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I waited by the door for him, tapping my foot. All of our classmates were waiting outside with me to watch the fight. Uraraka and Izuku were waiting nervously with me. "Are you sure you want to do this, Y/n?" Uraraka asked, nervously. I just smiled and nodded. Izuku was muttering continuously until he finally looked up at me with determination.

"I think I have a way for you to win!" He said.

"Thanks, Izuku, but if I do win, I want to win by my talents and my own plan." I patted his shoulder and smiled before heading into the drawn white circle on the floor, aka the "arena."

"You ready to lose, Extra?" He said, smirking and in a fighting stance. I smiled and made my way to the circle.

"You wish." My foot hovered over the white line, but froze midair. My whole body was frozen in shock as I made eye contact with a pair of bright blue and gray eyes. "The fuck are you waiting for, fight me already!" I heard him say, but I ignored him.

"Shoto?" He held eye contact with me, confused. Everyone turned and looked at him, then back at me, also in confusion.

"I'm sorry, do I know you?" My face fell. He doesn't remember me.

I sighed, sadly and mumbled, "I guess not." I shook my head, quickly. Now is not the time to get distracted, this is your chance to prove you're worthy; don't mess this up! I told myself. I took a deep breath and stepped into the circle.

He didn't wait before attacking. He ran at me full speed, explosions making him shoot at me faster. I held my hands out, palms facing the ground, and made fists, the two of my hands touching. Then I separated the two, a bright beam of light now created in between the two of my hands. I grabbed it with my right hand and dodged Bakugou's attack, swinging the bo staff-shaped sunlight at his back. He fell forward, landing on the ground from the amount of force he was running at plus me hitting him. He turned around, angrily.

"Uh oh, watch out Y/n!" The spiky red-haired boy shouted. I nodded at him and sucked the bo staff made of light back into my right palm before holding both of my hands out in front of me, waving them in a circle creating a round shield of light, similar to Doctor Strange. Bakugou charged at me but I blocked with my light shield. But his reflexes were really good. He jumped in the air, using his explosions to do a sort of parkour thing and before I knew it, he was behind me. My back burned and I heard a loud explosion and I fell forward onto the pavement.

"Ha! Looks like you really are weak then," he said. I was on my hands and knees, facing opposite from him. The light shield had disappeared at some point during the explosion when I lost concentration. I sat there for a minute, which he took to mean he had won since I was down. But little did he know, I was just recharging. My quirks recharge, depending on which one, by the sunlight and moonlight. The sun was still out, though it would be setting soon, I was still getting my energy from it. I smirked, though he couldn't see me.

In one swift motion, I got up from the ground and was facing him, a beam of sunlight shooting out from my right hand. I had my left hand positioned behind my right one to look like I was using both hands since they didn't know about my half and half quirk. He probably could have dodged it, but I used the element of surprise to my advantage. Since he wasn't expecting such a powerful attack all at once and especially not when he thought I was down from his massive explosion, he wasn't prepared. The large beam of light hit him square in the chest, knocking him back.

He went to charge at me again but I shook my finger. "Uh-uh, I win." He looked confused.

"Like hell you do!" I raised an eyebrow and looked down. He followed my gaze and looked down to see...

his right foot standing outside the white line. His eyes widened. It wasn't much, but he was still out. I knew I could never win in a head-on battle, so I used my tactics to my advantage. I felt a little bad for crushing his pride, but I smirked anyway.

I hoped I proved myself worthy enough to be in class 1-A. Not just to him- to everyone watching. I hope they know now that I'm here to win, and I won't back down.

"Hey, Y/n! How was your first day?" My dad asked as I came in and threw my bag on the floor, taking off my shoes by the door. I shrugged in response. "It was okay." He was poking his head out from the kitchen and it was then that I smelled it.

"Is that curry?" I asked, my interest instantly peaking. He just smiled and went back to the kitchen. I haven't had this dish in forever.

"So how was the hero class?" he asked as I followed the smell into the kitchen with him.

"Eh. 'Got in a fight today," I said casually.

"Already? On your first day?!" I shrugged like it was no big deal and he sighed. "Oh, and Shoto is in my class." He turned around in an instant. "Really?" I nodded, but then my face saddened.

"He um, doesn't remember me though." His eyes filled with sympathy. He knows how much Sho meant to me and how much I missed him.

"I'm sorry, Y/n." I just nodded, sadly. "Is it okay if I go to the park after dinner?" I asked. He looked at me, knowing it was the park me and Sho always used to go to. But he nodded anyway. Dinner was quiet after that, but that was probably the longest and most real conversation I've had with him in a long time. It felt... nice. Like I was a normal kid with a normal, loving family.

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