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Blood of the Covenant


Chariana Comic. Abused, beaten, mentally broken, but thriving under the care of Sans Comic and his twin brother Puns, coexisting Heads of Ravenclaw House at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When her loyalty to her family is tested she begins to question herself, but learns quickly that the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter One: Acceptance

"Chara, calm down, Chasity will arrive with the mail soon" Mom laughed as I pressed my face against the window.

"Easy for you to say, you're convinced I got in" I pouted. "What if my letter never comes?"

Mom sighed and set down his phone to look at me. "Chara. You have been working hard on your English for six months now and you've improved a lot. You're my daughter whether it's by blood or not. You will get into Hogwarts. I promise you".

Sans and Puns Comic. My family. I had been on the streets until I was found and legally adopted by Sans, who I called Mom because the idea of having a dad made me want to throw up. I had grown up in France and Ireland with my abusive parents until I killed them and ran.

Mom and Puns had worked with me through my trauma as well as my illiteracy with English. I had been living with them for the last year, and they had taken the year off work to help me get settled.

Now I'm 11 years old. Still not fluent in English but much happier. My mom and uncle believed I was a muggleborn, meaning that my birth parents didn't have magical abilities but I did. They both wanted to go back to work and were hoping that I could come with them and learn magic.

My mom and uncle worked side by side as the heads of their respective houses. Mom was the Potions teacher and Ravenclaw head, and Puns was the Astronomy Teacher and Slytherin head.

Chasity, our sooty owl, screeched as she came to the window, snapping me out of my thoughts. Mom joined me at the window and unlatched it, letting in our restless owl. I bounced on my heels as he sorted through the letters, setting aside letters and smirking as he came to one. I stretched and looked over his shoulder at the iconic Hogwarts wax seal, only to have it playfully snatched away from me.

"Open it, open it, open it!" I begged.

Mom smiled softly. "Do you want to read it or do you want me to? Remember it's probably from Professor Toriel and she has really spidery cursive writing"

I hesitated. I didn't think my English skills for good enough for cursive. "You read". Despite my slight disappointment at not being able to read my own letter I was still bouncing.

Puns came through the kitchen doorway, dangling a mouse between his fingers. He tossed it to Chasity, who gladly caught it in her beak and flew to her perch to eat. "Alright" Puns said. "Let's see this letter"

Mom peeled up the wax and opened the ornate envelope. His eyes scanned across the parchment.

"What's it say?!" I asked, bouncing faster. Mom's grin widened.

"Dear Ms. Comic.

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

Yours sincerely,
Toriel Dreemurr.
Deputy Headmistress"

My jaw fell open, causing my mother and uncle to burst out laughing.

"I GOT IN!" I yelled. "I ACTUALLY GOT IN!"

"Told ya, Moonchild".

I enjoyed the feeling of warmth and comfort that washed over me from that nickname. Puns had taken to calling me Moonchild because before I felt comfortable sleeping in their house I would sit on the window seat and stare out the window at the moon every night.

"You know what this means right? You have to take me to Diagon Alley! And Ollivanders and Flourish and Blotts and-"

"Calm down kiddo!" Mom laughed. "It's not even August yet. We have a month. First we have to owl them back confirming your attendance."

Puns however was doing the opposite. He went to the fridge and came back with a butterbeer, which he handed to me with a grin. "Down it kid. You earned it".

I laughed at the fact that he treated butterbeer like actual beer, but I still accepted the mug and drank.

"You're a witch now, kiddo!" Mom said, finally feeding into my excitement.

"I know! It's amazing!"

"I know you're excited but we gotta make sure you understand some things okay?" He said, motioning to the couch. I sat down and he sat across from me.

"Kiddo we love you with all our souls but you do know we can't give you special treatment in our classes just because you're my kid right?"

I nodded. "I wasn't expecting it. I want to learn and be a good student."

Mom smiled. "That's my girl. Now that being said, being the kid of a staff member is going to earn you some things. For example in the event that you cause any trouble, your Head of House will have to consult with me on your discipline. They can give you detention and bad grades but anything more than that they go through me. If you end up in Ravenclaw then we cut out the middle man because you'll answer to me anyway. "

I blinked. I hadn't even thought about the fact that my guardians were both House heads.

"Also, the three of us will be talking to the Headmaster on probably your first day to learn a set of translation spells. We know you're a lot better at English but kid, you're real stubborn. I know you won't ask for help if you don't know a word" he shot me a look. I glanced away sheepishly. I had, on many occasions, left out a word because I didn't know it instead of asking for help. "So if you find that you really can't get a word then these spells will let you translate the word or the phrase or hell the whole page, into a language that you can read."

I nodded, secretly grateful that there wasn't as much pressure on me.

"The third thing is about your quarters. Whatever house you're in, you'll have access to their common room as well as your dorm. But if you ever need us, we have a shared chamber as well as our offices. If you don't have class then you can always use our spaces to study or have some quiet. And when you're having a bad day..." he trailed off. I knew what 'bad day' meant. "You can sleep on the couch in our chambers. Okay?"

I nodded eagerly. "Hell yeah!"

Puns snickered. "Oh yeah. I know we don't care if you cuss because we do it too, but most of your teachers ain't gonna let that fly. Try to reign it is when you're in class"

I rolled my eyes. Cussing was 85% of my vocabulary.

"Yeah it sucks ass" Puns said with a smirk. I hit him with the couch pillow.

"Alright. Now who wants to go to lunch?"
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