Book 1 The Queens of Love and Beauty

Chapter Two

Tuesday the 10th of February 1990 (Same Day).

Dragon’s Triangle, South of Japan.

Endurance Expedition.

Day 23 (Still).

I suddenly woke up, the fire just barely going. I looked around to see that Sam and Mathias was gone. I immediately got to my feet, panicking that Mathias had kidnapped her.

“Sam? Mathias? Sam! Sam!” I began as I started searching the area for her. “Shit! Kurt is gonna kill me!”

I ran down some stairs and went to the bottom, my ankle getting trapped by a bear trap. I immediately sat down, trying to pry the trap open, but it wouldn’t work.

I then began to hear wolves howling in the distance. I looked around, then taking my bow from my back, loading it with an arrow, ready for wolves to come at me.

The first one came jumping out of the bushes in front of me. I shoot it through the mouth, the next one getting ready. It pounced at me, but I reloaded fast enough to shot it in the jaw.

Once they were both down, I put down my bow, and began to try and pry the trap open again before more came. I looked over to my left, and the group was stood there. All but Roth and Sam were with them.

“Over here! She’s here!” Kurtis said, looking at me as they walked over to me.

“Kurt!” I said.

“I found Rox!” The others came into view then, walking up to me.

Kurt looked at the trap and shot at it after I had let go. Jonah came over to it and started prying it open. He pulled it away from my ankle so that I could stand. I didn’t even lean on anyone. There was no pain for me.

“It’s good to see you, Little Bird.” Jonah said helping me to my feet, Kurtis wrapping his arms around me, then punching my arm hard.

“I’m glad you’re all here.” I said, looking at Kurtis, giving him a quick half smile. “Is Sam with you?”

“She was with you. You haven’t lost her, have you?” Kurtis said, his eyebrow raising in fury.

I picked up my bow, putting it back around me. Kurtis then giving me my jacket, half smiling at me. His smile telling me he didn’t blame me for Sam being missing.

“She was here...with that man, Mathias. But I passed out, like a fucking idiot, leaving her alone. When I woke up, they were both gone together.” I said, calmly.

“You girls shouldn’t go wandering off!” Grim said.

“We need to find them.”

“Uh, w-wait, what about Roth?” Whitman asked.

“Okay, let’s split up. Two of us go with Roxy and meet up with Roth, the rest of us should fan out and look for Sam.” Reyes said, looking at Kurtis, her look saying, ‘you should go with Roxy’.

“I’ll go with her.” Alex said.

“No, no...let, let me.” Whitman said.

“You know how to use one of these?” Reyes asked Whitman as she handed him her gun.

“It’’s been a while. It-it’s all coming back to me.” He took the gun off her.

“Get to Roth. We’ll find Sam and this Mathias guy.” Alex said, as they all left. Only tree of us left; myself, Kurtis and Whitman.

The three of us walked in the direction the group had gone, walking up to a huge open door. It had drawings on it. I put my jacket on, and we walked through it.

“That female figure on the gate. Given the age of the symbols, it could be the Sun Queen...” Whitman said, as we walked.

“Himiko? Are you sure you’re not channeling Sam, Doctor Whitman?” I said, me and Kurtis walking a few steps behind him.

“Well, there’s no doubt, Himiko had power. Some say shamanistic. Elemental!”

“A woman wields that much power and sooner or later it gets called witchcraft!”

“We shouldn’t discount anything, even what may seem to us, irrational. We still have much to learn about the world.”

“You sound like my father.”

“It could be one hell of a story, Roxy.”

“Not if we don’t live to tell it.”

There was a silence then, until we came upon a shrine, stopping just beside it. It was still burning. I put my hands over the fire for a moment before turning to the boys.

“Incredible! It is Himiko!” Whitman said.

“But look, the bowl, the candles, why is she still being worshiped?” I said.

“This island, it must’ve once been part of Yamatai!”

“You were right, Rox!”

“The lost kingdom!” I said, happily.

“It’s like finding Atlantis!”

“Maybe one day I will.”

A man then came out of the trees, coming up to us. He stood there for a second as we looked at him. Kurtis and I with hands on our weapons.

“Come, quickly, your friends are hurt.” The man said.

Whitman put up his gun, Kurtis doing the same. I looked at them both, then at the bad guy that had come to us.

“Yes, probably by them! If at all!” I said.

“Get back!” Whitman said, almost scared.

“They can’t be trusted!”

A man then appeared in one of the trees, another appearing just behind his friend, the one who had come to us.

“I don’t want any trouble. We’ll come, but I insist that afterwards, you take us to whoever’s in charge!” Whitman said, me getting my bow ready to fire.

