what you do when you fell in love with the person you hated once and still, your mind did not register the fact of your heart had chosen the person himself... ??? and then you misunderstand your sister having the same feelings about your man..... how can you overcome your thoughts and follow your heart to get the man who is already yours...??

Romance / Other
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OPPOSITES ATTRACT ( introduction)

Hey friends, welcome to another story on our Favourite Couple Krist-Singto aka ArthitKongpob... If you ask About the story ALPHA’S MATE then I wanted to say I need time to think on that book so I will drop that book for now means it will have slow updates. But this story is quite a known yet somehow new concept. I hope you guys will like this Story as well as you liked my previous ones.


Well, it was basically the main concept of the Sotus story right ??

But what if they won’t meet in university ?? They were no senior juniors?? Or no Hazer or freshers ??

What if....??

Well, let’s find out... Since I just started working and gain a lot of experience, all a lot funny, serious and meaningful incidents to remember. So I am going to mix and match my own experience and lots of imaginations and obviously our King & his King...

So, are you ready...?

If then let’s jump to the introduction.

Kongpob Suthiluk: 24 years old, handsome, dashing, smart, intelligent, soft-spoken to all the person he loves or liked. While a bi*ch to them he hates or doesn’t like... He wanted to study economics as academic education and also wanted to learn graphic designing as his passion, he like designing...

but due to his father pressure, he ended up being an engineer obviously with good grades and rank. He is actually a whiney kid but that was a secret of his friends and his sister.

But He doesn’t like it at all... And he hates the person who influenced his father... If he gets the chance he would kill him for spoiling his 4 years of life... A 4th-year student.

Arthit Rojnapat: A brilliant Student, Ranker and also a brilliant engineer. Work as a chief executive manager also works as Personal Assistant of His Boss, Who likes him for his hard work and honesty... With his super professional life, he has a dashing personal life where is a drummer of his band, A band he and his friends had created in university and they are becoming famous day by day after their last year performance on a nearby hotel and some kind-hearted persons posted them on social media...

Pan Suthiluk: A famous businessman with a down to earth personality. Every worker and employee of his company respect him and dream to be like him. But he knows his Son doesn’t like him at all... Why because he had to come in between his son and his dreams. He had lost his wife when Kongpob was 5, but thankfully his daughter who 10 at that time help him a lot to keep his family and his clueless son safe.

Namtan Suthiluk: daughter and Sister of both Suthiluk’s, A sweet smart girl. Manage home her still childish brother also helping her father in business like a born businesswoman she is... 30, haven’t planned for marriage yet in the name of family & business... but like someone secretly... loves her brother like son, and spoils him all the time... But they both have mutual understanding and bonding...

Both are each other secret keeps. They team up against Their father.

Super Five ( Official ): super Five is the band that formed in university and now after 3 years it growing well... They all have their professional career but they still manage to get time to practice and write songs and all... they stay together in a rented house.

Knott, Off, Tutah, Prem and Arthit himself...

Nong Five (Unofficial): they actually formed in university but somehow they got connected with emotions. And they decided to keep each other back and be there in need...

Tew, Rome, Em, Wad and Kongpob.

They all know each other by heart and they all also know About Kongpob can be whiney if he gets upset with someone or gets angry... And for the last 3 years, they know that his father’s PA the one he hates.

This year they have to do internships so they decided to join kong in his office as Namtan suggested it but they 5 agreed to keep things secret about Kongpob being the Heir of Suthiluk, only a few people will know who needs to know...

Note: ok, I have got two complaints whenever I went to make Arthit bratty.😳😟😟 So, for a change, Here I am making kong a nagging one... Hope you will enjoy this Kong the way you like the others. And for a change I am planning to make Arthit a sweet, Funny and no negative guy...😢🤭😊😊. BUT I NEVER SAY HE IS GONNA BE TOO GOOD FOR KONGPOB 😏😉🤭🤭🤭

See you soon...!!!


