Book 1 The Queens of Love and Beauty

Chapter Eleven: Where the Trouble Begins.

February the 19th 281.

Two Weeks Pregnant.

Tower of Joy.

Gwen came in the room with a bunch of flowers, they were from a mysterious man, whom was trying to kill my father, who was king of this part of the land. He was the king of the Tower of Joy, and all its lands and incomes.

“Look what’s just arrived for you, my Lady.” Gwen said, placing it down on the table.

“Who’re they from?” Lya asked, looking at them.

“I don’t know. Maybe Rhaegar. He sends them often. So it wouldn’t be unlikely. He knows how fond you are of flowers. Everyone who knows you, knows you love flowers.”

"Thank you.” Lya looked at Gwen.

That night Gwen put out the candle’s in our room. “See you in the morning.” Gwen said.

Lya fell asleep and a bug climbed out of the flowers and into her ear. I honestly didn’t know what to do.

February the 21st 281.

Maester Lyon came that morning. I had gotten him the night I had seen it, but he had been busy. Lyon examined a sleeping Lya. He had been trying to treat her for days now.

“Her body seems to have closed down.” Lyon said.

“Why? You don’t have an answer, do you Lyon? Nothing you’ve tried so far has worked. It’s been has been two days now. And what do you know?” My father said to Lyon.

“I fear she may have some form of inflammation of the brain.”

“What could cause such a thing?”

“An infection, possibly. Rest assured, I will do everything in my power to cure her, Your Grace.”

I had stayed with Lya all that time, and I hadn’t left the room, but to use the toilet, I had my meals brought up, just watching her to do the best I could to make sure her and the babies were alive.

February the 22nd 281.

I walked out of the room that night, to hear what Lyon had to say. We walked out to where Rhaegar and his servant, Merlin was. Merlin was named for a magician whom had not been born yet, his mother saw that he would be a great wizard, like the real Merlin.

“I cannot preserve her life for much longer. She has hours, maybe less.” Lyon said.

“We cannot let her die!” Rhaegar said, almost shouting the words.

“Rhaegar, please.” My father said.

“There’s a man, he came to the castle yesterday. He claims he can cure her.”

“That’s ridiculous. He doesn’t know what’s wrong with her.”

“He says he has a remedy that can cure all ills.”

“Impossible.” Lyon said.

“Well, for Lya’s sake, surely we should at least hear him out. I mean, what have we got to lose? Please, Your Grace.” Rhaegar said.

“Probably some charlatan hoping for a quick silver.”

“I don’t care! If she’s about to die, what harm can it do? Give him his silver! If there’s one chance in a million he can save her, then why not do it?”

“Send for him.” My father said.

My father, myself, Lyon and Rhaegar entered the council chambers of the castle/tower. Edwin, the man who had said he could cure Lya, dropped to one knee and handed my father a roll of parchment.

“Edwin Muirden, Your Grace. Physician and loyal servant.” Edwin said.

“Welcome to the Tower of Joy.” My father said.

“Have we met before?” Lyon asked.

“I doubt you would forget a face like mine, sir.” Edwin said, pointing at the burnt half of his face.

“Do you really believe you have a remedy?” My father asked.

“There are not many ills that I have not seen and successfully treated, Your Grace. So when I heard of the Lady Lyanna’s sickness, I felt honor bound to offer my services.”

“You say you have a cure for all? An antidote for everything?” Lyon asked.

“Yes. Although it is not quite as simple as that.”

“Lyon is the physician.” My father said.

“You are indeed a legend, Your Grace. I am delighted to meet you. I am curious to know what it is that has affected her.”

“An infection of the brain.” Lyon said.

“And your treatment? I was now looking at Edwin, curiously.


“Yes, yes.”

“Rosemary to stimulate cerebral circulation.”


“Why? What would you suggest?” Rhaegar asked, a temper on him, worried for Lya and the children inside her.

“No, no, no, that is all fine. All good. If that is...the right diagnosis for her, that is.”

“What would your diagnosis be?” My father asked, a temper coming in him now.

“Well, without examining the patient...”

“He should examine her.” Rhaegar said.

“I would need my equipment.”

“Of course. You’ll have use of one of the guest chambers.” My father said, as wary as I was now.

“And consider my manservant at your disposal.” Rhaegar said.

“I will start work immediately.” Edwin said.

I had gone back to Lya’s chambers, Merlin and Edwin walked in, Rhaegar and my father were already here. They had come with me after we had left the council chambers.

“Put my equipment over there. Your Grace, I would be grateful if you could have everyone leave the room. I require peace and privacy.” Edwin said.

“Certainly.” My father said, then leaving the room, the rest of us behind him, we all stopped at the door when we sat that Lyon was not moving.

“That includes you, Lyon.”

“But I am eager to learn from your methods.” Lyon said.

“Now is not the time for giving instruction. I will need all my concentration.”

“Lyon...” My father said, angrily.

Everyone left, walking down the curved steps. I wanted to be inside, but I should not argue. Lya needed to get better, and even if this man had evil intentions, I sensed that he did not wish to harm Lya.

Edwin came descended the curved stairs to meet us. All of us were there; Merlin, Rhaegar, my father and Lyon.

“Great news, Your Grace. You will be glad to hear it is not an inflammation of the brain.” Edwin said.

“What is it then?” I asked.

“It is cerebral hemorrhage.”

“Hemorrhage? I don’t think so.” Lyon said.

