Book 1 The Queens of Love and Beauty

Chapter Eight: Harrenhal, and the Tourney.

February the 4th 281.


We had walked in together; Lya, myself and Rhaegar close to each other, Lya and my own wolfjust behind us. They were following at our ankles.

We walked up to our room, we had one for all three of us. There was a double bed, with a single bed at the other end. A pale pink dress with red roses around the waist was placed on the double bed. Beside it was Rhaegar’s amour and helmet.

On the single bed a dark blue dress was placed on it, a blue winter rose crown beside it. I then saw the crown I had on top of my dress, a headband to go around my forehead.

We all changed, not looking at one another while we did so. Lya peeking at me from the single bed, then pulling her dress over her head. Once we were dressed, we walked down to the tourney.

Rhaegar had gone to join his tourney mates. Lya and I sat down next to Gweneth Snow, a handmaiden for Lya and myself. Gwen was on Lya’s left, I was on her right.

We watched the first battle of the day, Rhaegar looked our way, giving Lya a cheeky smile, his wife too busy with their children to see.

Lyanna looked at him and smiled back, then looking to me. “He shouldn’t be smiling our way. People talk.” Lya said.

“Rhaegar will do whatever he wants.” I said, as we clapped, smiling down at the contestants.

“He shouldn’t. He’ll make it hard on us in he long run. You said so yourself.” She then saw that Rhaegar was looking at us again, this time, blowing as kiss.

“For God’s sake. Will he not stop?”

“I don’t think he will, my Lady.” Gwen said, she was in on the whole plan. There was only four of us who knew it; myself, Lya, Gwen and Rhaegar.

“He’s got to stop.” Lya smiled, as she said the words, making it look like she was talking about the tourney.

Gwen did the same. “You know he won’t.”

After the first part of the tourney was done, we went to the Great Hall, and feasted.

Lyanna, Gwen and I stood greeting the contestants of the tourney. One of them, knelt and kissed both Lya’s and my own hand. Lya looked at the man as he walked by.

"He’s not going to enjoy having done that.” Lya whispered to Gwen and I, smiling.

“He’s a handsome man.” Gwen said, looking over at him.

Rhaegar then came over, Lyanna, happily smiling at him. “Are you going to be sleeping in your own chambers tonight, or will you accompany myself and Roxy?” She said, smiling wickedly. Rhaegar raised his eyebrow at her. “What? You smiled at me. You were the one to show most of the world what is happening here.” Lya was whispering now, trying not to let another hear her.

“Do you not want me to love you? I cannot stop loving you both. I do not love my wife anymore, there is nothing left for me and her.” Rhaegar whispered, with a serious face.

“You should watch your mother. Your wife may here us talking, lucky for you, she is greeting.”

“Lya, she’s coming by.” I said, looking at Elia of Dorne, her two children with her.

“You better go, your wife is will miss you.” He left, leaving us.

“You shouldn’t be so nasty to him, my Lady. He is your king to everyone who does not know the situation.” Gwen said.

“I wouldn’t worry. Its not like he can go tell his wife.”

“Lya.” I said.


“You shouldn’t stop. Before someone hears, or notices.” Gwen said.

“Oh, come on. Don’t you both be killing my fun.”

“We’re protecting you, Lya.”

“I know you are. But you don’t have to. I won’t let anyone hear us talking.”

We went to our room, Rhaegar had not come with us, or even come that night. We just went to bed, Lya sleeping on the single bed, in case someone unexpected came in.

Lya was having a bad dream, or a vision. I did not know. I would not know until I really looked, that was one of my powers; I could see other peoples thoughts, dreams, anything. I could see anything that happened in your life, anything you didn’t want me to see.

Lya then woke up suddenly, I sat up in my bed looking at her, as she sat herself up. I looked at her and saw that it was a vision that had disturbed her.

Lya and I looked at the door then, as Rhaegar walked in, closing the door behind him, and sitting on the end of my bed.

“I had a dream. A vision.” Lya said, as both her and Rhaegar stood, one next to the other.

“How do you know it was a vision?” Rhaegar asked.

“Roxy tells me about hers all the time. I know what they feel like, I know what they look like. It was a vision.”

“What happened in your vision?”

“It was about you Rhaegar.”

“Shit!” I said, knowing what she had a vision about.

“You know what it was about, don’t you?”

“Yes. We should try and make sure that I am there. I can control when I get pregnant. I’ll be fine.”

“Can you promise me that?” Lya looked at me with worry.

“Yes. I promise you that my plan will work, we just have to make sure we do it all, and do it right.”

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