One of the leaders, a broad man, speared me from behind, knocking me to the ground. He pulled me up, taking my bow off me, and putting it around himself.

Kurtis put down his gun when the man that had my arms behind my back, seeing that it would be best not to fight. We didn’t know how many of them there was, and what kinds of weapons they had.

The man that had me, tied my hands behind my back, and pulled my ponytail, so I was facing him so I could see his face.

He wasn’t bad looking. I’m sure under all this badness, he was once a good man. Like us, trying to find the lost city of Yamatai. I tried not to think about the fact he was once like us.

He pushed me over to where he had some other survivors. They were tied up and on their knees. One of the men on their knees got up and shoved the man who had come to Kurtis, Whitman and I. He shot the man right in the face.

The man that had speared me then came over to me, brushing his hand down my cheek as the others tried to run away, the other men going after them.

He dragged me over to a hut, and pushed me against the wall. Kurtis came over then, and punched him in the side of his head, knocking him to the ground, his gun at my feet.

I grabbed the gun and shot him straight in the head, right between the eyes. He fell to his knees, then falling backward.

Kurtis and I then began to run until we came to a ladder. I looked up and began to climb, the radio at my belt came on then.

“Roxy, are you there?” Roth asked from the radio as I climbed, Kurtis climbing behind me.

“Yes!” I said, calmly.

“I can see smoke coming from the old ruins, are you okay?”

“Roth, I’m in trouble. They’re killing people.”

“What? Who?”

“Men...I don’t know why. I had to kill some of them. I had no choice.” I said, reaching the top, walking across a bridge, to a house.

“That can’t have been easy.”

I stopped, looking at the house. “It’s scary just how easy it was. You’ve got to warn the others, babe.”

“Don’t worry about them right now. You just do whatever it takes to get to me, Rox. I love you.”

“Love you too.”

I then continued until I came to a double door. Men came behind us then as we got the doors open, and went through. They began shooting fire arrows at us, burning the building.

We went out a back door, and came to a huge gate. We walked through, coming to a wall. In the middle it had broken away. That’s where we shimmied up to the top.

We came to a tunnel, going through it, to come to Roth, who was shooting at a couple of wolves. He took them down and I ran over to him, Kurtis walking up to us from behind me.

“Thank the gods you’re alive.” I said, as I began bandaging him up with a couple of bandages that were on the ground.

“Your god’s have nothing to do with it. It’s good to see you too, old girl.” Roth said.

“I always loved it when you called me, Old Girl. They did a real number on your leg.”

“Nah. Looks worse than it is.” Roth pulled himself into a sitting position as I finished bandaging him up.

“Have you heard from any of the others?”

“Nothing.” Roth then got up.

“Wait, what are you doing?” I asked, a furious tone in my voice.

“The wolves took my food pack. The transmitter from the lifeboat’s in it. If we don’t get that back, we’re not getting off this bloody island, love.” The ‘love’ taking the harshness out of his voice.

“Yeah, but you need more bandages, morphine, antiseptic...”

“Also in the pack.”

“Shit.” I put my hands on my hips.

“Exactly. Come here love...” He leant on my shoulder. Kurtis holding his other side up.

We began to walk forward, heading for the pack, but Roth fainted, going backward. Kurtis gently laying him down. I knelt checking for a heartbeat with my ear.

Kurtis helped me pull him near the fire. I sat with Roth as Kurtis went to get the pack, coming back a couple of minutes later.

I then began to re-bandage Roth putting antiseptic on his leg, and hoping for the best as we sat waiting for him to wake up. He did so a few minutes later.

He sat himself up, I gave him a little help. I sat beside him then, Kurtis sitting opposite me, looking at my face, trying to make sure I was okay, but it wasn’t showing on my face.

“It’s not bad...” Roth said, looking at his bandaged leg, giving it a quick smirk. “You got it.” Roth looked at the pack, smiling. “Nice work.”

“I assume the plan is to take that up to the radio tower?” I asked.

“That should give us the best shot of broadcasting a strong signal in every direction.” I was silent. “Look, Rox. We need to send that SOS and I’m not climbing any time soon.”

“I know.”

“You can do it, Rox. After all, you’re a Knight and an O’Neil.”

“I don’t think I’m that kind of Knight or O’Neil.”

“Sure you are.” Roth got his axe, and gave it to me. I took it in my hand and looked at it. “You just don’t know it yet.”

“Well, let’s hope I’m a fast learner, then.”

“Just be careful, love.”

I stood then, kissed him on the head and gave him a sweet smile. “You be careful too, I love you, Roth. I love you both so much. I won’t be too long, I hope. I’ll come back for you as soon as I can. Kurtis, you should stay here, for Roth. He might need help getting out of this spot if something goes wrong.”

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