the soft moonlight, which surprised her; never in her whole life had she seen Noah Riddle cry over something. He had always tried to put on this tough facade to everyone, shielding his real soft personality. Shifting back to her real self, Athena Black hugged this broken boy, fiercely but lovingly.

And he hugged back. This may have seemed like a normal gesture to common wizards, however, this exchange held a thousand unspoken words. Noah pulled back and looked down at his Thea, his love, while affectionately running his hand through her soft hair, and humming to himself.


“Shhh. Don’t ruin the moment”, murmured the young Riddle boy, while slowly inching closer to her face, “You’re beautiful Thea.”

Athena’s breath hitched in her throat as she got lost in Noah’s dark brown eyes, feeling butterflies furiously flapping in her stomach. Then, quickly glancing down at his lips, she brought their faces together, locking their lips for the first time in over a year. The kiss wasn’t full of hunger, nor lust. It was sweet, gentle and slow. Their mouths moved in sync as Athena’s hand grabbed a fistful of Noah’s hair, gently pulling at it, while his hands were lovingly holding her face.

The following morning, the young lovers kept stealing secret glances at each other during breakfast, unaware that Annalise was very much aware of this little situation. Throughout the whole trip, they had been holding hands, fingers intertwined. Upon arrival at the Door of Eternal Peace, it took the trio a while before figuring out the riddle which would grant them limited access to this portal.

“Okay, before we summon the Door”, announced Annalise, halting the whole group, “there’s something you should know, Athena. The door only lets through the wizards with a good enough reason. The other ones, well… they crash against it and d-die, because the door is at the end of a well.”

Athena felt her hand being squeezed by Noah’s. She looked up and saw worry dancing clearly in his eyes, the tip of his nose now red from the chilly temperature.

“Please don’t go.”

“I have to, but I’ll be back. I promise”

At the time, Athena could only hope to be able to keep that promise. Annalise sighed, “Well then, let’s do this.”

The trio slowly moved in the middle of a small clearing, where lay a small pillar with Latin and Roman words scribbled all over it. Annalise started repeating “Aparecium columnae” over and over again, for a couple of minutes. Noah and Athena, too scared to move, watched her intently. Suddenly, a loud rumbling sound, as loud as thunder, ripped the forest’s peaceful silence in half, and the pillar transformed itself into a giant well.

Athena started walking towards it, legs slightly shaking as she crept closer step by step. She turned around and looked at her best friend, then at Noah, who held her gaze far longer than Annalise had. Athena noticed a single tear smoothly slide down his cheek, before returning her focus of the well. If she squinted her eyes hard enough, she could see a faint, bright light shining back at her. She stared at this little white spot for a few moments, black hair dangling at the sides of her face, lips apart, as she gathered her thoughts.

“Are you sure you have to do this?”, asked a quivering voice, which Athena knew belonged to Annalise.

“You know I have to Anna. I’m gonna be okay.”

Annalise weakly nodded before looking down, unable to keep her tears in any longer. Annalise turned back to the well and sat on its edge, thinking about Draco. I’m gonna be okay, she thought encouragingly to herself. I’m gonna see Draco again, talk to him, touch him. At least one last time. Please.

And then, she let herself slide off, into the well. Falling.

Her whole body started twisting and convulsing, until she suddenly landed with a loud thud! against a white marble floor. Athena grunted and hoisted herself up, before looking around. The place she was in resembled Platform 9 ¾, except it was all colourless — instead, it was all in a blinding shade of white.

Athena turned around, massaging her hurting scalp, just as she saw a blurry figure advance towards her rapidly. No, two figures. One was lean and tall, with mischief written all over his face and fiery orange hair. The other one, well, let’s just say he was family.


“Hello there, little one.”, laughed Sirius, bringing his daughter in a tight embrace. “Look at you, all grown up and beautiful. You look so much like your mother.”

“Is she here as well?”, asked Athena, her question laced with hope.

“No. I-I mean, yes she is, but not here here. Only three people were selected to see you, and she kindly declined, saying that-”

“But I w-”

“No buts, Ath. All in good time”, responded her father, a knowing smile on his face, “But now, there’s someone who is very keen on seeing you.”

Athena turned around.

“Hey Athey. Fancy seeing you here on this fine Autumn day.”


Athena ran as fast as she could to him, and almost knocked him over by her tight embrace.

“Woah there, easy”, announced Fred, chuckling, “I know I’m the most handsome twin, but you might want to bring it down a notch, I can’t breathe!”

“I’m so sorry. It’s just, I miss you so much, and I know for a fact it’s really hard for George right now and everyone misses you and- hang on am I dead?”

