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Beasts Within

By Chocolate Bunny (Stephanie Sloan)

Romance / Fantasy


Kaida grew up in a small town believing her father abandoned her mother and her for no good reason. However, when she finds out he's alive and well and living in London she wants to pay him a visit and give him a piece of her mind. She may have gotten more than she bargained with when she finds out that she (one of the last of her kind) and her dragon spirit are the only thing standing in the way of an evil entity (with the help of some nasty friends) taking over and plunging the world into darkness once more. Follow Kaida, B2ST(Beast) and the rest of their friends as they face off against 3,000 years of evil spirits and save the world from certain doom!


Prologue (started may 7, 2015)

Daniel peered over the top of the crib and smiled at his daughter who was sleeping soundly. She was only a year old and already had so much wisdom and a personality to match, he wiped the single tear that had made its way down his cheek. How could he leave his child and wife? Why must he give up so much to protect them when all he wanted was to spent every waking moment with them? He leaned over and kissed her on the forehead she sighed. He walked past his father who also came into the nursery to say his farewells to his only grandchild. When he saw that his son had closed the door behind him, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, infant dragon. Its silky silver skin felt like he was cupping water in his palm and two very tiny horns could be seen just protruding from the skin of its forehead. He laid it down next to her and smiled. The dragon lifted its head sleepily, yawned and then snuggled up close to the baby girl.

“My Kaida,” her grandfather stroked her soft raven curls and watched as she rolled over and wrapped her small arm around the baby dragon like he were her teddy bear. For a split second she opened her eyes and Gyeong saw that her eyes were indeed silver and glowing, though they would fade as she got older. He felt it a shame she would know nothing of the great people she was born from and what great things she was destined for in the years to come; however, he had to respect his son’s wishes.

“Ryu, I must ask that you protect Kaida no matter what and be my eyes and ears over the passing years, okay. No one must know, not even my son.” Ryu ruffled his wings then nodded his head before laying down next to Kaida and falling fast asleep. Gyeong walked away and closed the door behind him.

“I’m sorry Trish, I hope you can forgive me.”

“I know you’re doing what’s right to keep us safe I just wish you didn’t have to, I want you here with us to watch our daughter grow up.”

Daniel hugged his wife tight and kissed her for what would be the last time, then he turned to his father and nodded his head. The two men turned to Trish and waved goodbye before heading out the door. Trish couldn’t hold it any longer once they were gone she’d finally had the chance. She crumpled to the floor and wept.

Meanwhile, Ryu snuggled even closer to Kaida and licked her softly on the cheek, he didn’t know why even at such a young age but he was ready to give his life for his new owner and protect her at all costs. He would make sure she was ready to follow her destiny when the time came.

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