Snowflakes | Bnha x reader

Do I want to be a hero?

Y/n’s POV

I had just finished unpacking in my new room in my new house back, once again, in Musutafu, Japan. Inhaling deeply to take in the fresh air of Japan, I leaned my arms on the balcony, my h/l hair blowing in the light breeze. I was tired after everything and decided to go to bed early. The timezone difference was messing with me. It would have been around 2 in the morning in America right now, considering it was a 13-hour flight and took me a while to get settled in.

A few minutes later and I was curled up in bed. Taking in the scent, I smiled. “It’s been a while,” I whispered to myself before drifting off to sleep.

“Good morning, Y/n!” My dad called as I sleepily made my way to the kitchen. I yawned, “Morning.” Grabbing a piece of bread and putting it in the toaster.

“So Y/n, do you have any high schools in mind?” My dad asked. Pop! I grabbed the piece of toast along with scoping up some eggs and grabbing a pair of chopsticks.

“Nope.” I sat down with my food at the table. “Ow. Forgot we have these floor table things.” My dad laughed a bit at me stumbling when I sat down.

“What about trying out for U.A High? I heard it’s a great hero school.”

I sighed, “And that it only accepts like 1% of the people who sign up? No way that’s such an elite fancy school, I’d never make it in.” I took another bite of my toast.

“Your mom was a pro hero. And since you got both of our quirks you’re even more powerful. I’m sure you would do great.”

“I don’t know if I would want to go to that school though. And since we’re always moving I don’t train much. I’ll just go somewhere else, it’s not a big deal.” I stood up and put my plate and chopsticks away then headed over to grab a light jacket.

“I’m going to the park, be back later.” I saw out of the corner of my eye my dad smile a little.

“The same one you always used to go to with that Todoroki boy when you were little?” I smiled too, remembering all the good times I had there. “Yeah.”

Pulling my f/c hood over my head, I walked over to the bench Sho and I used to sit at together. I just sat there, staring out and trying to picture shapes in the clouds while humming softly to music. I got up and started climbing the cherry tree. I sat on the thick branch I used to sit on, swinging my legs back and forth.

I was walking back to my house when I saw a green-haired boy about my age. Maybe I should go talk to him. I started walking towards him when I heard him creepily laughing while stomping oddly in a, what I assumed to be, All Might impression. I stifled a laugh, covering my mouth. Then suddenly, a giant gross thing came out of the sewer. When I saw it moving towards the boy, my legs seemed to move on their own. “Hey!” I screamed as I crash-landed with him. I pushed him out of the way, both of us falling. We both went tumbling and rolling across the ground. When we finally stopped, I was laying on my back and he was on top of me. He soon realized the position we were in and jumped back, his face completely red.

“U-uh um t-thank you for p- pushing me out of the w-way,” he stuttered. I stood up, dusting myself off a little, both of us blushing a little. Then the villain attacked again. It moved towards the boy, and I ran forward to help, but the sludge villain knocked me out of the way. My body slammed into the wall and everything turned black.

I woke up on the floor of some unknown place. “Ow,” I groaned, turning over some to avoid the hand slapping my face.

“Oh good, you’re awake! I thought you might not wake up, you did hit the wall pretty hard, haha.” I turned back over to glare at the person who was slapping me awake when I realized who it was.

“All Might?!” I gasped, sitting up only to get dizzy and fall back down.

“Well, seeing that you two are okay, I have to go take this villain back,” All Might said, patting some bottles on his belt. “Uh- okay?” I said.

"Wait, All Might!" the green-haired boy from earlier called. All Might was about to launch himself in the air when the boy grabbed his leg.

"Hey kid, what are you doing, get off! I really need to go!" I grabbed the boy's hand to try and pull him off when All Might jumped.

"I- ahh- need to ask you a- ahhh- question!" the boy yelled to All Might. "Close your mouth please!" I yelled back instead. We finally landed on the roof of some building, me and the boy laying on the ground.

"I need to ask you a question," the boy said, while I continued to just lay on the ground. Suddenly I heard a faint pop! noise and turned over to see an old frail man, coughing some blood. And we screamed.

