Uninvited Roomate: Deku x OC


cover photo credits to: @bre.lexis on instagram❤️ UPDATES EVERY WEDNESDAY ❗️ hey y'all! so first of all i'd like to point out that i am not a deku simp so I included a black y/n for those of you that are😘 also i'm not huge on writing but i didn't feel like drawing all this out and animating cause it would've taken wayyyyy longer and i'm very much lazy. 😭😭 Anyway it's basically just the story of Chelle (OC/me) and Izuku being best friends and living together in Chelle's penthouse. 😌 that kinda sounds boring when i put it like that. oh well, enjoy babies😃🤍 ALL CHARACTERS HAVE BEEN AGED UP FOR THE PURPOSE OF THE STORY🗣 ⚠️tw: language, sex, underage drinking, drug use, suic!de, depression, rape, angst⚠️ ofc i'm gonna warn y'all before it happens but just as a precaution. okay enjoy🤍 a lot if not all of the characters swear in this story because i do. there's also Uraraka slander because she annoys me and detailed sex scenes because i get horny😗 if you're not comfortable with that please don't read the story. okay fr this time enjoy🤍

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~Laundry Day~

A/N: i just wanna say that i don't own rights to any of the MHA/BNHA characters featured in this story. All characters have also been aged up for the purpose of the story. enjoy🤍

chelle's pov

It was summer after third year. Unsurprisingly Momo, Sho (Todoroki), and that damn pomeranian (Bakugou), who I may or may not lowkey have a slight crush on, were the top graduates for our class. I didn't care to remember the order though.

Usually I'd wake up and get ready to go to work at Hawks' agency, but he gave me the day off. I'm betting he wants a date or something, the man tries way to hard. If you tryna eat a lil cooch just say that you lil horny freaky fuck. I mean that man is FINNEEE so shit we can- wait. NO! that's my boss. Anyway it's almost 9am on a Saturday and I should be waking up right about...

*YAWNNNN* I woke up at the edge of my own bed, damn near falling off it. I checked the time, "9am on the dot, I didn't even set an alarm. Guess it's a habit now." That was the time I'd usually wake up to start getting ready for work since I didn't have to be in until around 11am. "Saint, MOVEEEEEE!" I said to my 120lb corso who just had to lay in the middle of my king size bed.

He groaned at me and kicked me off my bed with and audible *THUD*.

Saint sat up immediately to see what made the noise. He looked down at me from my bed and wagged his docked tail cheerfully.

"When I get back, we fighting," I say almost growling at him. He barks in response.

I get up to take a shower and do my morning routine as usual. I couldn't be bothered to put on clothes yet, so I just wrapped a towel around myself. When I came out of the bathroom, Saint was waiting for me.

We made our way to the kitchen where I started making our usual breakfast: a simple omelette for me, but for the king of the house? a special homemade blend of chicken, beef, salmon, broccoli, spinach, corn, rice, and one egg.

"Why the fuck does my dog eat better than me?" I thought aloud setting his food bowl on the floor, and picking up the other to fill it with water. Saint sat patiently waiting for me to give the command so he could absolutely DEMOLISH his breakfast. As I set down his water, he looked at me with pleading eyes.

"I know, I know. Go Eat." I say. And with that Saint chomps at his food as if I've never fed him a day in his life. "You literally eat homemade meals three times a day. I feed you more than I feed myself, don't be so dramatic," I said while grabbing my coffee and taking a seat at the bar to eat my own breakfast.

Saint finishes his food, takes five large gulps of his water, then walks over to me. He sits on the floor and places his head in my lap while I continue to eat.

I ended up giving him the last bite of my omelette and stood up to wash my dishes. Saint walked to the sink with me, practically attached at my hip. "You are so clingy!" I say laughing at him a little. He lets out a dramatic grunt in response.

I finish washing the dishes and head back to my room, with Saint following of course. I sat folding my legs in the middle of the bed and covered my eyes. "Ready?" I say. He responds with a light bark. "Alright Saint, Dress Me." and with that he takes off to my closet. I hear the clutter of him pulling my clothes down from the hangars, knowing I'll have a mess to clean up later but I don't mind. This was one of Saint's favorite games. I've never understood it, but the dog loves picking my outfits. He throws something on the bed and runs back to the closet. He does this two more times before barking twice, which was the signal so I'd know he was done.

I uncovered my eyes to see him sitting on the floor panting proudly in front of the outfit he picked. It was my orange custom made kanji windbreaker, which said 'God has a favorite, and it's me' on the back, along with a white polo t-shirt and some black ripped jeans. "Okay so you got a lil style or whatevaaa," I say petting his head and putting on my outfit. I did some simple makeup for the day—just lashes, brows, and lip gloss—and head to my completely trashed closet to pull out my retro 4's that matched my outfit. My hair was in butterfly locs, so there was nothing to do to

As I was putting on my shoes, I heard a knock at the door. Saint immediately takes off towards the door barking and growling. Who the fuck? I grab my gun from the safe in the back of my closet and follow him to the door. Yes I have a strong quirk, but what I look like tiring myself out with that. I bought this glock for a reason, you going on a t-shirt my boy.

