Book 1 The Queens of Love and Beauty


What is this girl like? What does she do? How powerful is she? Find out in the story of Roxy Knight. A girl finds herself in different situations, trying to get back to her home world, not realizing that she is already there, but in a time far back from her own. She will have to endure year of suffering.

Fantasy / Adventure
Jade Trent
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Chapter One

My name is Roxanne Knight-O’Neil, and my father told me that it is important to write down things that have happened in our lives, not just the important events in ours lives, but everything that ever happens to us, should be in a journal or diary.

That’s why I’m writing in this journal, which my father had given to me when I was sixteen. I had just never written in here until now, when I had found it in my backpack on the way to Yamatai.

It had just been my father and I, since I was nine years old, my mother had died in a plane crash. I had been there the day it had happened, and had brought myself back home.

My father had brought me up, taking on a girlfriend when I was just fourteen. I had hated him for bringing her into our home, for so many years, but I forgave him nevertheless.

I even came to like the girlfriend. Her name was Ana. I don’t know how my father met her, but I’m sure it was a nice meeting, somewhere far away from where I had been on the 17th of March 1982.

When I was fifteen I met a boy named Kurtis Heissturm. He was back and forth from Los Angeles, where I lived, but one place he did stay was New York City.

When I was nineteen I lost my father. He had taken his own life after the press had gotten so bad that he could not take it anymore, shooting himself in the head. I was the one to have found him, slumped over his desk, blood flowing out of his head onto the floor.

They were always saying horrible things about him, that he was a madman, and very sick. But he wasn’t. He was perfectly fine, he had just wanted to find a way to bring my mother back for me. It had made him depressive when he could not find a way. He had just wanted to make me happy.

He had stopped feeling anything for Ana when he had seen that I did not like her, even when I liked her, he did not have feelings for her. He had even thrown her out of the manor once I started sussing her out, knowing she didn’t really love my father, but not acting like I knew it, pretending that I still liked her.

Being my father’s only child, that was known of, I inherited the mansion and all its incomes, but I was only nineteen years old. What did I know about spending money for the stuff I needed?!

I ended up hiring a little team, though there were only two of them for now. I had my butler, Jeffery Hilary, who kept the mansion clean for when I came home, and made sure there was some food for me when I got back. And my trusty tech man, Bryce Fletcher, whom was a pain in my ass, but keeps me in contact with people while I am out searching for artifacts.

Both of them have rooms in the mansion, though Bryce slept outside in his camper van. He always had chosen his camper van instead of a nice warm room.

Bryce was the one that helped Kurtis and I the most on our adventures to whichever countries we went to. He was our guide, our way of communication, until recently.

His voice had gotten to the point where I would just want to slap him when we got back to the manor. So we had asked to give it a rest for now, until we really needed him.

‘A famous explorer once said...that the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are. I’d finally set out to make my mark; to find adventure. But instead, adventure found me.’

Monday the 9th of February 1990.

Dragon’s Triangle, South of Japan.

Endurance Expedition.

Day 22.

23:00 hours.

I was sat on my bed, listening to my music, when a sudden jolt threw me across the room. I got up, walking over to the door, and stepped outside, seeing Kurtis Trent, my boyfriend, running up to me.

I had my waterproof new toy with me. It was a homemade camera system with computer mods. It was taking pictures while we went through our journey.

The water had breached the ship, and was coming my way, I turned to see no way of getting out, so I took the water straight on, it dragging me until passed out from lack of oxygen in my body.

My body was not used to this...not yet anyway. It would be after this adventure, but in that moment, I almost drowned. Luckily someone had pulled me out, and as I looked up, there was Roth and Kurtis stood there, on the other half of the ship, in my view, but at least a mile away.

I ran, making a jump for it. I grabbed Kurtis’ hand, and Roth tried to grab the other, but there was no use, I slipped their hands to wet from the rain, and fell backward into the sea. I pulled my head over the water, so I could see, washing up on the shore.

‘In our darkest moments...when life flashes before us...we find something; something that keeps us going...something that pushes us.’

When I stood, a man punched me in the back of the head so hard that he sent me down, but not knocking me out.

He dragged me into a cave, and hung me upside down from a rope. The rope being tied around my ankles. He pulled on a rope until I was upside down and left me there.

I looked around, then swung myself to the fire just in front of me, burning the rope, so I could drop to the bottom of the cave, and get the hell out of there.

When I did so, I landed on a piece of metal, which went right through the left side of my abdomen. I pulled it out quickly, and began to walk out the cave, my right hand on my wound.

I walked through a tunnel way, reaching a woman on an alter. She was long dead, weeks, maybe years, she had been there for. I stared for a while, thinking that she probably went through alot. I was just grateful it wasn’t Sam.

I walked up to some boxes that were in the way, and burnt them. I waited until the fire had died, and walked through, coming to a small area, where there was a barrel of gas, which I blew up, to make a whole in the way to crawl out of. There had been a rope, with cloth around it going right up to the barrel.

I went through the whole in the wall, a man stopping me, by grabbing my leg with all his strength trying to pull me back through. I kicked his hand away with one hard kick, running into the tunnel like place that came in front of me.

The tunnel like place was full of water, there was only room for my head...just about. I came to the end, standing up, the water now coming to my knees, and looking back at where I had come from.

