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Your in Y/N LestrangeĀ“ś life.Based off of songs FULL credit to J.K.R and Accio_Butterbeer I only own Y/N Lestrange

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Notes and Credit

So I have decided to do a book based of Songs my inspiration came from Accio_Butterbeer so FULL credit to her.

But instead of Nova potter Harry potters twin sister who is dating Draco Malfoy Slytherin when shes in Gryffindor.

Mine Will be based off Y/N Lestrange.Bellatrix's daughter Draco's cousin who is bestfriends with Nova Potter (even though she cant stand Harry potter),Blaise Zabini,Draco malfoy (Obvi),Crabbe,Goyle,Pansy,and Astoria.So please go read her novels and remember FULL credit to Accio_Butterbeer.

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