Book 1 The Queens of Love and Beauty

Chapter Three

Tuesday the 10th of February 1990 (Same Day).

Dragon’s Triangle, South of Japan.

Endurance Expedition.

Day 23 (Still).

Kurtis stayed with Roth for me. I went to climb a wall with my new axe, climbing until I got to the bridge, high up. It spanned to the other side of the village.

I began to walk across it, but it came away underneath me, so I took a running jump to the wall, digging my axe into it.

I climbed up to the top, and pulled myself up, walking until my radio started talking to me, it was the group.

“Roxy...are you there?” Reyes said.

“Reyes! Did you find Sam?” I said.

“We’re still on her trail.”

I then began to walk once again, coming upon a man whom I shot in the forehead. The group on the radio gasped, and knew I had shot someone, though they did not know I had killed him, him being my first kill.

“I’m going to try and send an SOS from an old radio tower up here. Any tips?” I said, walking through a tunnel to an opening.

“Hey, Rox! You’re gonna need to find the communications console. It’ll look like a bunch of old switchboards.” Alex said.

“Okay. I’ll let you know when I find it. Talk to you later, Alex.”

I came to a big building, the front had all come away, so there was no walls. I went up the stairs and jumped over to the other side of a broken bridge.

I then shimmied up the wall, and walked around until I saw a rope, which I used my axe on to get me down to the bottom of it, sending me into waist high depth of cold water.

Wednesday the 11th of February 1990.

Dragon’s Triangle, South of Japan.

Endurance Expedition.

Day 24.

I walked until I came to a room, that led to a bigger room, which had lots of computer systems. I looked around, but there were no panels in this room.

I went into the next room and found them immediately. I looked around, making sure there wasn’t anyone here. Then began to walk up to the panel.

I tried a couple of buttons, and even tried to pull on a lever, but it just broke away. I looked around again, then looking up at the sky, from the whole in the ceiling. I wondered how long it would be until we got off this damn island.

I saw that it was completely broken, then began to look for any bullets, or anything to use. There were three clips on the table, so I grabbed them, placing them in my jacket pocket.

I then went over to the panel and looked at all the buttons,trying to make sure they didn’t work, and all of them didn’t. I put my hands on the panel sighing deeply, wishing this could be easy. Wishing that we could just get Sam and get out of here.

“Alex? Are you there?” I asked, placing the radio to my mouth.

“Yeah.” He said out of breath.

“The console’s a wreck.”

“Damn it. Well, unless you see a Radio Shack around, you’re going to have to patch in manually through the maintenance panel.”

“Okay, that sounds simple enough.”

“Yeah, well’re going to have to find it first. On those old towers they installed the panels high up, I mean way high up.”

I went through a whole in the wall, it had gas pipes going all the way through it, coming out the other end at two small buildings. There were five men patrolling.

I took them out silently. The first, I walked up behind and strangled with my bow until I felt his life drain from his body. The second I shot in the back of the head. The third one I shot in the forehead. And the last I shot in-between the eyes.

I then walked into the huge building to my left, going up as high as I could, then shimmied up a rope.

I jumped off it when I came to the maintenance panel, walking until I came to a ladder. I climbed all the way up it and onto the panel floor, looking out at the beauty of the sky around me.

“What a beautiful place. Shame there are men after us. Could be a nice place to take a vacation. Wish it was just a vacation, that would be so much simpler.” I said to myself, not wanting to fight island survivors, wanting to fight the real bad guys out there, wanting to find artifacts, not madness.

I then walked around to the next ladder and began climbing until I got to the very top where the transmitter was. I put my radio on the top of the panel, and began trying to get the radio on the right frequency.

“Alex?” I asked, turning the nobs.

“Roxy.” Alex said.

“I’m at the panel.”

“Okay...the tower should boost the signal from the transmitter.”

I turned the transmitter on. “Okay.”

“Alright, find the emergency channel and get a clear signal on your radio before you broadcast the SOS. Hey, we got everything crossed for you down here, R.K.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re tuned to the International Emergency Broadcast Response System. Please identify your situation and location coordinates and stand by for a response.” The thing said.

“Mayday, mayday. This is Roxanne Knight-O’Neil of the Endurance. We are stranded on an island in the Dragon’s Triangle. We need help and medical supplies. Please respond.” I said, then sighing. “Mayday, mayday. This is Roxanne Knight-O’Neil of the Endurance.”

“This is aircraft November 177 alpha. Searching for you since the distress call from your vessel. Almost given up hope! We’ve got your approximate position, but we could sure use a visual.” The pilot said.

“I’ll figure something out.”

“We’ll be heading your way soon. Out.”

