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Blaise - Yule Ball

A/n: Just a quick a/n. I decided to use and original character for this story. Any who, I hope you enjoy!Marilyn looked magnificent, as she gracefully walked down the staircase in an eloquent emerald green ball gown that perfectly matched her eyes, with her brown curly hair tied up neatly in a bun. Marilyn’s date, Blaise Zabini, looked dashing in his perfectly tailored black suit, waiting to meet her at the foot of the staircase. As she neared the bottom of the stairs, her eyes met Blaise’s, and her heart skipped a beat. She felt her face grow warm and tried covering up the blush that was sneaking up her face, to no avail. Blaise took her arm in his, and they made their way to the Great Hall where Hogwarts was hosting the Yule Ball.

“W-wow, you look lovely in that dress, you know,” Blaise said, admiring Marilyn in awe, at a loss of words. He had his tongue in his cheek trying to keep his composure. “Yea?” Marilyn said as Blaise gently tucked Marilyn’s hair behind her ear. “Well, you look stunning in that suit,” Marilyn smirked, failing to hide just how flustered she was. “Well, thank you, Marilyn.” Blaise said before leaning down to whisper to Marilyn, “You’re so cute when you’re flustered, you know,” Blaise crooned. “BLAISE!” Marilyn exclaimed, nudging Blaise. She chuckled softly to herself and smiled coyly before the couple turned the corner and walked into the Great Hall.

It was like stepping into a brand new silvery-blue winter universe. Silvery-blue drapes were hanging from the windows and icicles protruding down from the ceiling. To make room for the dance floor, the usual house tables had been replaced with several large round tables for students to sit at.The students had their pick from a wide variety of snacks and drinks. And on the far side of the hall were three grand Christmas trees covered with snow. It was like being transported into a breathtaking snow globe.

Blaise had an arm wrapped around Marilyn’s waist as they waited with the crowd of party-goers for the Triwizard Champions and their dates to enter the hall. Soon, the sound of the doors opening echoed through the hall, revealing the Triwizard Champions. The crowd erupted into applause filling the Great Hall as they parted, allowing the Champions to make their way to the dance floor. The orchestra slowly began playing lively classical music, and the Triwizard champions started off the dance. Students slowly drifted onto the dance floor joining the Triwizard Champions. Fleur looked as heavenly as always dancing with Davis Rodgers. Cedric and Cho looked delighted to be dancing together. Harry seemed as awkward as ever dancing with Parvati. Ron was dancing with Padma while glaring at Krum. If Ron isn’t careful, he might shoot lasers out of his eye and sear two spots on the back of Krum’s head, Marilyn thought, chuckling to herself. Hermione seemed to be enjoying her time with Krum; although she seemed a little off-put by the fact Krum was struggling to pronounce her name. Ginny and Neville were having a blast and looked adorable together. All and all most of the party-goers seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Marilyn sat at a table waiting for Blaise to come back from getting drinks when Wicked Sisters took their places on the stage. Students flooded the dance floor in excitement, eagar for the Weird Sisters to start playing. The crowd went wild as the Weird Sisters started playing “Do the Hippogriff”. Blaise made his way through the tables and students, to where Marilyn sat. He set down the drinks and sat next to Marilyn once he reached the table.

“THEY’RE PLAYING DO THE HIPPOGRIFF! Blaise, come on let’s go dance!” Marilyn begged eagerly tugging on Blaise’s arm.

“No,” Blaise said firmly. “You’re NOT getting me to dance to that awful song and make a fool of myself,” He scowled.

“Please Blaisy, come dance with me.” Marilyn wined playfully tugging on Blaise’s sleeves. Blaise shot daggers at Marilyn. “I told you not to call me Blaisy.” Completely ignoring what Blaise had just said Marilyn continued on. “Come on, loosen up a bit. It’ll be fun.” Marilyn made puppy dog eyes at Blaise. “Pretty please, just one song. I promise.”

Blaise glared. “Fine.”

Blaise reluctantly got up as Marilyn excitedly dragged him to the dance floor. The duo melted into the lively crowd of dancing students. Marilyn was a natural fit on the dance floor with her outgoing and spunky personality. Blaise on the other hand was a different story. He was much more hesitant to let his wall down, barely letting himself bop his head to the music. However Blaise felt more at ease with Marilyn by his side and as time went on Blaise felt more comfortable and slowly let down his walls. He even started to dance, showing a much more laid back side that he rarely let others see. Even Marilyn was surprised at his change from a closed off to a more open demeanor. It delighted Marilyn to see this more relaxed side to Blaise because he was usually quite up tight. And although he wouldn’t admit it he was having a good time. Blaise had his eyes on Marilyn the whole time and just simply adored watching Marilyn dance and have fun. Roughly a quarter of an hour later the Weird Sisters performance drew to an end. Students dispersed from the dance floor using the break in music as an opportunity to get refreshments while others went to sit at a table and rest their feet. Marilyn and Blaise were among those who went to get some more drinks as well as some food.

They hopped in the line to grab a bite to eat. Blaise got some punch for himself and a glass of pumpkin juice for Marilyn. Meanwhile Marilyn got some gingerbread for herself and vanilla gelato for both of them. The couple then weaved through students and tables back to their seats. Marilyn plopped down in a seat, Blaise handing her a glass of pumpkin juice. He took a seat next to her, setting down a small plate of food. Marilyn took a sip of her drink catching her breath. The two sat at the table for a while to rest their feet and have some food. Marilyn savored her vanilla gelato and ginger bread that paired wonderfully with the pumpkin juice. Blaise just leaned back in his chair enjoying his gelato in between taking sips of his punch. “I’ve never seen you dance before tonight,” Marilyn said smoothly. “Soak it in it while it lasts, sweetheart,” Blaise teased.

The pair sat and watched as the orchestra got ready and queued up to play. Minutes later the orchestra started playing once again and the sound of sweet classical music resonated throughout the great hall.

“May I have this dance?” Blaise asked as he delicately took Marilyn’s hand and bowed down to kiss it. “Yes, Blaise. I would love to have this dance with you,” Marilyn stood up as Blaise whisked her away, fading into the dance floor with the rest of the students who were already dancing. The two slowly began to waltz to the music arm in arm. The pair felt relaxed in each other’s arms, as they danced harmoniously across the dance floor, perfectly in sync with the music. The two lovers spent the rest of the night enjoying each other’s company, until the party began to wind down coming to a close.

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