“I found this trace of blood in her ear.” He showed us a white cloth with blood stained on it.

“God’s in heaven.” My father said.

“The severity depends upon the site and volume of the bleed. If not treated, it can lead to coma, and eventually death.”

“How could you have missed this?” My father turned on Lyon.

“I didn’t see any blood.” Lyon said.

“Please. Just thank the fates that you did not administer more rosemary to stimulate the circulation. Can you imagine what that might have done to her?” Edwin said.

My father turned to Lyon for explanation. “It may have increased the bleed.”

“Is there a cure?” I asked.

“See for yourself.” Edwin said.

We all went up to Lya’s chambers, with the exception of Edwin, I had ran up. Lya sat up, I kissed her on the forehead, and stood back.

“Lyanna, this is truly a miracle.” My father said, then kissing her on the forehead himself. “I thought...I really thought...”

“Oh, you won’t get rid of me that easily.” Lya said.

“What exactly did he give you?” Lyon asked.

“I have no idea. But thank heaven he did.”

Lya and myself had asked to give a council about Edwin. So we did that very day. Edwin stood before myself, Rhaegar, who was sat on the left of Lya, I on her right. Father was sat beside me, on our lordly chairs, royal chairs.

“Name your reward.” My father said.

“I desire nothing more than the good health of my patient and her child, Your Grace.” Edwin said.

“There must be something I can do for you.”

“No. I will wait until Lady Lyanna is fully recovered, and then I will be on my way.”

“Why don’t you stay awhile? You could live here in the castle.”

“No. I - I feel I would be trespassing. And you already have a physician.”

“I’m sure Lyon would be glad of your help.” Merlin said.

“It is a kind offer, but...”

“Think about it for me. Dine with me later, please, Edwin. Give me your decision then. I will not rush you into anything you do not wish.” My father said.

“To dine with Your Grace would be reward in itself. Thank you for the offer.” Edwin bowed.

February the 26th 281.

Three Weeks Pregnant.

Edwin once again was brought to the council chamber before myself, Lya, Rhaegar and my father.

“I have been through the court medical records with a fine-tooth comb, Your Grace.” Edwin said.

“And were your findings satisfactory?” My father asked.

“With regret, I would have to say they were not.”

“How so?”

“Lyon is a great man, thorough, and dedicated.”

“But?” I asked, annoyed.

Edwin sighed. “His methods are outdated. He has failed to keep up with the latest developments. This has led to a number if errors.”

“Lyon has served me well for fifteen years.” My father said.

“And one cannot blame him for the infirmity those years have brought you. Age can be a terrible curse.”

“Perhaps it is time to lighten his burdens. Have you given any more thought to my offer?”

“Yes. I have considered it very carefully.”

“Allow me some time to do the same.”

Edwin bowed and exited. My father got up and went to the table for a drink. Lya followed him, myself behind her.

“Marcus, you can’t do this.” Lya said.

“You heard what he said, Lyon is old, he makes mistakes.” My father said.

“Lyon has treated me since before I can remember. You can’t cast him out like this.”

“You would have died if your care had been left to him. That’s something I could not bear.”

“Or me.” I said.

“You have three of us looking out for you, Lya.” Rhaegar said.

“I know that, but...” Lya said.

“I cannot risk something like this happening again.” My father said.

February the 27th 281.

Merlin and I had become good friends over these past weeks, we had been watching Rhaegar practice everyday. He had to stand and watch, I choose to. We did so again today, myself leaning on a wall.

“I just really can’t understand why Marcus would sack him over one mistake.” Merlin said, as Rhaegar practiced.

“A mistake that nearly killed Lyanna.” Rhaegar said.

“Besides, it wasn’t even the only one.” I said.

“What do you mean?” Merlin asked.

“Edwin said his work was riddled with errors. It always has been so, Merlin.” Rhaegar said.

“That’s nonsense.”

“No one wants Lyon to go, but Roxy’s father has made his bloody decision. There is nothing anyone can do.”

February the 28th 281.

Rhaegar ran into Merlin and I a he descended the curved stairs from my father’s chambers, a look of worry on his face.

“Merlin! Roxy! Your father has Lyanna’s illness! We must find Edwin, now.” Rhaegar said.

Merlin and I walked up the stairs, walking up to the bedroom door and bursting in, seeing Lyon and Edwin against the wall, fighting with one another.

“What are you doing?” Merlin asked.

“He was trying to kill the King. I couldn’t let him.” Lyon said.

“I can rule the kingdom now. And with you at my side, we can be all powerful.” Edwin said, looking at Merlin.

“Release him!” I demanded.

“It’s your loss, Merlin.”

Edwin’s spell threw an axe at Merlin, but Merlin magically stopped it. I smiled, now knowing what he was. For the first time, knowing what his name was meant for.

Merlin’s magic overpowered Edwin’s. Merlin sent the axe to kill Edwin with one sure blow to the neck.

“Are you alright, Lyon?” Merlin asked.

“Yes. Thank you, Merlin.” Lyon said, Merlin fetching a box full of bugs, holding the box in hand. “What are you doing?”

“Marcus’ ill; the same thing Lyanna had. Edwin said he used these to cure Lyanna. Maybe we can too.”

“They can be enchanted to enter the brain, feed on it until they devour the person’s very soul. We must go to him.”

Merlin and Lyon went to tend to my father, doing a good job too. My father was up the next morning.

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