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The League

A bag was placed over my face, blocking everything from my sight. I squirmed around, trying to break free, but a hand grabbed me by the throat.

“I thought I said this already; don’t. move.” I huffed angrily, but lay still on the cold, slightly wet street. Once I felt the grip relax some on me, I stood up and kicked my foot randomly, hoping to find him, but failing. Then I activated my quirk and shot a flash of light out. Since my face was covered, the light wouldn’t blind me.

“Argh!” I heard his voice and his hand left me, I’m assuming to cover his temporarily blinded eyes. The back of my head went numb and I could feel a cool liquid drip down the back of my neck slightly. I heard the clang of a metal bar hitting the alley’s floor as I fell over sideways. My throbbing head hit the cold street and everything felt and sounded fuzzy- then disappeared.

I must have passed out because I woke up. With a very painful headache too. “Ow,” I groaned. I went to reach up and feel my head when I realized that my hands were tied.

“Wait what? Where am I?” I also then realized that I couldn’t see anything. I was sitting in a chair of some sort and my hands must’ve been tied behind it because the back of the chair was starting to hurt my arms. My legs were tied too, along with a bag on my head. I leaned my head as far back as I could and then whipped it forward quickly. It didn’t work the first time, but after a couple of times of doing this repeatedly (despite the major headache growing from this), the bag finally flung off of my head and onto the floor.

I looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings. It looked like some sort of abandoned bar or something. I struggled, trying to get out of the chair, but it was no use. Maybe...

I activated my quirk and formed a small beam of light directly at the ropes, burning them. “Ah, finally!” I whispered, bringing my hands in front of me and rubbing them. “Jeez, that hurt,” I mumbled as I began untying the ropes at my feet.

“She should probably be awake soon,” I heard a voice say as a pair of footsteps grew louder. Shit. I looked around but there was only one door, where the voice was coming from. Without thinking, I ran behind the bar and ducked into a random empty cabinet. As soon as the cabinet door closed, the other door opened. I kept completely still, covering my mouth and nose with my hand as if they could hear me breathing.

“Shit, she’s gone.” I heard the voice from the man earlier say. “Aww, I wanted to meet the new girl!” A girl’s voice replied.

“She can’t be far, go search for her.” The footsteps left and after waiting for a few minutes to make sure they all left, I carefully peeked my head out.

Glancing around quickly, I darted out from my hiding place and out the door. And I ran- as fast as my legs would take me. The wind blew in my face and I accidentally bumped into a few people on my way, but I didn’t care. All I cared about was getting away. I turned and looked back behind me every few seconds to check and see if I was being followed.

While running at top speed, I glanced behind me one last time before turning the corner. I felt a hand grasp my wrist and another hand being placed around my throat.

I froze, not knowing what to do. “I’d stop running from us if I were you,” a scratchy voice said. I clenched my jaw tightly and didn’t say anything. We were standing in the middle of the sidewalk with plenty of people walking by, yet none of them noticed anything out of the ordinary. He let go of my wrist and, without lifting his hand from my throat, positioned his arm to where it looked like he just had an arm slung around my shoulder. I tried to make eye contact with someone to send them a mental plead through my eyes, but no one even looked our way.

I looked down and noticed that only four of his fingers were touching me, his middle finger hovering over my throat. I don’t want to find out what happens if he does. “Now, you’re going to come back with me and join us like a good girl, right?” His grip on my neck tightened and I choked a bit. I bit back my tongue, preventing myself from telling him exactly where he could go, not wanting to get killed. I nodded, dimly and he guided me through the people, never lifting his hand from around my neck.

A person nearby accidentally bumped into him, causing him to lose balance for a second. “Watch where you’re go- argh!” I kneed him in the stomach and turned around, sprinting in the opposite direction as fast as I could.

I turned the corner of the street, glancing quickly behind me to make sure that he wasn’t catching up to me. But, unfortunately, I saw him angrily marching my way. I felt myself collide with someone, suddenly. I didn’t fall, thankfully, because the person wrapped his muscular arm around my back, holding me in place. I squeezed my eyes shut and thanked the stranger, not making any effort to move.

“Who the fuck are you running from?” I heard a familiar voice say, but my brain didn’t register who it was. My grip on his shirt tightened.

“Please... don’t leave. I can’t go back there, he’ll kill me,” I pleaded. The man sighed and tightened his grip on my back, pulling me closer into his chest. A calming spell of caramel filled my nose, relaxing me a little.

“Who is he?” He asked, his voice softening a little. “I- I’m not sure actually. I met someone at the store and he was lending me his phone charger and then I was kidnapped and- and then he was chasing me and he said if I don’t join them then he would kill me,” I stuttered a little and spoke fast, nervously, but I think he understood it for the most part.

“Hey Y/n, I thought you said you’d be a good girl and stay with me?” The man’s voice taunted. I stiffened. “I’m sorry, my sister here was mad that I wouldn’t cook her favorite food. Come on Y/n, let’s go home.” I felt a hand grasp my wrist, trying to pull me away. I didn’t know who it was, but the stranger felt oddly comforting and safe, and this man definitely wasn’t.

“Come on now,” his voice said. He held all but one finger on my shoulder now, near my neck, his red eyes staring into me, warning. My breath hitched, but I reluctantly let go of the stranger, following the man.

Bakugou’s POV

“Can you please get some rice while you’re at the store?” That old hag said on the other end of the line.

“Ugh, fine just shut up I’ll get it.” I hung up the phone, annoyed. I turned the corner of the street, heading to the store when I saw that new girl from school. She was running in this direction, pushing past people, complete fear in her eyes.

“Tch, what can even scare that girl? She stood up to and fought me,” I muttered, confused. I looked past her and several feet behind her was a man in a black hoodie, light blue hair sticking out some heading her way. He was weaving through the people like her and looked to be following her. Since I was observing the man following her, I didn’t realize how close that light girl was until she ran right into me.

She almost fell back and, on instinct, I reached out and caught her, holding her in my right arm. “Who the fuck are you running from?” I asked, a little irritated. She looked as though she hadn’t recognized me yet.

“Please... don’t leave. I can’t go back there, he’ll kill me,” she said in a fearful voice. I didn’t care much, but I didn’t know what to do. “Who is he?” I asked. Seeing her, the bold girl who wasn’t scared to challenge anyone, was standing here, trembling in my arms. I gripped her tighter, pulling her into my chest and hoping that would comfort her enough to be able to talk clearly. She muttered a bunch of things quickly, but I got the general idea. She was kidnapped but escaped and now they’re chasing her, trying to kill her.

The man caught up to us by now. “Hey Y/n, I thought you said you’d be a good girl and stay with me?” The man’s voice taunted. I felt her stiffen against my chest, her hand gripping my shirt. “I’m sorry, my sister here was mad that I wouldn’t cook her favorite food." The man looked up at me, shooting me an apologetic look, but it looked forced. "Come on Y/n, let’s go home.” He grabbed her wrist and pulled her a little from me. He put his other arm around her to guide her back and her breath hitched. That's when I realized something.

He was holding her neck. And with only four fingers.

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