I heard Jonah and Alex wooing and laughing. They really thought we could get off this island just like that. I knew something was wrong, but it didn’t click until the plane tried to land.

“Roxy Knight, you are my hero! Hey, you know, Reyes actually just cracked a smile!” Alex said.

I took hold of the rope above me, and went down to a little town, or what was left of a little town. It had four fuel tanks, so I went looking for something to spark a fire.

Once I had found something to make a touch, I threw it into the gas that was spilling on the ground in a puddle, and began to walk out the gates.

That’s where everything went wrong!

I saw the plane, and out of nowhere a storm came, clouds surrounded the plane, and lightning hit it, sending it down.

I turned, running, then jumped to hit the slope, sliding down to the very bottom, where I came to some Japanese houses, which I walked through to get to a set of stairs, which I stopped at, leaning on a wall, taking a deep breath.

“Rox?! What the hell happened?” Roth asked.

I stood properly, and looked around, taking the radio to my mouth. “This storm, it came out of nowhere. These clouds, they just surrounded the plane!” I said.

“Love, listen. I saw the crash from here, so you must be close to my position. Just get back here safe!”

“ Kurtis with you?”

“No, he went to find the others. To find Sam.”

“On my way.” I sighed, hoping both Kurtis and Sam were okay. I had never told them...but I loved them very much. I loved Kurtis like he was my husband, and not just my boyfriend. I considered Sam my own sister.

I then began to walk up the steps to the very top, where I found Roth, giving him a quick hug.

“I’m really glad you moved.” I said, sighing with relief.

“You and me both, old girl.” Roth said, putting an arm around me, and a smile on my face. I loved it when he called me, Old Girl.

“One moment they were fine, the next, there was this storm. It came out of nowhere...”

“It’s not your fault, Rox.”

“I know. I just wish it hadn’t come to this. I brought us here, and now all this...what the hell are we going to do? If you can tell me that, then I can rest easy.”

“Mayday! Mayday! This is co-pilot Jessop of aircraft November 177 alpha...” The co-pilot said.

“Another pilot!” I grabbed my radio. “Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?”

“I got badly hurt when I landed and need urgent aid! Is anyone there?”

“Captain Jessop? Do you read?”

“I’ve deployed a smoke signal. Please respond.”

“Damn it, he can’t hear me. I need to get over there anyway. So no matter what, I’ll try and find this pilot.”


“You can’t stop me, Roth! Not this day I will go back to Bolivia, and try and find out what happened to my mother. There will be no stopping me.”

I then walked off, zipping down a line, to get to a small shack. I looked inside for anything that would be handy, finding a clip for my gun. I then zipped down another rope, and got to the signal.

Jessop wasn’t there, so I began walking toward a cave. Sitting down when the radio came on.

“Rox - Roth told us about the plane. Don’t worry, there’s got to be another way off this rock, right?” Alex said.

“Yes. Any sign of Sam?” I said.

“We’ve tracked her to some old Japanese palace.”

I then stood as the radio turned back off. I walked until I came to a large building, outside it, was Jessop, half dead.

That was when the man came from behind me and punched me so hard in the back of the head, it made me pass out.

When I woke up, I was in a cave. I got myself out, going through a tunnel, coming out at a bigger tunnel.

There was a dead man with a shotgun. I took it, and proceeded to walk to where I could hear men.

I came to a tomb, a sarcophagus in the middle of the room. I went over to it, looking up at the Queen and her guard on the wall just behind the sarcophagus.

“A Sun Queen and her Stormguard.” I then looked down at the sarcophagus, and saw a similar looking queen. “Himiko! The first Sun Queen! This is Yamatai.” I pushed the lid off, and saw that she was in it, and definitely dead.

I then began to look at the depictions on the wall. “This looks like some kind of fire ritual...a sacrificial ritual...but why were the women burnt like that?” I looked at another one. “A journey, a pilgrimage that this monastery?” I walked over to look at another. “Pouring water? But why?” I then looked at the last one. “And there you are. Queen.”

I then thought for a second. Then going back to the pouring water picture. “It’s not pouring water, it’s transferring power. This is an ascension ritual! It’s how you chose your successor! Now we’re talking, this is interesting. Poor Sam.”

“There!” I heard a man say from above.

I readied my shotgun and began shooting the moment they hit the floor, taking all ten of them out in less than five minutes.

I then jumped onto a bridge from an opening in the wall. It snapped and slammed me onto the one below it.

I then slid down a slope until I came to a pool of water, waist high. I stood, and looked around.

I saw a sloped part, and walked up to it, turning on my back, closing my eyes to sleep for a moment.

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