Sirius and Fred both chuckled to themselves before Sirius spoke up. “Always were the curious sort, weren’t you Ath? You aren’t dead… yet. Let’s just say, you can choose whether to go back or not. Your body has gone back to your friends Annalise and Noah, and they either think you’re dead or in a serious coma. However, it will be your spirit to decide it all. Before you chose, there is one last person who was excited to talk to you even for the last time.”

Athena turned around for the nth time, and broke into tears as she immediately sprinted over to the platinum boy at the other end of the platform before jumping in his arms, legs around his waist, and hugging him tightly like she had never done before.

Both teenagers were sobbing uncontrollably, not holding back, before their lips locked and they were united once more. As they pulled away, Athena smiled and hugged him again, not wanting to let go, savouring every last moment. His oh so familiar scent filled her nostrils once more, and she sighed in utter bliss.

“I’ve missed you, darling.”

“I-I missed you s-so much-h”, hiccupped Athena, unable to form proper sentences.

“Hey, no don’t cry princess. Look at me. We have to talk. You can’t be here yet love.”

“B-but I-”

“No buts. It’s not your time yet. You could do so many great things in this world, Athena Black.”

“So could you. It wasn’t your time either”, she replied sassily.

“Perhaps not, but now I’m here, begging you to go back. Do it for your friends, do it for me?” Draco pleaded with her.

“But what is the p-point in going back if you’re not there with me?”, sniffed Athena.

“I will always be with you darling whether you will see me or not won’t matter. I will always be here.”, he said, pointing a finger towards her heart, “Please darling. Go back. Live life, achieve things, have fun.” Draco paused. “Be with Noah.”

“I’m sorry did I hear you correctly?”

“Did I stutter?”, chuckled Draco, slightly shaking his head from side to side, “Be. With. Noah. I can see he makes you happy love, something I won’t be able to do until you come back here.”

“I don’t know…”

“Athena”, called her father’s voice. “The young Malfoy is right. You have to go back. And remember; the ones that love us never really leave us, and you can always find them... in here”, said Sirius, pointing to her heart.

“We love you, Athey, we really do”, Athena tilted her head towards Fred, “but you’ll be so much more useful to the real world than here. Your time will come one day little one, I promise. But not today.”

“I’m going to miss you guys so much”, Athena broke into sobs again.

“Shhhh darling, it’ll be alright. Just trust the process”, winked her dad, as he started to fade away.


“Yeas Freddy?”, her response was barely audible.

“Tell Georgie that I love him, and that I’m watching over him.”

“ ’Mkay. I love you Freddy.”

“Love you too munchkin”, he answered, a mere whisper, as he too had faded away.

Athena turned towards her love, “Are you going to fade away too?”, she asked, wiping away her tears with the palms of her trembling hands.

“Yes, but I need to do three- no four things first. One, tell you that I love you, and that I will wait for you, even if it takes forever. No, let me finish. Two, give you this potion — you must drink it once I fade, it will bring your soul back in your body which is currently at St Mungo’s. Three, give you this letter, which you must, give to Noha, no peekings, understood?”

Athena nodded.

“And four…”

His sentence remained unfinished as he brought his lips to Athena’s one last time in a soft goodbye kiss. Athena kept a hold of his warm t-shirt, not wanting to let go, until what she felt was nothing but thin air. She opened her eyes, and faced the harsh truth that he too, had faded away. The taste of his soft, mint-flavoured lips lingered on hers for a few moments, before disappearing altogether.

Athena looked at the bottle of purple liquid in her hand, tears flowing down her face, as she opened the lid and threw it away, somewhere behind her. She made sure to have a firm hold on the letter and, without second thoughts, chugged down the entire potion. She began to feel drowsy as black spots gradually shadowed her vision, and felt her body fall in a sea of numbness.

Athena had a feeling of déjà-vu as she felt something soft under her drained body before tiredly opening her eyes and seeing a sobbing Noah on a chair, opposite her hospital bed. Athena took a moment to look down at her weak body, before looking around the room. There was another chair opposite Noah’s with Annalise’s coat on it, signalling her she had been here.

“What’s wrong Noah?”, questioned Athena, her voice slightly louder than a whisper.

Noah Riddle’s head shot up so fast Athena feared he had broken his neck. He blinked twice, incredulously, before sprinting to her bed and covering her face in soft kisses. Athena silently chuckled to herself. Draco was right, she thought. As she looked into Noah’s chocolate brown eyes, a new feeling took over her. And she found herself falling for him all over again. Falling hard.

“I love you.”, Athena found herself stating, before falling asleep in his arms.

please note that the Black and Malfoy families are NOT related in my story.

word count: 5432

usernames: thcstral (wattpad), thzstral (instagram)

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Kaari: I love the fact that these don't have to be long stories to really get involved with the story and the characters.

Kaari: I'm currently fighting a cold so laying in bed with all these characters to keep me company is perfection

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