Snowflakes | Bnha x reader


My eyes widen.


It was the beginning of February when your father suddenly got the call. The call that could change your life forever- for better or worse.

The clouds parted, revealing the morning sun as the rays hit your face through your bedroom window. "Ugh- what time is it?" you groaned, turning over and pulling the blanket above your head a bit more before letting your eyelids close again.

"Y/n!" your dad called from another room. You sighed and pulled the covers off, slowly rolling off the bed. "Yeah?" you yelled back, walking sleepily towards your door. "Come eat breakfast, we need to talk." That woke you up. Your dad sounded really serious. "Um okay."

"Y/n." You looked up from your bowl of f/f. Your dad sighed. "I'm sorry but... I just got a call from the agency and they want me to transfer to my old job back in Japan now that they're lower on employees there." You choked on your food, nearly spitting it out when you heard him say that. "We're moving back to Japan? But I just started making friends!" You said, standing up from the table, many thoughts running through your mind. Your e/c eyes showed many emotions at once- from anger to hurt to pain, but mostly just sadness. "I thought you said this would be different! That this would finally be the one place we finally stayed in!" You sighed and shook your head. "I guess I should've known." You grabbed your (favorite color) jacket and stormed out the door, ignoring your dad calling after you.

"Yeah.. I'm really sorry. We can still text and call though!" You sighed into the phone. "I know but I don't really have a choice or else I would. Yeah. Okay, bye." You hung up the phone after telling the news to your friend. Sticking your hands back in your pockets, you sat down on the bench at the park you were currently at. You come here when you need to get away from everything and just to calm down. Sighing, you looked out at the sunset and stuck your earbuds in listening to your favorite song.

It was pretty dark out now and you decided to head back now that you were feeling a lot calmer. "Y/n-" your dad said, standing up and coming towards you. "Nope." you simply stated and headed to your room. He didn't call after you this time and decided to just give you some space for a while.

Knock knock. "Y/n? Our plane is leaving tomorrow at noon so start getting your things packed." You grunted in response, taking out your earbuds and setting them on your nightstand along with your phone. Since you had to move often, you've become an expert at packing quickly so everything was in boxes by sundown. All that was left was the things you'd have on you on the plane ride for entertainment and your mattress which laid on the floor so you could sleep tonight.

The next day

The light shone down through the window aimed right at your face, waking you up. You groaned and rubbed your head at the newly found headache. You sighed, remembering today was the day you were moving.

On the plane

You stuck your earbuds into your ears, humming softly to your favorite song. You boarded the plane and sat in your seat. 'At least I got a window seat' you thought to yourself. The plane slowly started moving and eventually lifting off the ground.

'Japan- here I come.'

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