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Cherishing You


Having separated from his brother ever since he was a baby, Eren didn't remember the face of his older brother aside from his baby photos. He soon found himself slowly attached to the new guy who appeared in his family's bakery during the first day of his moving.

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

The door of the bakery opened to reveal a young lady with amber eyes and brown hair. She held her son’s hand, readying him for school in the very morning.

“You really don’t have to send me off, Mom. I’m 12 already.” The boy said as he pouted. His mother shook her head.

“What nonsense are you talking about, Rivaille? You won’t be home in several days because of your field trip, I have to see you off.” Carla was about to close the door when her eldest son halted her. The boy spotted his one-year-old brother as he slowly crawled up to them. Had he not seen him, Carla would have closed the door and injured him. The green-eyed baby was staring up at his brother while he scooped up. He could hear Rivaille’s soothing voice as he whispered to his ear. He giggled with his small hands clutched to his jacket after feeling the bigger hand ruffle his brown locks affectionately, kissing the top of his head as he rocked him in his arms.

“Eren, I’ll be going now, alright? We’ll be separated for a few days until I’m back from my field trip. Don’t cry while I’m gone, Eren.” His mother picked him up from the boy’s arms, smiling softly as she patted his head.

“We need to go now… Mikasa, can you take him back inside? He’s following Rivaille outside.” An eight-year-old girl with long hair and stoic eyes walked up to them.

“Have a safe trip, Mom…” She said while she took her brother in her arms.

“Are you not going to say anything to your older brother?” Mikasa rolled her eyes at her inquiry.

“Be safe… Rivaille…” she pursed her lips while he gavea silent nod. Carla looked at her children and shook her head.

“You two are so stubborn. We need to go now. Make sure you cook lunch before 12, Mikasa. I’ll be home as soon as I can. Wake your father if he hasn’t woken up by 9. Watch the shop for me for the time being.” The girl nodded before Carla closed the door of her house. Watching the door shut before his eyes, Eren started to wiggle out from her arms. Mikasa quickly cuddled him firmly to prevent him from falling.

“Iaaii—” Eren attempted to call out Rivaille’s name, trying to make him appear again in front of him. Mikasa patted him softly, turned around to walk back to the living room with Eren in her arms.

“It’s alright, Eren. He’ll be back in a few days… You’ll see him again soon.” She cooed him when he started to sob. Mikasa put Baby Eren on the sofa, ignoring his wail while she switched on the TV for kids’ show. Upon hearing the sounds, his big green eyes stared up at the screen. Mikasa’s lips turned into a smile as she watched her brother’s curious look. In a few minutes, she heard him laugh as if forgetting his previous sadness. Mikasa caressed his hair and got up to walk to the front shop of their house just in case a customer walked inside.

The Jaeger family owned a bakery shop, her father’s bakery sold many delicious breads, pastries and cakes throughout the small Shiganshina Town to delight their customers. Many people ordered especially during rush hours. The Jaeger Bakery became everyone’s favorite with their merchandise and seasonal bargains, especially in the town where festivals wereheld regularly.

As soon as Mikasa walked into the shop, she saw her father in front of the counter. He looked at her with a smile and nodded.

“You can go inside, no need to worry. It won’t be that much before the rush hours.”

“Okay, call me when you need help, Dad.” She said and walked back inside. They did their usual activities for the day with Mikasa playing with Eren right after she finished her homework while Grisha took care of the shop. Occasionally, her daughter would help around the store to put in freshly baked bread that her father had prepared.

It was time for lunch when Mikasa walked up to Eren, who was still in front of the TV. She found him sleeping soundly and smiled at the sight. She took the remote control and switched it to the news channel. While she let the news fill the air, she hummed a random song while pulling out plates from the cabinet. Mikasa heard some ruckus on the news, a bus had gotten into an accident, but she paid no heed to it. She moved around in the kitchen and start cooking for the next half an hour. While she was setting up the table and putting the meal, she heard a loud sound coming from the entrance of the house. Mikasa whipped her head to look at her pale mother trying to catch her breath.

“Mikasa, where’s your Dad?” she asked in a quivering voice.

“He’s in the shop, Mom. What happened?” She quickly walked to her.

