Book 1 The Queens of Love and Beauty

Chapter Five

Monday the 12th of March 1990.

After Yamatai, I had attached myself to one of my father’s last projects. The one that had gotten him killed. The one that had ripped him from me.

It had been for an object that was said to bring immorality to whomever wielded it. He had wanted it for my mother. To bring her back from wherever she was. He said she was in Avalon, but that’s just another myth.

I had always thought that the myths my father told me where just fairy tales. But in the end, I ended up gaining the knowledge that he was right to follow these myths...but what if he hadn’t?!

I had gotten a small apartment, taking my research there. No one, but my butler, Kurtis and our daughter had heard from me since the events of Yamatai.

What makes someone reach beyond the boundaries of human experience - to face the unknown?

As children, we question the world around us. We learn, we accept, and gradually, we lose our capacity for wonder. But some do not...the explorers, the seekers of truth. It is these pioneers who define the future of mankind.

Monday the 7th of May 1990.

Present Day.

Northern Syria.

Kurtis, myself and Jonah stood at the peak of a hill, looking out at the mountains that we were about to climb; Kurtis on my right, Jonah on my left.

There was a narrow passageway that we were walking across to get to a cave, two miles from the peak. We began walking as soon as we had gotten to the peak.

“Look at that...” I said, astonished at the beauty of the mountain, smiling at it.

“It’s amazing...but the snow coming off those peaks is a bad sign.” Jonah said, just as astonished as I was, but concerned.

We began to walk then, up to the entrance of the cave, out the other side of it, coming up to a small ledge that we could just about shimmy across.

We kept close to the wall as we came to the end of the ledge. I jumped onto a wall, digging my axe into it, climbing up and to the right, coming to a part of the wall that had caved in.

I leapt in the air, and dug my axe into the wall above, almost falling, but digging my other axe into the it in time, steadying myself, then looking around.

“Holy shit! I don’t think I can make that jump!” Jonah shouted on the other side.

“Stay there, I’ll anchor a line for you at the top!” I shouted.

I then went around until I saw a way up, and stopped when the thunder had started far away. I then looked up, jumping to the wall above me, digging my axes in as I climbed to the top.

I stopped looking at the beauty of the far away ruins. I had to look for a while. It was just so beautiful. I couldn’t wait to get down there and explore it.

All of a sudden snow came thundering down the mountains. It engulfed me, taking me into its coldness, almost drowning me.

Kurtis’ face was the last thing I saw before I blacked out, but I felt him pick me up, placing me somewhere warm.

Two Weeks Earlier.

Los Angeles, California.

I walked to my apartment, my hood up, and my hands in my pockets. I stopped outside of the building, looking up at my tiny apartment, seeing that there was a torch flickering.

I ran up to my apartment, and walked through, slowly, grabbing my axe in the corner, and looking around, then walking up to my father’s research, sighing.

“Home again!”

It is the greatest cruelty of life...that we are all too swiftly taken from it.

We age, we decay, we die...but what do we leave behind? Bones? Dust? What of the soul? Does it endure beyond our earthly existence? I believe it does.

A truth lies at the heart of many myths and stories - a truth not of science, but something more profound the key to unlocking everlasting life. That’s what my father wanted.

I may have found the next piece to the puzzle. But...I’m not alone in this search, like dad. They’re following me, watching my every step.

I know them by name now - Trinity. An ancient, violent sect with designs on controlling the future of humanity.

I must proceed carefully, for the sake of my family. If anything was to ever happen to Natalie, Melody, Brianna, Stephanie, Jasmine...or Kurtis, I could never forgive myself.

They are my world, them and the rest of my family, Sam, and my dead parents, for which I would give justice. I would make sure they would not suffer beyond.

I will go to Avalon one day...but that day still awaits me. I must continue with this before I go...for dad.

I heard someone outside the door, so I went over, pressing myself against the wall as the door opened. I went to axe the person in the skull but I saw it was Ana, my father’s girlfriend.

I put down my axe and gave her a quick hug, looking outside the door, then shutting it quickly, walking into the area the research was, and looking through it, taking my hood down.

