Spidey and his Avenger family


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I looked down at the busy city from the top of a building. I enjoyed the cool night air as I listened for anything. A few minutes drift by as I am lost in thought. That day replaying in my head on loop at a thousand miles an hour. It's my fault all of it. Who am I going to lose next? I wasn't strong enough then, who's to say I am now? I could have saved him. They were counting on me. And now they are both dead. They were never bad people, they were just misguided.

I put my hand out shooting a web at another building and pulling myself into the air. I need to clear my head. I need to calm down and do my job. I swung through the city. I am met with a familiar feeling of weightlessness as I swung building to building throughout the city.

As I swung I took notice to two people in an ally. There was a beautiful woman with strawberry blonde hair dressed in business attire. This woman looked familiar but I paid no mind to the thought. What I did pay attention to was the man. He held a gun in his right hand, and he had it pointed right at her.

I dropped right behind him as I heard him call her a bitch.

Why the need for such vulgar language. And why was he angry at her when he was clearly the one robbing her. These people never make any sense, and they always manage to piss me off. I hate bullies.

Just as quickly as I landed, I webbed his gun away from him, and webbed him into a cocoon before he knew what hit him. He started yelling curses out in anger.

I rolled my eyes. These guys never change. I quickly webbed his mouth shut. I turned around to see the woman still there.

"Thank you so much Spider-Man." She said her voice filled with genuine appreciation that I was also able to read in her eyes. Then it became apparent on who this woman was.

This is Pepper Potts, CEO of Stark Industries.

I responded with a gentle nod before quickly leaving the scene as any vigilante does.

I wonder what time it was. I landed on a random roof and pulled out my phone. 11:30 it read. Aunt May should be home by now. Which means I'm in trouble.

I let a sigh escape my lips before I flipped off of the building that I was standing on. Even though I am wearing my suit, I can feel the air and wind whip around my body as I fell. I waited enjoying the feeling of free falling until my senses warned me of danger. The danger of becoming a splat on the sidewalk if I don't stop myself.

I shot out a web yanking me into the air from all the momentum I built up. After a few minutes of swinging I ended up at my destination. I jumped through the open window and stuck to the ceiling. I landed lightly on my feet not making a single noise. I then pulled my mask off my face and over my head. I'm sure my hair was a mess. I stripped off my suit and dressed into some fluffy red pajama pants and a white t-shirt. I flopped onto my bed, the weight of the day closing in on me as I closed my eyes and drifted into a deep slumber.

Tony POV:

I groaned as I walked towards yet another meeting. It's too early for this bullshit. What does that damn pirate want us to do this time.

I pulled open the door that leads into the meeting. Steve, Wanda, Vision, Bucky, Sam, Nat, Fury, Clint, and Peitro were already waiting.

"Look who decided to show up" Capsicle said sarcastically as he crossed his arms.

I didn't even know he knew what sarcasm was.

"Your late Stark" Fury said unsurprised and unimpressed.

"I know" I responded smugly as I sat in a chair.

Fury cleared his throat gaining everyone's attention.

"So as we all probably know there is a vigilante that goes by the name of Spider-Man." He said clearly. He pushed a button on a remote and a hologram of the web slinger appeared. "S.H.E.I.L.D has been tracking the things he does. He has taken down several big time criminals such as" he pushed a button again showing a guy labeled Green Goblin "Norman and Harry Osborn along with a few others. He could be dangerous but he could be a great ally and asset."

"Great and you need us for?" Clint asked curiously.

"I need you to bring him in"

My eyes narrowed. "Why" I asked curtly.

The guy literally saved Pepper's life just hours ago. I'll be damned if I just let him be arrested.

"Calm down Stark, I only want to recruit him" He answered slightly amused.

"I'm assuming even though you have been tracking him you can't figure out who he is" Nat asked not showing what she is thinking.

"Not even a single suspect. He hides from S.H.E.I.L.D pretty well. We are assuming he's in his twenties or thirties, but we don't know his exact age" Fury answers.

I smirked amused by his answer,"so not even you can track him so you need us to do it instead"

Fury rolled his eyes or eye,"yes, I would like him to be brought in as soon as you can, but he will probably give you trouble considering his identity is very important to him"

"What if he doesn't want to be recruited" Steve asked

"Then get his name and let him know the option is still open" Fury answered "and if he doesn't give you his name take it, just don't hurt him too badly"

"I don't understand why we need to get his name. He hasn't done anything wrong, has he?" Bucky asked standing with one arm over the other.

"No, he hasn't, but we still need his name for security reasons. If he doesn't want to join the Avengers or shield he will still be allowed to operate as he has been. The only difference is he would have our support to help with upgrades and such." He answered.

Well let's hope he doesn't put up much of a fight

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