While most people don't believe in the existence of supernaturals such as werewolves, vampires and witches however to our surprises,they really do exist just that they stay hidden to protect themselves from potential extinction. To every werewolf, the ability to shift is one of the least things they can do. If you're unable to go through with this process at an early age of sixteen, you're considered as weak and not even a wolf to start with. Islyna Maganore happens to be the only one unable to shift in her pack at age twenty two. As a result, she's considered as weak and the only omega in her pack. Her pack is the Wolfblood Crescent pack. Alpha Jake SpearsArray from the SpearsArray Pack , one of the most feared and strongest pack found in the world with about two thousand six hundred and seventy wolves , happens to be one of the feared alphas. He's famous for being ruthless and wicked when dealing with his enemies. His circle of friends consist of his beta Jordan Crane and Gamma Elios Wayneward . When a party is held at Wolfblood Crescent pack for all alphas to come together to tackle a threatening issue, a shocking revelation is exposed to the world.

Romance / Mystery
Mari Ama
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Chapter 1

Hello everyone
Please this is my first story a
so I would know how this book is going
Thank you very much for even opening the book I really appreciate it
Xoxo 😘
Enjoy your story😱😆😝😋

"Lyna, come out here instantly before I do something we both know I won't regret". My mom shouted
"Mom please I'm coming". I murmured back and hurriedly went down the stairs from my room into the living room where she sat. Speaking of my room , it's technically the store room at upstairs. When I was unable to shift during my sixteenth birthday, my parents moved me from my childhood room to the store room upstairs. They considered me a disgrace to the family and treated me like a stranger in my own home.
When I got to the living room, she was sitting in the couch with a mug of coffee in her hand.
"Sit down ": she said
I sat opposite her while she looked at me tentatively.
She said; "I don't know what sin I committed to be cursed with a child who cannot even do a simple thing every other wolf finds it easy to do. Lyna , do you know it's not easy to be with a disgrace ? "She asked with a frown on her face and hatred in her eyes.
"How can you do this to me?" ;She cried out
"My only daughter cannot shift, how can you even get a mate?"; She asked again "And even if you have I'm positive he will reject you in an instant"; she sighed
"Mother , I'm sorry"
"Don't you dare call me your mother again "
"You ceased to be my child the moment you failed to shift on your sixteenth birthday"; she added.
My father entered the room right after my mother shouted at me .
"Why are you sitting on my couch filthy omega?"
I was speechless at that time, this is how my life has been ever since I couldn't shift into my wolf on my birthday. They treat me like I'm nobody and that I don't even deserve to use any of their things

Thank you very much for reading my story
Please do well to leave your comments and sorry for my mistakes
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