“Your brother, he got into an accident! The bus that was bringing them collided with a gasoline truck. I was almost home when I heard the news in the radio of our car. I need to tell your Dad and call the hospital.” Her eyes were frantic as she looked over the news. Mikasa’s mouth went dry as her brain registered the news. Her raven eyes looked to the TV screen, watching the bus in flames. Her heart beating faster at the memory of her brother and their previous little fight. They were fighting about who’d take care of Eren during the night because they love him so much. Mikasa wouldn’t believe what she was seeing, the people who were injured could be her brother. The lists of the names continued going up, hoping that her brother was on the list of the injured people instead of the one passed away or consider missing because of their unrecognized burning face. Her train of thought was disturbed once her mother called her, while pulling Eren into her arms. The baby cried loudly, mad that someone had disturbed his sleep.

“Mikasa, hurry up!” Carla shouted as they hurriedly walked outside the house. She stumbled to her feet, quickly putting on her shoes and rushing into the car. She bit her lip throughout their ride to the Trost Hospital mentioned in the news.

The boy with raven hair and deep teal eyes blinked drowsily as he slowly sat up. He flinched as a pain shoot through his head and arms as he moved. He ran his hand to his head, noticing the bandage around his head. He took in his surroundings, realizing that he was in the hospital. He grunted as he touched his forehead. A doctor walked inside and smiled up to him when he noticed he was awakened.

“I’m glad to see you are awake. How are you feeling?” The blonde doctor patted him on the shoulder, making the teen flinch at the contact.

“What happened?” he muttered, looking up when a nurse walked in.

“You got into an accident during your way to the fieldtrip with your friends. Can you tell me your name?” The doctor smiled after he saw the boy’s eyes read his name tag, ‘Erwin’ and looked up into his blue eyes.

“I’m…” he frowned as he tried to remember his name. What was did his father use to call him? His mother? His eyes widened upon realizing he couldn’t remember either of their names, even their faces were hazy in his mind.

“Uhh… Le-vi…” He muttered, trying to sounds it right.

“L-E-V-I? Is that how you spell your name? Can you remember your family’s name? Do you remember your age?” The raven shook his head as he looked down. Upon getting a sad feedback from him, Erwin patted his back softly and nodded to the nurse to write his name on the list of injured people.

“I think he should be around 13 years old, Doctor.” The nurse named Petra said as she watched him closely.

“Didn’t he bring a bag with him? The bus was on the way to their field trip from Shiganshina, right?” Erwin asked. Petra shook her head.

“Almost everything burnt down, his student ID was probably left on the bus. All the teachers can think of was saving as many students’ lives as possible, we can’t blame them, they tried their best. He will be the last one. The others, we can’t identify their faces, Doctor.” She said as she showed him the list.

“Thank you, Petra. We’ll need to go now.”

“Doctor, a parent with a little girl and a baby was searching for their son. Is the list finished?” Someone called out and Erwin hurriedly ran to him. Petra noticed the boy staring at her and she smiled.

“Levi, you’ll need to take some rest while we’re busy with other things. You have to wait here until your parent come.” Petra patted him on his back and left. Levi looked at her back with a frown. Surely, someone will come and pick him up, right? He at least remembered his name, even if he didn’t recall his last name. Levi laid back on the bed, trying to remember some piece of his memory. He remembered he cradled his brother in his arms, kissing his head before going outside the house. He didn’t remember what he was supposed to do outside, but then he woke up in this room, already injured and lost some of his memory. Levi closed his eyes, his heart clenching painfully. The only thing he remembered were his green eyes, which always shone brightly whenever he pulled his brother into his chest.

Days became weeks, that turned into months. Levi found himself brought into Erwin’s house just so the boy could grow up properly. There must be some mistakes on the name and age. Apparently no one took him right after the accident and Erwin found the boy was practically depressed once he realized that he was being dumped by his family. Those eyes had turned empty by the time Erwin took him in. He could only wish the boy would remember some of his memories as the time passed by.

Carla sobbed in front of a tombstone, her husband Grisha Jaeger hugged her from behind, trying to calm her down. Mikasa stared at the tombstone with a sad face, her older brother was gone, even they couldn’t recognize his face anymore. No one would fight with her over Eren. No one would listen to her moaning on her school activity, no one would give her suggestion to her problems anymore. Mikasa bit her lip to prevent herself from sobbing. A soft touch from her brother made her look down. Eren was patting her hand with his tiny hands, trying to make her laugh. Mikasa kneeled down beside his baby cart and softly took his hand into hers.

“It’s alright, Eren. I’ll be by your side always, I’ll take care of you from now on.” Mikasa whispered softly as she pulled him up. Eren gave a grunt right after she cradled him in her arms. A single tear ran down Mikasa’s cheek.


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