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UA High


It was today.

The day I’m going to start my journey as a hero.

My first day at UA.

I slipped my hoodie on and grabbed my bag. “Um Y/n, there’s a school uniform...” I looked over at my dad holding up what I assumed to be the uniform.

“Ew. Uh-uh. Nope. I don’t do skirts.” He sighed and pulled out a pair of the boy uniform pants.

“They said you can wear these if you want... but Y/n-” I grabbed the uniform from him, leaving the skirt, and headed upstairs to go change in my room.

“Why won’t you just wear the school uniform? It’s not that bad.” I glared at my dad before slipping my headphones on around my neck.

“See you tonight dad, bye.”

“Bye Y/n! Have a good day at sc-” And I shut the door. Sighing, I pulled the headphones up to my ears and played my music.

Maybe I should reconsider this... I thought as I found myself standing right outside the enormous school. But for some reason, I stepped inside anyway.

“We have a new student today so everyone please take your seats,” a tired voice said. “She had to leave for a few months due to her father’s job so she’ll be starting the year late.” The students all bombarded the teacher with questions after that. I peered through the door at the classroom of people. The man sighed and said, “Everyone, sit down.” After a few seconds, the loudness died down. He turned to the door and I froze.

“You can come in now,” I heard the tired voice say. I took a deep breath and walked in. “Introduce yourself and tell them your quirk so we can move on,” he said lazily, waving a hand at me.

I stood in the front of the class and said, ” ’Sup, I’m Y/n L/n. My quirk is light.” Then I sat down. Thankfully, the teacher wasn’t really paying attention. I don’t want him to tell anyone I have two quirks, it’s not like I’ll use them both anyway.

Shoto’s POV

There’s a new student in class today. I don’t care much, it’s not like I’m here to make friends or anything. But she got recommended which means she must be fairly strong. I’m sure I’ll beat her, but I wonder if she’s someone to watch out for like Midoriya or Bakugou. I’ll just listen to what her quirk is, then I’ll zone out again.

I heard her say her quirk was light before sitting down. I noticed this morning that in the back row, all of the seats were scooted over some so now there was another desk on the end. So now there are five desks in the back row and four in every other. I looked over and saw that her new seat was in the middle, next to me. I ignored her and hoped she wouldn’t try to talk to me.

Bakugou’s POV

Tch, there’s a new extra apparently. As long as they don’t try and get in the way of me being number one, I don’t care. “-and my quirk is light,” she said. A light quirk? Pathetic. There’s no way she’ll beat me. I barely listen to the lecture, not really caring much. These morning homeroom classes are pointless anyway. I can’t wait to fight this new person, see what this extra is made of.

Y/n’s POV

The classes were long and boring. I didn’t pay attention to most of it, just did my homework while they were lecturing. Hopefully, I can turn them in before class ends and be able to train tonight. And before I knew it, the best part of school was here. I stood in front of the tall 1-A door and took a deep breath before walking in. I weaved my way through the talking students, hoping no one would notice me. I found my way to the back of the class and took my seat in the middle.

We still had some time so I pulled out my homework and started working on it when a dark blue-haired boy with glasses came up to my seat. “Uh, hello?” He waved his arm robotically and said, “The headphones around your neck and the eye patch you are wearing are against the dress code. You must take them off immediately. You also should not be drawing during class, Mr. Aizawa could come in at any time.” I narrowed my eyes at him.

"No." Some people turned and looked at us.

"But it is against the dress code and school rules, as class rep, I must inform you of the rules." He was still chopping his arm weirdly. I rolled my eyes and went back to drawing.

"Tch, you're so annoying Four Eyes and Light Girl," I heard a voice say. I looked over to see an ash blonde boy with spikey hair looking at us. The blue-haired boy walked over to him.

"You shouldn't be rude to your classmates, Bakugou." So Bakugou is his name. "And please sit back in your seat! You shouldn't disrespect the class and desks like that!" I raised an eyebrow at that and pulled myself up so I was sitting on my desk too.

"Like this?" The boy turned and saw me sitting on the desk and, once again, began chopping his arm up and down, robotically. "Do not sit on the desk! That is a violation of the rules and disrespectful!" The Bakugou guy looked at me, narrowing his crimson eyes.

"Are you challenging me?" He asked in a low voice. Everyone in the class was now watching the scene play out. I gasped sarcastically and put a hand over my chest, pretending to be offended.

"Am I?" I asked in fake innocence. He stood up, mini explosions coming from his clenched fists.

"Do you wanna fight, Extra?!" I smirked and stood up too.

"I'd like to see you try." He looked really angry now. A boy with red, spiky hair came up and put his arm on Bakugou's chest, trying to push him back.

"Come on Bakubro, don't start a fight!" He complained, trying to get him to chill out.

"Kacchan, please calm down," I heard a voice say. I looked over and saw Izuku, worriedly waving his hands.

"Izuku?" I gasped, causing him to turn and look at me. His face brightened when he realized it was me. "Y/n!" I smiled at him.

"I'm so glad you got into UA! And the best class too? I knew you could do it!" I gave him a close-eyed smile, making him blush and get flustered at the compliment.

"You know her, Deku?" A girl with brown hair asked.

"Oh, yeah! We met a few months ago," Izuku told her.

She smiled at me, but she looked a little upset for some reason. I held out my hand to her and said, "Nice to meet you, my name is Y/n L/n, but you can call me Y/n if you want." She looked a little embarrassed, but took my hand anyway and shook it, returning my smile.

"I'm Ochako Uraraka."

"Hey, Light Girl! We're not done here!" I looked over to see the ash-blonde boy from earlier. I rolled my eyes at him.

"What do you want?" He looked irritated that I had been ignoring him.

"Meet me outside after school. I want to see if you're really worthy of challenging me," he smirked.

"Oh no, I'm so scared!" I said, sarcastically. He narrowed his eyes at me. "You better be." I chuckled and sat back in my seat.

This is going to be an interesting year.

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