Book 1 The Queens of Love and Beauty

Chapter Nine: The Three Headed Dragons.

February the 5th 281.


We had dressed, Lyanna had seen the worry on Rhaegar’s face, looking at us both. Lya put her hands onto his back, putting her head down lovingly, kissing his back.

“You will be fine. You are one of the best swords I know.” Lya said, her hands still on Rhaegar’s back.

Lya then walked over to me. I had Rhaegar’s helmet in my hands, and Lya took it, walking back to Rhaegar, handing it to him, not before kissing it for good luck. I had already kissed it, so now it was twice as lucky.

“We will be out of this hell soon.” Rhaegar said, his helmet under his arm.

“I hope so, my father has betrothed me to Robert Baratheon. I will never marry him. I don’t care if my father wants me to marry him. I love you, not him.” Lya said, giving me a quick smile, looking back at Rhaegar.

“You won’t have to marry him. We’re going after the tourney. We can get there in a couple of days.” Rhaegar then turned to leave, stopping when he walked near me.

“I want to marry you. I want myself and Roxy to marry you. She will have many husbands, but she will never have another wife. I don’t mind which men she sleeps with, I mind if she has another girl, seeings as she told me I was the only woman she would ever truly love.”

“That does not mean she will not fall in love with other women.”

“But she will only marry me.”

“I saw it in a vision. I will only marry you, Lya, but I will fall in love with other women.” I said.

“I don’t care, after all of them, you have to come back to your wife, and I am that wife. Or will be soon.”

“As soon as we can. We just need this tourney to be over.”

“That can’t happen soon enough.”

“I know. We’ll be there soon enough. And then we don’t have to worry about this.”

“I hope we do go tomorrow.”

“Unless we have to sit through more tourney, we’ll be fine. I promise you, Lya, we will be gone soon. I always keep my promises.”

“I want to be gone too, Lya. We should be gone soon, just try and have fun while you can with your brothers.” Rhaegar said.

“We all want to go home. We’ll be in the Tower of Joy before you know it.”

“Thank you. Let’s go to the tourney. Gwen will be waiting for us.” Lya said.

We then went to were we had sat before. Gwen again on Lya’s left, myself on her right. We clapped when we needed to, and smiled when we needed to.

“What do you think Rhaegar will do today?” Gwen asked.

“I don’t know.” I said.

“I do. He plans to name us both Queens of Love and Beauty.” Lya said.

“There is only one crown.”

"He made a second, the one he made it for me, because he wants it to be my crown when we rule Westeros and the Free Cities. He has made one for you, but will give you the former crown of Love and Beauty. I will not wear it when he gives it to me, and you shouldn’t wear yours. He has not shown me mine, but she showed me yours.”

“What does it look like?”

“It’s beautiful. It’s silver, little red roses all around it.”

“He knows me so well.”

“He knows me as well. He’s coming.”

That’s when we both noticed that everyone had gone silent. Gwen had noticed while we were talking. Nonetheless, he galloped up to us, and placed the crowns in our laps, crowning us the Queen’s of Love and Beauty.

The feast in the Great Hall boomed with excitement and drinking. This one was to celebrate the prince winning the days rides. He had put on his own crown tonight.

I looked at him, lightly elbowing Lya in the ribs. “Look, he’s wearing a crown tonight.” I said.

Lya and I were behind him, coming up to him, walking as he walked to the table. “Congratulations, Your Grace.” We said together.

Lya walked with her arm in his. He smiled at her, then looking back forward. “You look very beautiful. You both do.” Rhaegar said.

“You look good in your crown.” Lya said.

“Where are yours?”

“They are in our room. We do not wish to draw attention to the situation, and I don’t want my brothers thinking anything.”

“They will know after all this is done.”

“Yes, but they can’t know unless they have to.”

“You should have worn the dress I got you. It would have looked so beautiful on you.”

“I won’t try and impress you.”

Lya immediately went upstairs and went to change. She came right back down, beautiful in her dress and headband that was around her forehead, making her look all the more beautiful.

“Wow, you look amazing.” I said, as she came over to Gwen and I.

“Let’s see how long it takes Rhaegar to notice.” Lya said, then smiling happily.

“I think he’s noticed you already. He’s looking over here now. Look to your right.”

“My Lady, you shouldn’t tease him.” Gwen said.

“It’s alright. He will be good...for now.” Lya said, looking at Rhaegar, smiling.

That night when we went up to our room, we all had slept in the same bed. Lya and I both conceiving three dragons, two set of the Three Headed Dragon.

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