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Erotic Fairytales

Book 1 part 3

I didn't manage to finish this story last night so here's the rest if it.

“Dong!” The clock struck quarter to twelve.

Cindy's eyes widened. "Shit" she thought to herself. She needed to get her first feeling of love. She had never felt it before. Staying calm she waited until the Prince reached the bedroom and jumped out of his arms. As he closed the door over she leaped in his arms and bashed her lips with his. He kissed her back with as much determination as she did. The two of them started grabbing each others clothes trying to tear them off each others bodies as fast as they could. She had always imagined this moment and after being told that she could have this one magical night without any pain she was going for the jackpot. She had heard stories about sex being uncomfortable ever since she knew what it meant.

This wasn't going to be slow, it was going to be quick and vicious. Grabbing the Princes pants Cindy dragged them down and seconds later the Prince picked her up and pushed himself inside her deeply. She wasn't too tight as a virgin would be because of the spell so the Prince managed to push himself inside her without the need to go slow and without wasting time he walked over to the wall and started to push in and out. Cindy opened her mouth and allowed her head to fall down on his right shoulder as he pounded inside her. The good part about it all was that none of them knew each other. They wouldn't meet again. Well Cindy knew the Prince but he didn't know who she was. This would be a memory that would last forever. Plus it was a secret for them to carry around with themselves.

The Prince kissed Cindy with so much passion as their bodies sang with each other. Their connection was fierce, their attraction to each other was on an all time high as Cindy cried out enjoying the moment. There was no fears holding the two of them back. Her virginity wasn't a problem to overcome and their secret would stay a secret forever.

“Dong!” went the clock again.

She looked up again. “Oh, my god!” she cried out. “It's almost midnight!” She wanted their sexual scene to last forever but she only had five more minutes. She felt as his length bashed against her inner walls so hard she could see stars. He kissed down the side of her neck, touched places that had never been touched before and made her scream out through tears of joy. She was edging closer to that perfect release. She could feel it building up, their dripping wet skin slid up and down making an electric spark and as she released with him the two of them groaned devastated that they wouldn't feel it all again. Their session was anyone's perfect fairytale.

“Dong!” rung the clock. Cindy's eyes widened as her body jolted as her stomach tensed up. She could feel the sexual tension release.

“Why does the time matter?” the Prince asked her breathlessly. His body shaking as the last of his semen left his tender stick.

“Dong!” called the clock again.

“I must go!” said Cindy jumping out of his arms and pulling her dress down.

“Dong!” went the clock.

“But our connection!” the Prince shouted confused. “Why leave now?”

The clock rang out again.

“I need to GO!” Cindy panicked and ran out of the door leaving the Prince breathless, filled with love and relieved.

“Dong!” The Prince ran out of the room and to the stairs. She was gone. Bells started to ring out from the tower as the Prince threw his head back. He had the best night ever. Granted it was quick and they lost control of themselves but it was a night he had wanted eversince he had lost his virginity when he was sixteen.

“Wait!” called the Prince. He glanced down and found one black six inch stiletto heel laying on the wooden floor. He picked up it uo and rushed down the stairs. He looked around but couldn't see her tight black dress anywhere. “This is all I have left from her,” he said, looking down at the black heel. He saw that it was made in a special way, to fit a foot like no other. “Somewhere there is the other black heel,” he said. “And when I find it, I will find her, too. Then I will ask her to be my bride and we will have amazing sex!” He thought to himself. There's only one woman who can walk in these heels. They are far too high for any normal woman to walk around in because Cindy was one of a kind.

From house to house, went the Prince. One young woman after another tried to walk in Cindy's heel but none of them could balance in it. They almost broke their ankles by trying. And so the Prince moved on.

At last the Prince came to Cindy's house.

“He is coming!” called Haydlora as she peeked out of the window.

“At the door!” screamed Bea.

“Quick!” yelled Viv. “Get ready! One of you must be the one to walk in hat heel. No matter what!” Viv rushed over to the door and waited with Cindy's stepsisters.

The Prince knocked. Viv yanked the door open. “Come in!” she smiled. “I have two lovely daughters for you to see.” She waved her arms welcoming the Prince in. Nobody knew his name. Even Cindy still didn't know.

Bea placed her foot in the black heel. She tried hard to walk in it, but she couldn't walk in it or even fit her foot inside it because her size was two sizes bigger. Then Haydlora tried to fit her foot inside. She tried and tried with all her might. She managed to slip her foot inside but she felt nothing but pain when her foot shifted down to the front of it. Her toes felt squashed but still she tried.

“Isn't there any other women inside this house?” the Prince asked.

“None,” Viv lied smiling.

“Then I must go,” the Prince nodded and walked to the front door.

“Maybe there is one more,” said Cindy, stepping into the room slowly smiling.

“I thought you said there were no other young women here,” the Prince snarled at Viv as Cindy crossed her arms. She was fed up of being seen as a nobody.

“None who matter!” said Viv. She growled at Cindy as the Prince walked to sit on the couch.

“Come here,” said the Prince pointing at a footrest in between his legs.

Cindy walked over to him and the Prince got down on one knee. Picking up the black heel he placed it on her foot. Cindy moved over to behind the couch and picked something up. It was the other black heel!

“I knew it!” he smirked as she pushed it on her foot and walked over to him using slow strides biting her bottom lip. “I couldn't forget those legs even if I wanted to!”

“WHAT?” shouted Bea.

“Not HER!” screamed Haydlora.

“This cannot BE!” Viv crossed her arms.

But it was too late. The prince knew that Cindy was the one. He looked into her eyes. He did not see the cinders in her hair or the ashes on her face.

“I have found you!” he said.

“And I have found you,” said Cindy. The Prince wrapped his arms around her back and Cindy smashed her lips against his. He pushed his tongue inside her mouth.

"Eww!" Said both of Cindy's stepsisters.

And so Cindy went and married the Prince. What nobody did see was the smoking hot sex that they had every passing minute of the day. Let's just say that Cindy's eyes were at the back of her head more times than any other woman's would ever be.

They will get better. This is the first time I've ever mixed fairytales with sex so bare with me. It's not your usual story so I'm hoping you will enjoy the next ones as they come plus they will get dirtier too. 😂🤭
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