Danganronpa Fan-Fiction

ibuki x Y/N

ok so this is chapter 1 of my story and it's going to be like a dangaronpa character x Y/N sort of story and if their is ANY mistakes, you guys are free to tell me in the comments. soo yeah, hope you guys enjoy!

it had been a long and stressful day at school and all you wanted to do is go home but when you were walking home, someone called from behind you. "HEY Y/N!" ibuki called to you and you turned around surprised because she has never done that, and she also was running to you until she finally got to you. "hey y/n! I was calling your name across the street, why did you not turn around" "oh sorry, i guess I didn't hear you sorry" you say "oh, its fine, and its good that i caught you because i want to show you something, come on!!". ibuki grabbed your arm and both of you started running until you got to the beach. "this is what i wanted to show you" ibuki said, you looked up and you saw the most beautiful sunset ever. "wow ibuki, this is so pretty!" "I know, thats why i wanted you to come here, i know that you like really pretty sunsets like this so when i saw it, it made me think of you!" "aww thats so nice ibuki". So you and ibuki sat at the beach and watched the sunset and you and her laughed so much, you had such a good time.

"hey ibuki it's getting late, i should get home" "no worries Y/N you can come home with me and we could have a sleepover!! dosen't that sound great!" "yeah it does!". so you and ibuki walk to her house but before that, you go to the 7/11 to get snacks and slushies, and then you get to her house to have the best sleepover ever!!

part 2 of the best sleepover with ibuki will be up soon!! :)

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