A Person Worth Saving.


Eri Aizawa is 15 and finally ready to be a student at U.A. Only one thing stands in her way. Her savior. He had died in battle and ever since has gone everyday to his grave. Just to talk or have lunch. She can feel him. She knows he's there. She loved him. No matter what.

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Chapter 1

"Eri! Come on or you'll be late for your first day at U.A.!" Papa mic called for the bottom of the stairs. I groaned.

"Coming papa!" I said as I rolled out of bed. Walking to my closet and getting my uniform out.
"You too, Aizawa!" Mic finished. I got dress and walked to my bedroom door.
"Wait. Dad isn't even up yet? What the he-" Dad appeared in front of me. I fell back. "A-ah....You're up..."
"Yeah. I am. You ever think about say that, I'll have mic scream in your ear, full power, for thirty minutes." He said. I covered my ears.
"N-no! I won't say anything like that...promise." I said standing and dusting myself off.
"Good. Get going. Your teacher will be upset if you're late." He said with a smile. I sighed, grabbed my bag and walked past dad. At the bottom of the stairs was Papa mic and...
"Shin!" I shouted running down the stairs. I hugged him.
"Hey, Eri! God, look at you! So big!" He said squeezing me. He was in his hero suit. This the first time in 9 months I've seen my older brother. He was out on a mission for close to a whole year. It was in america...weird lands.
"Don't leave for so long!" I cried. He gave a small chuckle and nodded. I heard dad clears his throat. I let go of Shin. "I have school. You'll be home when I get back?" He nodded. I smiled and ran out the door. Thing was, I wasn't going to school at all today because today was my savior's birthday. Lemillion saved me from overhaul and deku too. Today was Lemillion's birthday. I ran to the cemetery looking for a cross with his name on it.
"Ah ha. Found you." I sat in front of the tombstone. "Hey, Lemillion. How are you? No, I shouldn't ask that. He's...nevermind." I looked at the tombstone. I sighed. I felt a hand on my shoulder and roundhoused the person behind me.
"Ah! Ow..." He said. "Jeez, Eri. It's just me..."
"Oh, Sorry deku! I thought you were... you scared me." I said. He rubbed his gut.
"No, no. It was my fault for sneaking up on you like that." He ruffled my hair. "Hey, why aren't you in school? It's the first day isn't it?"
"Yeah, but today is also..."I looked over at Lemillion's tombstone then back at Deku. "I have to stay her all day today."
"Why is that?" He looked at the tombstone and what time it was. "Oh. Eri, I'm so sorry. I didn't think-"
"Think what, huh? That I wouldn't visit him? He saved me AND gave his life. I can never get him back and it's my fault." I said, on the verge of tears.
"Eri, It's not your-" He started.
"Whatever, alright! Forget it." I said walking off. I was sad and raged. I didn't know what to do with it all. I was so sure no one would be at the cemetery today. Whatever. Doesn't matter anyways.
"Oh, hey Eri!" A girl called to me. I simply waved and kept walking. I walked until my leg started to hurt. At that point I was in a park. I took a seat on the bench and sighed.
"Why did Deku have to be there?" I said aloud. I couldn't even pretend not to be mad. I was so upset. I kicked a tree a little too hard and all the leaves fell off. "Oh...um...my bad." I checked the time on my phone and had missed calls and texts from dad.
"Jeez, dad. Calm down." I said to myself. I put my phone away and immediately ran into Red Riot. "Ah! Again?!"
"Sorry! Didn't mean to run into you like that. Just trying to get to that building." He said. I sighed.
"Yeah, I noticed. Slow down, Riot." I said. He smiled and nodded, speeding off to the building, again.
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