My obnoxious roommate


"Hey y/n, what's long and hard that goes inside your mouth, while coming it's white and mushy ?" " Cut the crap jeon mfking jungkook !" " the answer was supposed to be a toothbrush, what else did u think baby gorl?"

Romance / Erotica
Snow Gureum
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It was raining heavily when she entered the hallway. Except for the dull rhythm of the falling rain, the hallway was eerily silent. She adjusted her skirt up and stood stiff as the cold wind blew sending chills down her spine.

As she narrowed her eyes, saw a woman in her 30′s near a desk scribbling and aggressively pressing something on a device.

“Hello,” the girl said trying to catch the attention of the lady. the woman turned her head in the direction of the sound. Giving a warm geeky smile on a cold morning the lady said ” hello there, how can I help you. ”

" I am here to collect my dorm keys”. she said with tiredness tinting her voice, seemed she has been carrying her suitcase for a long.

" Miss why don’t pay a visit to the principal, she is in charge of room recruitment,” the lady said, the smile never leaving her thin lips.

As per her direction, the girl darted down the alienated hallway to find the head's office.

She saw a board displayed 'Principal Office' at the end of the stairs.

She knocked on the door twice, a silvery voice said " Come in".

The door creaked open as she entered the room to only see a middle-aged woman doing paper stuff.

Soon, both pair of eyes met and the older woman eyed her to have a seat.

"Young lady what's brings you here ? " the principal asked, her eyes still immersed in the bundle of papers.

" mam I am a transfer student and don't have the least idea about food and accommodation here "

"Name please, " the principal asked, this time typing something.

"Kim y/n".The girl said in a small voice.

"have a coffee while you wait girl" the principal remarked eyes still glued to the monitor.

Pushing the cup of coffee forwards woman suddenly shifts her eyes to the girl who is sitting there for about 15 minutes "Kim, there is no room in the girls' dorm since all are preoccupied "

"where will I stay then ? " the girl said with a frown, sighing in desperation.

"Why don't you try to take a room outside ?" suggested the lady.

" I can't afford many expenses, mam," said the girl in dismal.

The woman leaned back of her chair sipping her coffee as if she was thinking about something serious.

"I'll do a favour if you are willing to," the woman said, hesitancy lingering her tone.

"Anything will go with me," the girl said with the slightest hope.

"There is a vacant room in the boy's dorm. If you don't mind you can use it. what's ur opinion ?" as these words left the principal's mouth, y/n's eyes widened in disbelief.

"A girl in a boy's dorm-

isn't inappropriate though ?" Y/n questioned in a disgruntled tone.

"if you can't, oh I am sorry should find a room outside". The woman said with a deep sigh.

Thinking about the dorm expenses and daily budget, the girl finally agreed to the elder's word.

" Since you are fine, you can have the key " the women jiggled the key before handing it to y/n.

The girl mouthed a thank you in her small voice before leaving the room with her suitcase and luggage.

So this is my first ff yall.
Ik itz cringe . But things are gonna get naughty once she finds out em'.
Go grab ur bottles dear retarded asses...
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