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An Explosion of Ice


A woman playing vigilante runs into a quick exploding hero, she gives him the slip before going back to the apartment she shares with her fiancé. Just a quick one shot, with a possible second chapter in the future. **Spoilers to Bakugo's Hero name** **AGED UP BAKUGO** -Edit- Warning's for the explicit parts: will have themes of rough sex, partial & consensual somnophilia, biting, quirk play, semi-public acts, fingering, name-calling, and plenty of f-bombs.

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Ice Queen

Sapphire was slammed face first into the stone brick of the building, her hands were gripped tightly behind her. She could feel the lithe build of the man pinning her to the wall even under his hero costume.
"Ouch. I didn't know heroes liked to play rough like this. Do you do this for all ladies you meet, or am I just special?"
"Tch! You sure do talk big for someone who was so easily pinned against a wall, Ice Queen." A gruff voice replied from behind her.
"Maybe it's because I like the rough handling by strong, handsome men like you." Sapphire giggled as she let her ice to creep up the man's boots as she turned her head to face him.
"Are you one of those masochists who get off on stuff like this?"
"Oh goodness no. I just like to have fun. But I'm afraid I have to go. I do have an appointment to keep." Sapphire kicked back against the man's shins with her heeled boots making him grunt in pain and let her go. She jogged away from the hero frozen in place and glanced back to him.
"Well, that was fun. 'Great Explosion Murder God Dynamite'. We should meet again. You're a cute one." Sapphire blew him a kiss before she ran off, her skirt and hair twirling around her. Sapphire was a vigilante at night who went by the name Ice Queen. She wore black leggings with a dark blue over skirt, knee-high heeled boots and a blue corset. Her hair was pure white, and her eyes were purple. She jumped up to the second floor balcony of her apartment and ran to her bathroom quickly slamming the door. Sapphire sighed and pulled off the white wig and wig cap revealing her long, bright blue hair. She popped out the purple contacts, her blue eyes looking back at her. Sapphire quickly changed out of her vigilante costume and into some yoga pants and a loose shirt before washing the dark make-up off her face and stashing her costume where Bakugo wouldn't look. Sapphire then cleaned the scratch on her face where he slammed her face into the wall.
"Damnit Bakugo, that really hurt." She put a band aid over the scratch then left the bathroom to walk to the living room and sat on the couch just before the door was slammed open and Bakugo walked in grumbling.
"Hey Katsuki. Is everything alright?" Sapphire turned her head to face him.
"That damn Ice Queen! She keeps slipping away from me. Tonight she even tried flirting with me."
Sapphire turned to sit on her knees and gripped the back of the couch dramatically.
"Should I track this bitch down and confront her myself? Put a bitch in her place?" Bakugo let out a laugh and gripped her by the cheeks and pressed a kiss to her lips. He pulled away and noticed the band-aid on her forehead. He touched it softly.
"What happened here?"
"Oh, I had an issue of my own. I took care of it. No worries."
Bakugo pressed his lips to hers again as he slipped his hands through her soft blue hair. Sapphire sighed in the kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck before he dropped his arms to her waist and pulled her up to him. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he pulled her away from the couch and pushed her back up against the nearest wall, she cried out softly as he started to grind his hips to hers.
"Did she really get under your skin that much, Kat-su-ki?" He nipped on her neck and smirked against her skin.
"Let me show you exactly how she got to me." Sapphire shivered feeling him growl against her neck as he gripped her thighs tightly and walked with her down the hall to their shared bedroom and dropped her down roughly onto the bed making her bounce up a little before looking up at him. Bakugo stood over her and pulled off his tank top before slowly kneeling in the bed, caging her smaller form with his.
"Katsu- mmfh!" He cut her off with a rough kiss, one hand running under her shirt up her toned stomach. Sapphire grabbed his shoulders returning the hungry kiss. Bakugo pulled from her lips to kiss down her neck, nipping and biting.
"Babe.. don't leave too many marks, I still have patrol in the morning."
"Then people will know you're mine." Bakugo growled before he took a bite on her shoulder, sucking the flesh into his mouth making her gasp and moan out loud. Sapphire ran one hand through his hair, the other clawed up his back. He chuckled lightly.