I walked up to the water that was flowing down like a fountain, which had put out my torch as I walked through it. There was an opening to my left, so I started to walk through.

The place started caving in then, and I began to run. I came to two openings, I went to go left, but a huge rock came down, almost crushing me, and blocking that way, so I went to the right. I ran until the floor broke underneath me.

I immediately began to run when my feet hit the ground. I jumped over three caving in floors, and came to a small whole in the rocks. I crouched, and crawled through it.

The same man as before tried to grab me again, but I placed the torch in his face, he grabbed it, and began to run once again. The rock above the entrance crushing him as I got out of the way.

I ran again until there was a slanted wall. I jumped to it, almost slipping down it. I shimmied up it until I got to the opening at the top, stopping there for only a second before getting up and walking to a tree, to look down at the wreckage below, where there was a lifeboat.

I then began to walk, slowly going across a tree trunk that led to the other side.

I then walked a little way up, and jumped to the other side. I walked up to a broken plane that had embedded itself into a couple of trees. I walked up to it, and climbed, jumping down and walking around to a clearing.

I jumped up to a ledge, and jumped down to the other side. There was a pack, and a few other things scattered around. I went through the pack, and found a match box and a radio walkie-talkie.

I then stood, looking around for Sam, Roth, anyone. But no one was there, so I jumped up to the next ledge, but my hand slipped, making me fall to the ground.

I came to a campsite that had been abandoned, so I stopped. I looked around, seeing water flowing down the side. I took a handful of water and took a long sip.

I took the radio off my belt, and put it close to my mouth. It was one that you didn’t have to press a button to talk.

“Is anyone listening? Kurtis? Please respond. Sam? Roth? Can anyone hear me? Please respond.” I said, but there was not so much as a beeping.

I looked back down at the abandoned campfire, and started to get to work on it. And once it was done, I lit the only match I had and sat in front of the fire, falling to sleep.

Tuesday the 10th of February 1990.

Dragon’s Triangle, South of Japan.

Endurance Expedition.

Day 23.

I got up from the camp, and went to find something to kill animals with, finding a bow that had been dropped. I found several arrows, and walked down to a stream.

I found a deer eating, so I put an arrow through its heart. My father had taught me to hunt when I was little. Roth had taught me when I had become eighteen, a woman.

Once I got some meat off it, I went back to camp, and cooked it, eating it all, as I put my radio on the floor, looking at it.

“Come on, guys. Talk to me. Roth? Kurtis? Where are you?” I said, finishing the last of the meat.

“This is Conrad Roth, captain of the Endurance.” Roth said, probably trying to send for help. I picked up the radio. “We are shipwrecked on an island inside the Dragon’s Triangle.”

“Roth! Is Kurtis with you?” I said, excitedly.

“Rox! Kurtis is fine, he’s here with me. Are you okay? What happened?”

“I remember the beach...then I was dragged and I woke up in a cave...there was this crazy man, hon, and a dead body.”

“Oh god...where are you now, darling? Are you safe, I mean? I sent an SOS from the Endurance before I abandoned her. Hopefully someone caught it. I’ve spoken to the others already. We’re regrouping at my location. Keep your radio on.”

I stood. “I’ll be there before you know it. And Roth, tell Kurtis I’ll be fine. I love you both.”

I then walked up to the place where the group were meant to be, but I only found Sam and a man with her.

“It’s okay, he’s one of us.” Sam said about Mathias. He stood, a crutch under his right arm.

“Sorry if I startled you. This place would make anyone a little jumpy for sure. We just spoke to your crew...they’re on their way.” Mathias said.

I looked down at Sam’s bandaged ankle. “He bandaged my foot.” Sam said, checking her ankle, making sure I didn’t go mad. She knew I did not like this one bit.

“It was the least I could do.”


I went over to Sam then, and looked at her ankle, making sure that he had bandaged her up properly. I knew first aid, and much more. I embraced her like a sister, kissing her on the forehead as I drew away from her body.

“My manners, I’m sorry...I’m Mathias...” Mathias said, then putting a hand out for me to shake, but I just stared him down, raising an eyebrow to him. “A teacher by trade...” I kept staring him down, trying to work him out, as his hand lingered there until he put his hand back down, realizing I wasn’t going to shake it. “Not really cut out for island life, I’m afraid.”

I got up from Sam, and walked over to the campfire, sitting down next to it, warming my hands over it.

“Sam here was just telling me about the Sun Queen.” Mathias said, as he sat back down.

“Right, Himiko!” Sam said.

“Can you tell me more? I’m intrigued.”

“Well, believe it or not, a couple thousand years ago, Queen Himiko pretty much ran things in Japan. Himiko was beautiful, enigmatic...but also ruthless and powerful! Legend says she had shamanistic powers.”

“I’m lost.”

“There’s always some truth to myths.” I said, staring Mathias down once again.

Sam looked at me worried I would do something. “She commanded an army of Samurai warriors, her magnificent Stormguard. They rode the very winds into battle, laying waste to all who opposed them. They say the sun rose at Himiko’s command and she ruled everything its rays touched, from the mountains to the sea and beyond.” Sam continued.

Like an asshole, I fell asleep. My body too tired to stay awake and keep an eye on this man and Sam. I just hoped that Kurtis was not far from his little sister.

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