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Erotic Fairytales

Book 1 part 2

“Oh wow! I have boobs." Cindy sat up and stared at herself in the mirror. She looked exactly how she would have loved herself to look. Mature and as sexy as hell! Her legs were shaven for the first time in forever.

“Who said I was done?” the Fairy Godmother asked with a smirk on her face. She tapped her wand again on Cindy's shoulder this time. At once, a beautiful metal black carriage appeared, with a driver and four black horses with long black hair. Very medieval Cindy thought to herself grinning.

“Am I dreaming?” Cindy turned to the Fairy Godmother who shrugged her shoulders in her white long dress.

“It is as real as it can be. But there is one thing you must know.”

“What is that?” Cindy's eyebrows knitted together as the Fairy Godmother placed her hand in Cindy's shoulder.

“All of this lasts only to midnight. Tonight, at the stroke of midnight, it will all be over. Everything will go back to how it was before. That includes your hair colour.”

“Then I must be sure to leave the ball before midnight!” Cindy confirmed and the Fairy Godmother nodded her head. "That you must."

"You won't feel any pain from falling over. Everything that you want to happen tonight can happen and there won't be any changes to your daily life. Make tonight count Dear." Cindy nodded her head before she ran down the stairs and opened the door. Blinking she tried to make herself wake up from what felt like a dream.

“My work is done.” The Fairy Godmother appeared out of nowhere. With a swish of her wand she was gone. A note flew in the breeze down to Cindy's feet. Bending down Cindy picked up the note and read it quietly to herself.

"Get more out of the Prince than any other woman could." Cindy felt a pin prick on her finger. Pushing her finger inside her mouth she sucked it as the paperclip closed itself over again. Little did she know that what went inside her skin would make her grab more than the Princes heart. His mind, body and soul.

Cindy looked around her. "Did that even happen?" She asked herself. But there she stood in a black sexy dress with high heels that she could walk in magically. Her hair looked beautiful and so did her make-up. Raising her head she looked at the carriage and horses waiting.

“Coming?” called the driver. Cindy nodded and ran over to the carriage. Stepping inside and sitting down she watched as they zoomed off towards the castle.

Over at the ball, the Prince did not know what to think. His expression was stoic. “Why do you have that sad look on your face son?” the Queen asked the Prince. “Look around you! You couldn't ask for finer maidens than these.” She told him and he rolled his eyes.

“I know, Mother,” Yet he didn't like the look of any of them. They didn't bring his fancy. He was to marry one of them but they all reminded him of his mother. Boring. He had met many of the young women. Yet after he would say “hello,” to each one of them he couldn't find anything to say. He would just stand there and wait for them to leave him alone which never happened. They would cling to his arms and flutter their eyelashes at him. Boring. The Prince yawned.

"Look!" One of the women pointed to the stairs. “Who is that?”

All heads turned. All the peoples mouths dropped open. They were mortified. The fact that Cindy had arrived at the ball wearing a slutty outfit. They were appauled. The Princes eyes rolled up her figure from her heels to her head.

“There's something about her,” He said to himself licking his bottom lip before biting it. “I will ask her to dance.” Pushing himself up he walked over to Cindy as she took her final step down the stairs.

“Have we met?” The Princes eyebrows knitted together.

“I am pleased to meet you now,” Cindy giggled before bowing down.

“I feel as if I know you,” said the Prince. “But of course, that must be impossible.”

“Many things are possible if you wish they were to be true.” Cindy glanced down at the floor. The Prince looked fine in his black suit and red tie. His white shirt strained against his muscular shoulders. Cindy took note.

The Prince felt a leap in his heart. He and Cindy danced. He didn't touch her where he wanted to. He wanted nothing more than to pick her up and fuck her against the wall there and then inside the ball room. Especially when her cheeks flushed red. When the song was over, they danced again. And then they danced again, and yet again. Soon the other maidens at the ball were jealous. “Why is he dancing all the time with her?” None of them were happy about the Princes decision.

But all the Prince could see was Cindy. They laughed and talked, and they danced some more. In fact, they danced for so long that Cindy didn't notice their lips moving closer to each other as they looked into each others eyes. His eyes were silver and hers were blue. Lust appeared out of nowhere and before Cindy could figure out what was happening the Prince was guiding her outside to the butterfly gardens.

Grabbing her he picked her up off her feet and smashed his lips against hers with his hands holding her ass tightly. She didn't know what to do so she followed his lead. Placing his hands on either side of her face, he pushed his tongue inside her mouth. She granted him permission. The breeze was cold as he lay her down on the wooden bench following to lie himself down in between her legs kissing her using all of his energy. Grinding against her he kissed down her neck. She closed her eyes, her lips parted as she relaxed and allowed him to taste her soft skin. Grabbing his head she guided him to look at her. She still had her mask on and the Prince couldnt recognise her. She did have blue eyes. Those blue eyes didn't belong to her. They were all a part of spell.

Cindy moved her face upto the Princes and she captured his lips wrapping her arms around his neck. He grinded his crotch against her sensitive nub. Her dress was rising up her hips. He could see her red lace underwear which made him harder inside his black pants. He had never thought about himself having sex with a woman on the night of the ball. He was aroused and ready to change the rule book. It was the most important night in history and there he was lowering himself down ready to show a girl he didn't know how much he could make her cry out his name. Well that was when he would tell her it. His lifestyle was all about secrets. That included his name but he also couldn't wait for it to roll off the top of her tongue. He decided to make a new plan.

Picking her up with ease he walked through the gardens and made his way to the second building. He had a bed in there ready for him to fuck her senseless and he couldn't wait. Neither could Cindy. Maybe it was the right time to break the rules. Cindy had broken them so why shouldn't the Prince do the same?

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