"Careful, teddy bear. If you want to be able to walk tomorrow, you might want to retract those claws of yours. Now take off that shirt."
"I can't with you on top of me, Katsuki." Sapphire trembled, she knew what he'd do once she said that and she guessed right when he gripped the collar of her shirt and ripped it right down the middle. He kissed down her neck, and to her collarbone, one hand reaching up to palm one breast making her moan out softly.
"Katsuki.. please don't tease me." Bakugo's ruby eyes glanced up and met her blue eyes.
"I'm going to tease the fuck out of you until you're screaming out my fucking name." Sapphire gasped as Bakugo took a nipple in his mouth, sucking on it, running his tongue over it, making her arch her back. He ran his other hand down to her waist and pulled at the waistband of her pants. He pushed them down with her help along with her panties. Bakugo moved over and gave her other breast the same treatment before kissing down her stomach. Sapphire was panting with excitement at this point, he was always teasing her then he would fuck her hard. Especially after 'Ice Queen' started showing up, she annoyed him to no end. He took that pent up energy and let it loose on Sapphire. A nip to her belly caught her attention and she glanced down at the bright red eyes of her fiance.
"Ka-katsuki.. I have patrol in the morning.."
"I heard you the first time, teddy bear. I'll tell Icy-hot you're not gonna to make it to work." With a smirk, he dipped his tongue into her wet cunt making her gasp as he drug his tongue across her clit. She grabbed a fist full of his hair as he nudged her thighs apart.
"Kat.. Katsuki.. please.." Sapphire spread her legs apart for him before he gripped her hip with one hand, pulling her closer to his mouth. His other hand ghosted over the back of her thigh and she shivered knowing what he was about to do.
"Please what teddy bear? Use your words babe." Sapphire started to feel his sweat running down between her leg and his palm.
"Pl-please master. Oh god, please stop teasing me and fuck me already!" Bakugo grinned wickedly against her before activating his quirk, setting off a tiny explosion against her thigh as he wrapped his lips around her clit making her gasp and bite her lip trying not to moan out loud.
"You taste fucking delicious. My favorite meal of the day." He flicked his tongue across her clit as he brought down his hand to insert one finger into her dripping heat. His eyes met hers once more, she noticed his ruby stare had darkened with lust. Sapphire moaned out loudly when he added a second finger inside her and started thrusting them in and out of her. She cried out again feeling his tongue working opposite his hand. Bakugo moved his tongue back to flicking across her clit as he thrusted his fingers faster inside of her.
"Please.. please.. oh fuck! Please master! I want that cock of yours. I want-" Another tiny explosion went off on her thigh.
"Fuck teddy bear. And here I was hoping I could drag this out for a while. You're begging so beautifully for me." Bakugo leaned over her, still thrusting his fingers in and out of her. "Who do you fucking belong to teddy bear?" He growled lowly as he hovered over her.
"Ba-Bakugo Ka-Katsuki."
"I can't fucking hear you." His hand stopped moving and made a come hither motion inside of her making her cry out again.
"Bakugo Katsuki! I-I belong to you- Ahhh!" Bakugo had pushed his pants down, removed his fingers from her and thrusted into her in one motion. He groaned feeling her grip tightly around his cock.
"Fuck teddy bear. Did me thrusting into you make you come?" A laugh left his throat as he gripped one of her legs and lifted it over his shoulder. "Let's see how many more times I can get you to come on my fat cock before I do." Bakugo pulled out until just the tip was in, then slammed back into her making her scream out, and toss her head back onto the bed.
"Fuck! You feel fucking amazing around my cock, teddy bear." Bakugo grinned and thrust into her deep yet slow. Sapphire was panting and trembling, moaning out at every move he made.
"Pl-please master, more..." Sapphire reached up to lay her hand on his stomach making him gasp. She had iced her over her palm.
"Fuck, Sapphire. You don't play nice do you?" Bakugo asked before he started thrusting faster, his free hand moving to her waist and pulled her closer to him, his other hand pushing her leg back to spread her open more so he can fuck into her deeper making her gasp and moan out loud.
