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Erotic Fairytales


Do you remember reading fairytales and wishing your life was like the Princess or Prince? We may never outgrow fairytales but they always had the same happy ever after. What about short fairytales with sexual desire? This is a book to set your mind free. There's no long boring storylines. Just multiple sexual scenes and multiple short stories. . Each set of chapters will be different and you shall remember some of the old classics yet they have a twist on them. Adulthood meets childhood.

Erotica / Romance
Ivy White
Age Rating:

Book 1 Part 1 Cindy

Old fairy tales re-written for adults pleasure.

ONCE UPON A TIME a girl named Cindy lived with her stepmother Viv and two stepsisters Bea and Haydlora. Poor Cindy had to work hard all day long so that the others could rest. It was she who had to wake up each morning when it was still dark outside. A drift of cold air would make the hairs on her arms stand up. She could see her breath it was that cold. She knew that it was time to start the fire so that she could heat up the house ready for when the girls would wake up. The last thing she wanted them to do was moan about how bad of a job she had done. It was she who cooked their meals. It was she who kept the fire going all day long. The poor girl could not stay clean because of all the ashes and cinders by the fire.

“What a mess!” her two stepsisters would laugh. Cindy would roll her eyes and sigh. She was exhausted and fed up with her life. The truth was that her life wasn't changing for the better. It was staying the same. She just wanted to have a break through and would beg for something to change.

One day, big news came to the town of Magic ville. The King and Queen were going to have a ball! It was now time for the Prince to find a bride. All of the young ladies in the village were invited to come. They were jumping with joy! Gossip spread around quickly as they ran to the nearest shop to pick out the most beautiful gown to wear. They would fix their hair in place with a full bottle of hair spray so that it would stay back neatly. Maybe the prince would like them they thought. The only person who didn't feel the excitement was Cindy.

At Cindy's house, she now had extra work to do. She had to create two brand-new gowns for her step-sisters. They wouldn't go to get a new gown because they had Cindy who could sew. Truth be told Cindy had years of experience with tailoring behind her. She had no choice. She was forced to do it from a very young age. Six to be precise.

“Faster!” shouted Bea.

“You call that a dress?” screamed Haydlora.

“Oh my god!” Cindy shouted out loud. She couldn't concentrate when the two of them would scream at her. She didn't want to ruin their beautiful bright pink and yellow dresses. They had taken her days to do. “When can I–“ Cindy carried on until she heard footsteps and snapped her mouth shut.

Her stepmother Viv marched into the room. Her footsteps made the wooden floorboards shake underneath Cindy's chair. “When can you WHAT?” Viv crossed her arms.

“Well,” said Cindy, “when will I have time to make my own dress for the ball?” She wasn't excited but that didn't mean that she didn't want ri make that perfect tight dress for herself. She was the opposite to everyone in the village. All the girls wanted poofy dresses but Cindy wanted a dress that could show her body off and make any man admire her.

“You?” yelled Viv pointing at Cindy. “Who said YOU were going to the ball?”

“What a laugh!” said Haydlora.

“Such a mess!” They pointed at Cindy. All of them laughed together. All of them apart from Cindy. She looked down at the floor as a small tear appeared in her lower lash line. They always put her down. They always had something to say about the way that she is or her appearance. She could never win.

Cindy knew in that moment that she wasn't granted permission to go. She said to herself, “When they look at me, maybe they see a broken girl. But I'm not that way. And if I could, I WOULD go to the ball but they won't let me. They never let me. Life is so unfair.”

Soon the time came for Viv and both of the stepsisters to leave for the big party. They looked gorgeous in Cindy's eyes. Every girl in her mind had their own beauty. They may not look the same but they were all perfect to her.

Their white wooden carriage came to a stop outside the door. Viv, Bea and Haydlora hopped inside as Cindy peeked through the window on the top floor. She could see all of the villagers making their way to the main castle gates ready for the party. The horses galloped away as Cindy smiled to her self. She was feeling sad.

“Good-bye!” Cindy whispered. “Have a good time!” Turning around Cindy walked over to her bed.

“Oh well. Maybe another time.” Cindy told herself as the carriage rode down the street. She said aloud, “I wish that I could go to the ball, too!”

Then - a poof of white smoke appeared in front of her bedroom door. The door opened up quickly smashing against her wall. Cindy stared over in shock.

“You called?” said the fairy.

“Did I?” Cindy asked. “Who are you?”

"Oh I'm your Fairy Godmother, of course! I spoke to the universe. And I have come to grant you your wish.”

“But…” Cindy's eyebrows knitted together. She was confused, “my wish is impossible.”

“Excuse me!” said the Fairy Godmother blinking. “Did I not just show up out of thin air?”

“Well I didn't see nothing behind the door." Cindy told her honestly.

“Then let me be the one to say what is possible and what isn't!”

“Well, I think you know I want to go to the ball, too.” Cindy looked down at her dirty ripped dress. She wished that she would look drop dead gorgeous. Not that it was possible.

“But look at me.”

“You do look a bit of a mess, child,” said the Fairy Godmother. Cindy agreed. She nodded and sighed.

“Even if I had something nice to wear, I would have no way to get there." Cindy lay down on her bed. She gave up at this point.

“Dear me. What you want is possible,” said the Fairy and with a flick of her wand she tapped Cindy on the head.

In the blink of an eye Cindy was clean. She was dressed in a beautiful black tight dress, black heels and a lingerie set that felt uncomfortable. She never did wear underwear as revealing as what she had on. They were red and had criss cross suspenders connected to them. Her hair fell down the front of her shoulders in brown curls, her makeup was done. Black winged eyeliner covered her waterline with false eyelashes, her make-up made her look mature with deep red lipstick. She was the opposite to everyone else in the village. She was the odd one out.

Can you guess what fairytale this is?
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