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Fluffy Harry Potter one shots written by yours truely. Hope you enjoy! I don't own any of the Harry Potter characters they all belong to JKR.

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A Welcomed Surprise

You’re in your seventh year at Hogwarts (during Order of the Phoenix) and you haven’t seen your boyfriend, George Weasley, since he left Hogwarts shortly after Easter holiday and started the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes shop, with his twin Fred, in Diagon Alley.

It has been months since Y/n has seen their boyfriend, George Weasley. He left school a little after Easter holiday and started the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes shop with his twin, Fred. Y/n is sitting in the Gryffindor common room alone, piles of books and tons of papers sprawled across the table in front of them. Studying at ungodly hours for the upcoming N.E.W.Ts long after everyone else had gone to bed. Even the famously studious Hermione Granger had gone to bed hours earlier. Not only were they drained from all the studying they had been doing the past couple of weeks, but Y/n had spent countless hours learning how to defend against the Dark Arts during the DA meetings. And they were fed up with having to put up with Umbridge and the Inquisitorial Squad. And the constant loom of war was taking its toll on them. With their head buried in their hands, Y/n was on the verge of breaking down crying when they heard a tapping on the window. Started by the sound, they snapped their head around to the window and saw none other than George Fabian Weasley frantically waving at them with his signature goofy grin through the window. Y/n’s face lights up as he opens up the window letting himself into the common room. He clambers through the window due to his striking height, and sets down his broom.

“Happy to see me, y/n?” George asks, extending his arms to hug them.“Oh, George, you have no idea how much I’ve missed you,” Y/n says throwing themself into his arms, as tears begin to trickle down their face. As the surprise wears off the smile vanishes from their face as they realize the danger. Y/n looks up at George, concern evident on their face. “Why are you here George? You’re supposed to be back at the shop. There’s no telling what Umbridge would do if she found out that you were here. Is your family okay? Did something happen to Fred? Is everything okay?” Y/n asked, panic swelling inside. “Bunny, look at me. I wanted to visit you so I wrote a letter to McGonagall asking if I could. McGonagall gave me permission and said she would make sure Umbridge doesn’t find out. Nothing’s happened to my family, and don’t worry Fred is perfectly fine,” George pulls Y/n in, giving them a tight hug as they lay their head on his chest.“Oh thank goodness. Don’t worry me like that, Love.” Y/n says, letting out a sigh of relief finally breathing again. Beat George flops onto the couch and pulls Y/n down with him to cuddle.“I can tell something is bothering you. Please talk to me, Darling.” George inquires, concerned by Y/n’s uncharacteristic sullenness. Y/n then broke down crying, as if a dam had broken. “To be candid, I’ve been really wound up with Umbridge and the Inquisitorial Squad. Then there’s the DA meetings and constant sneaking around. Everyone here has been on edge. If Dumbledore’s Army gets discovered, that’s it we’re done for. I don’t wanna do this anymore. Please take me back to the shop with you. I’m scared, George.” George tilts his head at Y/n, taken aback. “Why would you say that? Common Darling, don’t say stuff like that. I know how important your education is to you. Please don’t drop out. You know I’m here for you and I got your back. As long as, The Order of the Phoenix, exists there is still hope.” George reassures.

George and Y/n just cuddle together for a while in comfortable silence as George holds them in his arms and rubs their back. After a little while they start to dance together as George begins to sing.

A/n: This is the first one shot that I’ve written. Got this out just in time for April 1st, the Weasley Twins Birthday. Happy Birthday George and Fred! Hope you enjoy!

My friend @katie1023 posted a Fred version of this one shot on her account. Go check it out.

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