Snowflakes | Bnha x reader


Y/n comes to UA only to find her childhood friend; Shoto Todoroki. But what should they do when he and other people start to fall for her? Especially a certain hot-headed boy? ⚠WARNINGS⚠ mentions suicide, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, abuse, and cursing. It was the beginning of February when your father suddenly got the call. The call that could change your life forever- for better or worse.

Fantasy / Romance
Boba Milk Tea Boy
Age Rating:


Y/n = Your first name
L/n = Your last name
E/c = Eye color
H/l = Hair length
F/c = Favorite color
F/f = Favorite food
F/s = Favorite song

Your natural hair is black with natural blonde tips but you can say you dyed it if you don't want it to be that color. H/c = Hair color.
This is supposed to be a female reader but you can still read it if you're not female and you can just change the pronouns in your head when reading it.
Half dark half light
You can control light and dark matter. If you use light too much you get slight burns and dizziness. If you use darkness too much you get tired, fatigue, and headache. If you keep using either beyond your limit then you tend to pass out. You can create objects with both and you can create portals out of the darkness.
Your dad has Dark Matter quirk and your mom was a pro hero with Light quirk. Her hero name was Light Hero: Light Bender.
Your mom died when you were little due to an unknown sickness but you don't remember much about her. Your dad has a traveling job so you never stayed in the same place for more than a few months. He finally found an agency that allowed him to stay in the same place- America. You and your dad currently live there and it's been almost two years. Your left eye is a darker shade of e/c because of your dark quirk, so you wear a f/c eye patch to help hide your quirk. Your left side is darkness while your right side is light.

This is one of my first fanfics and I don't have much experience so I'm sorry it'll probably be horrible but I hope you enjoy anyway! Feel free to comment or give feedback too :)
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