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Chapter 2

I immediately sat on the floor and whispered a little sorry. My elder brother entered the room with no emotion on his face and he even ignored what was going on.
"Why isn't my food on the table yet? "My so called father asked
"I .... eerrrmmm.... I .... w..a..s ........"
I wasn't able to complete the sentence when I felt a sharp pain on the left side of my cheek. A single lonely tear fell from my left eye and when I raised my eyes, I met with my brother's own. An emotion flashed through his piercing blue eyes when we made eye contact but it immediately vanished. Zane is very good at hiding his emotions.
"Go get me my food before I beat you to a fucking pup"; he roared
I fled to the kitchen in an instant to prepare his food for him. After about thirty minutes , the food was ready and I served him.
Later that day, I left the house to the pack house to do my pack duties . As an omega , I clean, cook , wash and do any job the alpha offers. I have no say in it because I'm an abomination to the pack so I'm supposed to do all the chores in the pack house. I got to the pack house around six thirty in the evening and went straight to the kitchen to prepare their supper . As I was preparing the food, I mean alone with no help from anyone, I heard some girls talking about a party which was going to take place at the pack house in a week's time. I also learnt that all other alphas were also coming so this meant that the ruthless alpha will also be present.
The foolish me couldn't keep my mouth shut and I dared asked them what was actually going on.
"How does a party taking place here concern you,runt?; "one of the girls asked
"You're not even a member of this pack Omega", another added
"Oh and all you can for the party to be successful is by hiding your pathetic face from the alphas attending and do your fucking duties correctly, bitch"; another said
Another girl poured fish sauce on me before they all left laughing and giggling. I heard one of them saying she might be mated to one of the alphas and they all laughed. I stood there for some time thinking about my mate. Do I have a mate out there? If I do will he accept me? I was pondering on these questions.
I went to the washroom to clean the fish sauce in my hair and clothes , forgetting to switch off the stove I was using. The fire alarm blew off and I immediately went into the kitchen and was met with an angry alpha ready to murder someone. I took a step back when I realized the food has been burnt to ashes .
"What insolence! "; The alpha yelled
"I gave you a simple job and you can't bring your weak self to do it huh!? "; He asked
"I .... a..m ... so... sorry A ..alpha "; I pleaded
"Some g..girls p..ppoured fishh....sa..uce on me, so ... I went.. into the ..the .. bathroom to...to..to wash up ...up myself"; I stuttered
"Oh shut the fuck up omega,; the beta said. You did what!!????? ";He asked with a growl
I didn't even realized he was also in the kitchen
"I'm sorry please"; I murmured silently
"Guards!!!! " ; The alpha shouted and immediately two built guards entered the room.
"Take her to the dungeons" ; he ordered.
Now trouble from house coupled with that from my own Alpha. In fact no one has ever stood up for me when I am being treated this way. The fact that I cannot shift has put me in this kind of situations where everyone and everybody can grapple over you. Before my sixteenth birthday I was loved in this pack , my parents treated me like their daughter and the pack adored me but now I am nothing more than an outcast or a burden to me. What a sad world we live in

Thank you for reading my book and sorry for my mistakes. Please comment for me.
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