"Fuck! Yes, right there. Please!"
"Right there, baby? Good to fucking know." Bakugo grinned before pivoting his hips and thrusting faster and deeper, making her scream out. Her walls started to flutter around him before he lifted her other leg over his shoulder, changing the angle once more.
"Oh god! Fuck! Katsuki!" Sapphire dropped her arms to the sheets below her and fisted her fingers into them.
"Feels like you're getting close. Shall I slow down, teddy bear?" He slowed his thrusts, still keeping them deep, while he reached in between them and quickly found her clit and flicked it with a finger making her gasp and give another scream, the coil in her belly snapping again.
"Katsuki!" Her eyes widened and her back arched as he groaned feeling her tighten around his cock.
"Fuck, yes baby." Bakugo growled and he let her legs drop around his waist before he started to thrust into her in earnest. He leaned over her and nipped her shoulder softly, shivering feeling her icy hands move to his back, one of them running through his hair. Sapphire wrapped her legs around his waist tightly, her fingers gripping his hair, her other hand she let claw up his back and to his shoulder.
"What did I say about that, dumbass? You ain't walkin' tomorrow." Bakugo growled out and roughly pressed his lips to hers as his thrusts became rougher, deeper and forceful. Sapphire moaned in the kiss from the pain and pleasure, he grabbed her waist with one hand and raised the other one to the headboard above her head, his palm flat against the wood. Sapphire started to smell the scent of caramel, Bakugo's thrusts were starting to grow rushed and sloppy letting her know he was close. She pulled from the kiss to bite and nip down his jawline to the sensitive spot just below his ear.
"Fuck! Teddy bear!" It was Sapphire's turn to grin. She knew his weak points and attacked mercilessly. She ran her tongue over the shell of his ear.
"Please. Master Dynamite." She bit her lip knowing exactly what she just did. Bakugo snarled and thrust more, his quirk going off making several small explosions before he slammed his hips into hers making her scream and release for a third time for the night. He bit onto her shoulder, his body trembling as the biggest explosion went off yet, destroying the headboard and making a crater in the wall behind it. They both trembled and panted, her legs not having any energy, fell from his waist. Bakugo pulled away from Sapphire's shoulder and gently pressed his lips to hers. She returned the kiss, her body still shivering from the receding orgasm. Bakugo panted softly and slowly sat up onto his knees, he glanced at the wall briefly before looking back down at Sapphire. He ran his hand slowly and softly up from her tummy to her breasts, then to her collarbone. Sapphire looked up at him with half-lidded eyes and reached up to grab his hand and intertwined their fingers and kissed his knuckles.
"Ice Queen."
"Hm? What about her, Katsuki?"
"Not 'her', you."
"Me? Wait." Sapphire scooted back from him and sat up. "You actually think I'm 'Ice Queen'?"
"Your ice is similar." Sapphire pouted and crossed her arms over her chest.
"Ice manipulation is a common quirk. How do you know 'Ice Queen' isn't Shoto?" Sapphire huffed and climbed from the bed on shaky legs and walked away to the bathroom. Bakugo quickly grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back against his chest.
"Teddy bear." He pulled her soft blue hair to her opposite shoulder and started kissing her neck and shoulder softly. "Sometimes I think you created a different persona to get me riled up on purpose." Sapphire leaned her neck to the side giving Bakugo access to her neck.
"You know I'd tell you unless it was undercover. You know that." Sapphire let Bakugo pick her up before he walked into the bathroom and sat her on the tub before he ran her a hot bath. Sapphire watched him.
"On the off chance I was that bitch. What would you do?" His ruby eyes met her cold blue eyes.
"I'd continue chasing you down then fucking you hard when you're back being Sapphire." Sapphire bit back a laugh, keeping her face straight. "That's if you were her as you said." He stood once the tub was full as she slid in sighing.
"I'm going to make dinner. Relax, babe." He leaned over and kissed her deeply. He stood and left the bathroom grabbing a pair of black and green boxers.
'That was close. I'll have to let Shoto know tomorrow that my undercover was nearly blown. I have paperwork I can do in the morning.' She sighed and leaned back and closed her eyes.
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