I checked the security camera on the alarm system but didn't see anyone. Saint was still barking but it was giving me a headache. "Saint!" He looked back at me to see my palm facing him (✋🏾) and let's out a whine before silently coming to my side. I cock my gun and Saint does a low growl, getting ready to charge anyone that comes through that door. "Invisibitch is that you?" I call out. "Yeah Little Star, it's me!" Hagakure says back. I let out a sigh of relief and rub Saint's head to relax him. I had completely forgotten that I asked her if she could watch him while I went to work today, but hell I was off now so I didn't need her to.

I opened the door and gave her a hug, and when I did, I felt her...free-ness all over me. "GIRL WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOUR CLOTHES?!" I yelled. "I'm fucking invisible, who gone see me Chelle?" she snaps back. "Whatever. Oh I forgot to tell you, but I don't have to work today. Hawks gave me the day off," I said, still a little curious as to why he'd do that.

Just then there was a random "AWUUUUUUU!" followed by Saint's howling. "What the fuck," I say trying to figure out why they both yelling. This the type of shit y'all do when I'm not here? I thought to myself. Hagakure giggled near my ear causing me to turn around and accidentally pistol whip the fuck out her. I heard a *THUD* so I assumed she fell on the floor. I reached my hand out in a random direction to help her up.

"Oh shit girl I'm so sorry! You- fuck! You scared the shit out of me," I said panting with my heart racing.

She laughs, "Chelle it's fine. I'm okay, but damn your back hand was strong as shit. I'm kinda glad I was hit with the gun instead of your bare hands," she says taking my hand and getting up off the floor. We both laugh for a moment then hug. I felt everything again, "Girl go in my room and put some clothes on." She stayed silent, which I'm assuming meant she was giving me some kind of facial expression that I couldn't see. We just sat there in silence until she said "Fine, I'll go put clothes on."

"Put this back in my safe, I'm gonna head to the store. Anything you need should already be here, but text me if you think of something, okay?" I say giving my gun to her and grabbing my keys. "Yeah girl, I got it," she responds. "BYE SAINT!" I yell walking out the door.


I was minding my business with my airpods in, getting my laundry detergent until I heard


Now who in the fuck is loud enough that I can hear them over my music? I thought to myself, turning around highkey annoyed. When I looked to find where the voice came from, there was a guy with curly green hair, freckles, and a nice build. "Zuzu?" I asked almost not believing it was really him.

Izuku pulled me into a tight hug, "Hey Chelly, how you been?" I felt myself wanting to cry. He hadn't called me that since him and Ms. PennyPinchersRUs started dating in the middle of second year. I squeezed him tightly, wanting to stay in his grasp forever. He had been my best friend since I moved to Japan for my first year of middle school, until we grew apart. Now that he was back I never wanted to lose him again. But of course our touching reunion was ruined by the broke bitch herself.

"Wow, I let him come see you for 5 minutes and you're already trying to steal him from me. Y'all were supposed to TALK, not do a lover's embrace." Ochaco was talking shit and glaring at me like I wouldn't beat her ass right then and there. We let go of each other as she stepped to me, "Well, Twilight Sparkle, how you been?" she says while completely invading my personal space. Ain't that the girl from My Little Pony? How is that an insult? My quirk literally comes from the stars. And why does she smell like she rolled is cow shit before having sex with Oscar the Grouch. But damn that's an insult to my boy Oscar. I doubt he'd wanna sleep with her musty ass, I thought to myself. "Girl can you back up? Your breath smells like hot ass and I'm really just tryna get what I need and go back home," I say already fed up with her bullshit. I was on my toes trying to grab the detergent on the top shelf. Izuku and I were the same height so he couldn't reach it either. He lifted me up to grab it, then turned to the charity case.

"We're not even together anymore, I broke up with you a month ago. What you want some spare change?? Why the fuck are you stalking me?" Izuku chimes in, putting me down. "AHAHAHAHAHAHA FUCK! Y'ALL AIN'T EVEN TOGETHER AND YOU ACTING LIKE THIS?!" I was laughing hysterically in the middle of Publix. She stormed off and Izuku followed me to checkout. "Why the fuck she stomp away like that?" I asked still laughing. "That's that white people shit," Izuku responded. "Nigga you dated her," I said. "And you should've beat my ass every day I was with her cause what the hell was I thinking," Izuku says putting his hand up to his face shaking his head. I just laughed at his embarrassment.

We left the store heading for my apartment. It was only about a 6 minute walk. While we walked we reminisced about middle and high school, and playfully bumped into each other on purpose. Everything felt so surreal, I was genuinely happy without a care in the world. I almost forgot I was a pro hero, not just some civilian on the street.

Just then a red feather fell in front of us. "You got to be kidding." I say rolling my eyes and turning around. Izuku turns to see what I'm talking about. "Hey Babybird~" Hawks says. I immediately started thinking to myself. I hate when he calls me that shit. Is it supposed to be cute? Baby birds are literally ugly asf. Damn, wait is he calling me ugly?? Oh I'm finna beat his ass now. Just wait Ima show yo bitch a- "Uhm...Babybird?" My thoughts were cut short by Hawks snapping his finger at me to to get my attention.

