Snowflakes | Bnha x reader

How Y/n met Shoto

-Flashback to 5th grade-


I hate moving to new towns all the time.. no one at school liked me so I don’t think I’ll be making any friends here. I walk over to a tree at the park near my house. I love climbing trees- it always refreshes my mind and calms me down and the view is amazing. I sat in one of the lower branches, my legs swinging. We had just moved to Musutafu, a city in Japan. I sang my favorite song quietly, swinging my legs and enjoying the peace. When I finished the song, I just gazed out at the city around me, watching the beautiful cherry blossoms fall, wondering how long it would be until I moved again.

"Your voice is really pretty," I heard a soft voice say. I looked down to see a red and white-haired boy sitting on a bench near the tree. I jumped down from the tree branch I had been sitting on and walked over to him. "Thank you!" I gave him a close-eyed smile. "I didn't know anyone was over here," I said. "Oh, I just moved here by the way. My name is Y/n L/n." I walked over and sat on the bench with him. "M-my name is Shoto Todoroki." The boy said. I smiled.

Shoto's POV

I can't believe she just walked up here and started talking to me! She must not know who I am because none of the other kids ever even talk to me. I'm not allowed to leave the house very often and I'm homeschooled by my father, but the few times I do see other kids they all call me mean things like a freak. I smiled back to Y/n a little. She seems nice, I'm really glad she talked to me, unlike the other kids.

Y/n's POV

"Do you come here often?" I asked him, curiously. "My father doesn't let me out of the house much and I'm homeschooled. I don't really have any friends so the few times I do get to leave the house I usually come here," he replied. I nodded in understanding. "People don't tend to like me much, either." He looked at me a little surprised. "Why? You seem really nice." I chuckled a bit and looked out at the horizon. The sun was going to set soon it looked like. "I move around a whole lot for my dad's work, so I'm always the new kid. People just kinda look past me. I usually move before I can make any actual friends. I try not to let myself become too attached to anyone so no one gets hurt when I have to move again." I said, frowning a little. "I've always wanted friends though." Todoroki looked over at me, "Maybe we can be friends then, L/n!" My whole face lit up. "Really? You want to be friends with me?" He nodded. I smiled in return. "Call me Y/n then." He smiled a small smile in return. "You can call me Shoto then." I was so happy that I completely forgot how late it was getting. "Oh, I'm supposed to be home by dark. I gotta go, Shoto!" I said, standing up and turning to leave. "See you tomorrow?" He nodded in return. "Yeah!" He called back. I smiled to myself before running home.

The next day (still in the flashback)

"Hey Shoto!" I called out, skipping to him. We met up back at the same bench as yesterday. I sat next to him and sighed happily. "The cherry blossoms are really beautiful here. They didn't have cherry blossoms where I last lived." Right as I said that, a group of kids our age walked over. "Oh look! The new dark kid and the other freak are friends." The leader of their group says, smirking. She looks back at her friends who all laugh, following her lead like a pack of wolves and their alpha.

I stopped smiling and hunched down a little. I really don't like them. There's a group of bullies like them every time I move. Most of them bully me because of the dark side of my quirk but some bully me just because I'm new.

"Two freaks being friends. How funny." She laughs at her own joke. "Y/n, why did she call you the dark kid?" I looked at him. "I have two quirks. One is darkness. People always say I have a villain quirk." I said, hanging my head. "I don't think that's a villain quirk, I think it's cool. Besides, I have two quirks too." I looked up at him. "Really?" He nodded, "I have fire and ice but I don't use my fire side ever." He was expecting you to ask why, but she just said, "Then I won't use my dark side!" Her smile was so beautiful, lighting up her whole face. She smelt sweet, like the smell of a lazy warm sunny day mixed with the smell of fresh summer night air. She's like the sun and moon, but either way is shinning. He's glad she didn't ask why he doesn't use his left side though, and she still likes him after it too.

A few days later, after Shoto and Y/n become closer friends

I met up with Shoto who was already waiting for me at our usual spot under the tree. After about an hour of talking and hanging out, we heard a voice call him. "SHOTO!" A mix of emotions flashed across Shoto's face, but I mostly saw anger and fear. A man with red hair and a fire beard who I assumed was his dad, roughly grabbed Shoto's wrist and yanked him off the bench. I stood up too. "You need to train." I quickly ran around to where they were at. "I want to stay here with Y/n though," Shoto replied. "No. You're not here to make friends, you're here to train and go to UA and surpass All Might!" Shoto pulled his wrist out of his grasp, his eyes getting a little glossy looking. His dad raised his hand and slapped Shoto in the face.

"SHOTO!" I screamed, running up to him. His dad was really starting to make my blood boil and I could feel my anger rising. "Are you okay?" I asked him, looking at his face. Shoto had a look of determination in his eyes as he glared at his dad. "I don't want to train. I just want to be a normal kid!" His dad raised his hand again, angrier this time. I was scared because it looked like he would hit him harder this time. So when his hand came down, I stepped in front of him.

The blow was so hard, it knocked me to the ground. My face was sure to be red for days. "Don't. Touch. Him," I growled. I shot him a murderous glare, and wiped some fresh blood from my His dad and Shoto both looked at me in shock. "Y/N! Are you okay? Why did you do that?" My look of anger softened when I looked at Shoto. "Sho.." I called him by his nickname, "I would do anything for you." I smiled a closed-eyed smile to him before looking back at his dad. "Don't you ever do that again to Sho or I will personally hurt you." My voice was quiet but deadly, not wavering a bit. I really hoped he would listen. We glared at each other, neither of us breaking eye contact. After a few seconds, his dad finally turned and looked away without another word.

A few days later, I heard the news that I would be moving again. This hurt more than anywhere else. "B-but what about Sho?" I asked. "I'm sorry, honey. I would have us stay here if I could."

"Hey Sho," I said, walking up to him on the bench. "Hey Y/n. What's wrong?" He asked, looking generally concerned. "I- I have to move again..." I said. My head hung. "I really don't want to though. I'm sorry." Then he did something that surprised the both of us- he hugged me. After getting over my surprise, I wrapped my arms around him too. He smelt like a mix of cool arctic wind and a warm campfire together. Kind of like mint and coffee. I inhaled, taking in his nice scent. His warm arms wrapped around me made me feel safe.

"I'll find you again one day- I promise you, Sho."

-End of flashback-

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