“Ok, so here you 10 are lucky enough to be our intern of next 5 months... Do you best, follow the rules and who knows maybe we can hire you in future...” -- Passing a few papers to the 10 boys the man again said -- “here is the appointment letters of yours and also the description of your work and the protocols and regulations of this office must follow them...”

The 10 boys nod and started reading the letters. While the man took a quick nap making one boy roll his eyes at that pig type person.

They were reading when a beautiful girl enters the room and smile at the boys while the boys show respect by bowing at her.

“Hello, boys... Welcome to the office... Hope you have a great internship period here... My name is Namtan and I am going to be your mentor here... ” The girl smiles while the pig type person wakes up with a jerk and gape at her.

“But ma’am...”

“No, but Mr..... Oppose sorry I forgot your name...”

To which the 10 boys lower their head while the man now tries to act polite but he was clearly annoyed.

“It’s fine ma’am, I am Paul...”

“Yeah, Mr Paul you can leave now... I will handle them...”

“Sure ma’am...” The man left and she smiles wide at the 10 boys.

“Ok boys, the main 5 rules of the office is... Be punctual or at last try to, Ask if you don’t know... It’s ok because you are here to learn so there is no shame to not knowing, wear official clothes and in the proper way. Just to be a decent guy... And report your head of the department daily even if it’s the smallest matter about your own work.. and please try to avoid office politics...”

She pause and breaths deeply... Then shapely look at them.

“Am I clear...??? ” she shouts.

“Yes ma’am....” They also said together

Making the 11 people in the room Laughs themselves...

“Guys, all of you are like my brothers so you don’t have to get scared of me or something but don’t misuse this sweet gesture of mine... I can be a Bi*ch if I need to..” Namtan threat them and all nods.

After that, she left.

And all the 10 boys sigh in relief.


“Hey my beautiful girl, how was He doing ?? “An aged man asks hopefully at Namtan

“Doing great dad... And calmer because of his friends... You don’t worry about him, I will take care of him by myself... ”

“I know you will Nam, but the fact is... He won’t learn what he needs to learn with you... So after few days, I will change his in charge personally... And I won’t listen to you...”

“Fine Dad... If I find him misusing his power or the love I have for him... I personally let you interpret...”

“That’s my dearest daughter... Remember I love you both with my all heart...”

“We know dad... He is just upset that you force him to study engineering and all... He will come around... Don’t worry...”

“I know, I know... Now let’s get back to work...” Pan said and went do something he was doing before Namtan come...

“Ok dad, bye... See you at dinner...” Nam also left.

As soon Namtan left, A tall good looking guy enters the office and Pan Suthiluk smile without even looking at him.

“Come to Arthit sit... Have you meet him ?? ”

“No sir... And I don’t think he wanna meet me this soon...!! ” The boy said with a huff...

And Pan laughs.

“Hahaha true... Ture... But I am sure he would forgive you as soon he got to know the reason for this... So don’t worry... I want you to make him strong I want to see him as an actual strong person to carry forward my name and responsibilities, as well as a responsible brother to my Namtan...”

“Sure thing sir... I will do my best... You don’t worry about him. ”

“I know you do... My boy... I know ”

On the other hand, Kongpob got ferocious when he and his 4 friends walked through the office and saw his Sister coming out of his Dad’s office and someone enter. He frowns at the guy.

“Ma’am... ” Kong called out Nam.

“What is it, New boy...?? ” Nam teas and his friend’s giggles.

“Is that guy is the one...?? ” Kong asks in a no-nonsense low tone and Namtan sighs while nodding her head.

“That Bas....d...”

“Kongpob you better do your work than playing revenge - revenge I am not gonna let you off...” Nam said strictly.

“Fine sister... But I am going to make his life hell... That’s for sure...”

Kongpob left from there and Nam sighs. Knowing what is brother capable for...


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