Would Taehyung be able to make Aera fall in love? Or would everything come to an end after a cup of coffee?

Romance / Drama
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Was I not good enough for you?”

“I don’t know. I... I didn’t like how you were always busy.”

The young girl looked at the guy with watery eyes. Which caused the guy to scratch the back of his neck in awkwardness.

“Aera, you work too much and don’t have any time for me. For us.” The guy said trying to keep himself calm as possible to not bring any attention to himself and the girl in front of him.

“I have to make a living for myself! I can’t just keep living off your money!! I don’t like it.” She screamed at him drawing some attention.

“Yes, you can! I want to do it. That’s what a boyfriend should do for their girlfriend. No?” He said trying to excuse himself.

“No, a woman should also make a living for herself. Plus, I don’t like depending on anyone else for money and you know that.” She said almost on the verge of tears.

“I fucking know that!! I just don’t want you out by yourself. I don’t want anyone to look at you or see you the same way that I see you.” He screamed.

At this point, there were a lot of people looking at the couple. Aera was trying to make sense of what he just said and he... well he was mean-mugging the people so that they would look away from them.

Aera could not believe it. She could not believe what he said to her after years of being together. Also, he had just cheated on her with her best friend. That is how they end up arguing in the middle of a coffee shop to begin with.

“How can you tell me that when you just cheated on me with my own best friend?!” She said standing up and hitting the table.

“I...well we haven’t had sex for four months and I-”

“And your first thought was to sleep with my best friend?” She screamed at him not caring if others were staring at her or not.

“Well she was making eyes and that time I was needy for love and attention, so... it went there?” He said trying to approach her as she moved away from the table they were just at.

“That’s your fucking excuse? That she was making eyes? What the hell is wrong with you? I don’t want to hear it I’m leaving and don’t bother coming to the apartment.” She said and walks away with her coffee in hand leaving him in a very confused state.

As Aera walks away from the table she can see that there are various eyes following her every move. She is so focused on what people may be thinking of her at that moment that she doesn’t notice the guy in front her, causing a big mess.

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