"Huh? Oh wassup?" I say trying to act like I wasn't just threatening this man in my head. "Who's this?" Hawks says gesturing to Izuku. "Oh! This is Deku, he's a hero too" I said completely oblivious to the question's actual meaning. "No shit. I meant who is he to you" Hawks says taking a step closer to me. "He's my best friend, and you're acting weird so we're gonna go." I say stepping back before basically dragging Izuku in the direction of my house, and leaving Hawks without another word.

I unlocked the door and held the handle before looking back at Izuku. "I should warn you, I have a big ass dog and he likes to play A LOT" I say to him. "That's fine I like dogs. And I'm sure he can't be that big" Izuku replies cheerfully. "Okay..." I say dragging out the word, letting him know he's completely wrong in this situation. When we go inside Izuku sees Saint looking dead at him from down the hall.

Suddenly Saint comes sprinting towards us and Izuku immediately drops the groceries on the floor. I look at him seeing the pure terror in his eyes as his body froze with fear.

Saint jumped into my arms giving me hundreds of kisses. I put him down laughing at Izuku who was looking at me like I had lost my mind. Saint ran back the other way towards some of my clothes that were floating. "Hey you're home! I was- MIDORIYA?!!" Hakagure says. The clothes were floating our way fast. Must be the wind, I think to myself chuckling a bit at how stupid that was. [reference to every horror movie ever]

I'm guessing she jumped on him to hug him because he stumbled backwards a bit before catching his balance. I mean it makes since right?

They sat on the couch catching up with each other while I got a load of laundry together and started washing. Saint was once again attached to my hip, following me all around the penthouse. I went to clean up my closet that Saint had wrecked this morning during our game but found it spotless.

I headed back to the living room where my friends were, "Hey Hagakure did you clean my closet?" "Yes I did Little Star, is there something wrong with the way your big sister did it?" she responded. I made that face all black people make when we hear some bullshit. The fuck? She was literally only older by a month, but boy did she rub it in. I smiled, "I hate when you call me that shit, but you can call me Little Star all you want if you gone keep cleaning!"


The dryer buzzed and I got up leaving Izuku in the gaming room. Saint followed me out. I set the clothes in my room before heading to the kitchen to make Saint's dinner. It was almost 7pm. Hagakure had left about 2 hours ago but Izuku was still here, just enjoying my company. Or maybe it was my PS5 he was enjoying more.

As I'm making Saint's dinner, Izuku comes out of the gaming room. "What smells so good?" he asks, taking a dramatic inhale. "DUDE WHAT ARE YOU DOING WERE GONNA LOSE THE GAME!" I shout at him completely ignoring his question. "It's fine. Kaminari's still playing" he says obviously not understanding the problem. "It most definitely is not fine!" I say. He looks at me and tilts his head in confusion. "You left KAMI...ALONE..." I started.

He still looked completely lost.

"He's playing against SERO, KIRI, AND FUCKING KING EXPLOSION MURDER HIMSELF!" I yelled. "OH SHIT!" Izuku yelled sprinting back to the game room.


At this point it was somewhere between 10 and 11pm, yet we were still playing the game. Sero had gone to bed and so had Kiri. Kami just straight up quit leaving me, Izuku, and Katsuki still playing. Just then my phone rang.

"FUCK!" Katsuki yelled.

"HELL YEAH!!" Izuku shouted in celebration. He had just gotten the final kill of the game, which put him one above Katsuki and made him the MVP.

"SHUT UP NERD!" Katsuki yelled through the headset.

"AWW KACCHAN, YOU'RE JUST MAD CAUSE-" Izuku started to tease him.

"BOTH OF YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" I snapped at them. "Hello~" I said cheerfully picking up the phone as if nothing happened. Code switch like a mf. I stayed completely calm and polite during my phone call, but as soon as I hung up

"ughhhhh FUCK ME!!" I said. "What's wrong loser?" Katsuki asked through the mic. "I have to work tomorrow morning." I groaned. "Hey Chelle?" Izuku said in a sensitive tone. "What Zuzu?" I asked still moping. "I know you're upset right now, but could you do my laundry?" he asked with pleading eyes. I looked at him coldly. "Fuck no, either do it yourself or get out my damn house." I say standing up from the couch. "Wait a minute. Shitty Deku gets to know where you live but I don't?" Bakugo says through the mic. "Actually it's his first time here. But Eiji, Hanta, Denki, and of course Mina come over all the time. Anyway I'm going to bed, byeeeee" I say shutting off the system before he could respond then putting my phone on Do Not Disturb for the rest of the night.

I took my shower, then got in bed cuddling Saint and going to sleep, completely unaware there was an unwanted guest in my house...


A/N: First of all thank you so much for reading, I hope you liked it! I know there was no y/n in this chapter, but it's coming mamas, be patient😉 anyways that's all for now! reminder: you are enough, i love you🤍

s/n: there’s no way for me to put pics for the stories on here. sorry!

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