“I think I found the tomb, Ana.” I said, stopping there.

“Oh, you can’t be serious, Roxy.” Ana said.

“The myth of the Prophet was real, dad was right.”

“Roxy, your father was...unwell.”

“No! He was close to a great discovery, tangible evidence of the immortal soul. He wasn’t unwell, Ana. He was right.”

“I loved Marcus. I would have married him if he had asked. But he was a broken man. I don’t want to see you end up like him.” Ana put her hands on my shoulders, motherly, but I pushed them away.

“Ana, he was right! It was everyone else who were wrong. He wasn’t broken. The tomb’s in Syria.”

“Syria? Oh god, Roxy, no. This is madness. Get your life sorted, go home to the manor.”

“I’m not going back there. You know I have to do this. I have to know why my father had take his own life. I have to know why he died, Ana, I owe it to him. I can’t just abandon him now, when I have...when I have been one of those who thought him unwell. He didn’t give up for my mother, and I’m not giving up for either of them. No one is going to stop me. No one!”

“But this obsession ruined your father.”

“I saw something. Something I...I can’t explain.” I then turned to Ana, looking at her. “Now I understand what dad was going through.”

“Its all fairy tales, nonsense. Don’t go down this road. You know where it leads.”

“It’s the only thing that makes sense to me now. I’m going to find the Prophets tomb.”

Two Days Later.


I had gotten myself outside the tomb, and started to make my way in, though a small window that had broken. There was water on the other side, that came up to my knees.

I walked through the dark cave coming to a small room. I looked up and saw a wall with depictions on them. I walked up to the monument in the middle, and looked at the text.

“This is incredible!” I said, as Kurtis came in after me. “It’s some kind of marker. I can’t quite make out the translation, but this word...Prophet. This is it! Dad was right.”

“I told you, you’re not crazy.” Kurtis said.

We walked up a sloppy walkway to a depiction of something. I couldn’t make it out until I got closer to it, Kurtis behind me as usual. He always liked to keep an eye out for people, and behind me, so that he could protect me.

“He’s shown here preforming healing miracles. Dad’s notes mentioned this.” I said, then walking away to another mural. “It’s the Prophet speaking with a foreign army. He convinced them to lay down their weapons.”

I then walked up to a monolith and looked at the text on it. “These are the miracles of the Prophet of Constantinople. Unjustly murdered by order of Trinity.”

We then began walking down the small walkway to a wall, that had a tiny whole in it. I ran a hand over it, and punched it with a fist.

The wall started to break away, so we both started hacking at it with our axes. It fell apart leaving a doorway that we stepped through, seeing how close we were to the tomb now.

We walked until we came to a wall, which we scrambled up. We walked until we came to a gap, which we jumped across. It fell beneath Kurtis as I tried to help him up, throwing us both onto a platform.

We then just had to walk up to the front door, and then walk in from there, coming to the drowned tomb, the tomb itself above the water, on a platform.

We swam up, and climbed the shelves, getting to the top where the tomb was, walking up to it, looking at one another.

Men then began descending down into the tomb. Kurtis jumped in the empty tomb, myself jumping in on top of him. We laid down until they tried to open the thing.

I jumped out, gun pointed at the man which was the leader of them. I kept my eyes on him as he walked closer, as his men set charges all around the room.

“Who the hell are you?” I asked.

He came up to the point of my gun. “You’re a smart woman. I suspect you already know.” The leader said.


“Where is the artifact?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I then took his detonator, keeping it hidden behind me.

“Don’t play games with me. You led us to this place.”

“Look, it was empty when I got here. There was no body, and definitely no artifact. I don’t have what you want, and even if I did, why the fuck would I give it to you?! You won’t get it. Whatever reason you have for wanting it, will be destroyed.”

The leader started to walk away, I ducked down on top of Kurtis, pulling the lid over, and detonating the bombs that had been placed all around.

The roof and floors began to cave in below as we got out the tomb and started running for a near exit, where we came to the cliff’s edge, stopping as we almost fell over the side.

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