He explained how he is All Might and that he suffered a severe injury years ago so he can no longer keep his muscular form for long.

Recovering from shock, the green-haired boy continued asking about his question. "My name is Izuku Midoriya. I was wondering if... can I be a hero, even if I'm quirkless?" the boy, Midoriya apparently, asked. He looked so desperate- I felt a little bad for him.

"I'm sorry but no. You can't become a hero without a quirk." Midoriya looked so.. crushed. I could tell it was his dream to be a hero just by looking at him. I stood up at this.

"Hey! Can't you at least be nicer about it?! You just crushed his dreams! Jeez, I thought at least All Might would have a little respect." I scoffed.

"I'm sorry, but I really must be going," he said, turning into his muscular form.

"Tch, forget what he said," I told Midoriya, grabbing his shoulders and forcing him to look at me. "You might have to put in more work or effort than those with quirks, but you can be a hero no matter what, got it?" I said, sternly. But then I smiled a little and hugged him. I felt my hoodie get wet and saw him crying.

"Hey, you can be a hero, okay?" He nodded in my shoulder. Then I pulled away. The wind blew harder, pushing my hood off to reveal my h/c hair. Midoriya's eyes widened.

"You're the pro hero: Light Bender's daughter!" I stepped up onto the ledge of the roof and faced him, giving him a smile.

"Call me Y/n." At that, I used my quirk to create a rope out of light and jumped off the ledge, still facing him. I held the rope tight and felt myself bounce a little when I neared the ground. Drawing my quirk back in, the rope disappeared.

I pulled my hood back on so I wouldn't get recognized by anyone else. "Shit." It was already getting late. I started to run back to my house. Then I heard the screaming.

I started to walk in the direction of the yelling, my pace speeding up the closer I got until I was full out running. “What happened?” I asked a nearby stranger who was in the crowd of people surrounding something.

“There’s a sludge villain who’s got some kid ’bout your age. The heroes that are here can’t do much though.” He said, turning back to the scene. I squeezed through the people to get a closer look at what was happening.

Then I saw Midoriya run out to the villain, throwing his bag at it and clawing at it. He didn’t do much, but he distracted it enough for the kid to breathe.

I pushed my way through the crowd until I got to the front. "Midoriya! What are you doing, get back!" He just kept clawing at the villain. Didn't All Might already capture it? Then I remembered seeing the empty spot where they were when he had jumped. Oh no.. they must have fallen off because of us.

I was about to run out and help when I heard a girl scream. I looked over to see something the sludge villain had thrown heading straight towards the girl. It's going to crush her. All the heroes were so focused on the villain they didn't notice. I ran towards her at full speed. I ran into her, pushing us both out of the way.

"Are you okay?" I asked her. She nodded and I guided her over to her family. I sighed in relief and smiled at her.

"-L/n~chan," I rolled my eyes jokingly. "I told you to call me Y/n! And no 'chan' either." He waved his arms and stuttered, "O-oh right! S-sorry Y/n~ch- I mean Y/n!" I chuckled at that. "Mind if I call you Izuku?" His face turned completely red.

"U- uh u-um y- y- yeah i- if you w- want." I laughed and turned back to All Might.

"So what did you want to talk to us about?" I asked him. We stopped in the street and he turned back to us.

-Time skip because I'm lazy-

All Might explained how his quirk has been passed down for generations and he needed to pass it too soon. He asked Izuku if he would like his quirk to which, of course, he cried. I chuckled from the wall I was leaning on.

"Young L/n." I looked over, surprised he was talking to me. "I saw you save that young girl before. I think you'll make an excellent hero one day."

I sighed, "Just because my mom was a hero doesn't mean I will be too. I wasn't planning on even going to a hero school."

Izuku gasped. "Really? I figured you would go to U.A." I groaned. "Why does everyone think that!?"

"You could get in by recommendation because of your mother if you were to choose U.A," All Might said. "Think about it, young L/n."

A/n: Hey guys! Sorry, some parts were really rushed, I don't remember exactly what some people said and I've been so busy with homework and everything that I haven't had time to go back and watch the episode as a reference. I hope you guys like it anyway!

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