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Are you tired of reading normal smut? Do you wanna read something that has you going WTF? Well you've come to the right place as this entire story is written by someone who's done to many drugs while reading fanfiction! I do requests and original works and trust me none of these stories will be boring For now I'll only be doing MCYT smutshots but I'll branch out later if you feel up for it. IM GOING TO HELL AND SO ARE YOU Everything is one the table! Want a glow squid gangbang?! I got you! Want bottom dream? I got you! Want more crack? I can't do that but I can definitely make you feel like you're high. Comment your requests or just DM me and watch the magic happen! (if you can call it that) *PS: NO MINOR REQUESTS PLEASE (TUBBO AND TOMMY FOR EXAMPLE) THAT'S GROSS!!!

Erotica / Other
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You read the description and clicking on the book

You saw the name of this chapter

I wasn't joking.

If you read this you've officially just found the most demented author on this platform so welcome. I hope you have a swell time.
Get your holy water, bibles, bleach, and WAP ready. YOU ARE GOING TO NEED IT.

And since this is called CRACKSHOT I have to live up to the name! :)

Have fun!!!

Tentacle play, tongue play (don't ask), some bondage, gangbangs, deepthroating, face fucking, and creampies.


The ocean seemed to stretch for miles with no sign of land in sight. Dream sighed as he felt his arms begin to grow heavy and tired as he continued to row through the deep blue waters. George sat behind him gazing aimlessly into the water. They had been at sea for a few hours now and he along with Dream was losing hope that they would find anything.

"DREEEEEAAAAAMMM" George groaned, "Can we please just turn back? There's nothing out here!" the brit complained.
Dream shook his head, "We didn't go in a straight line George so going back would do nothing but get us even more lost. We have to keep going."

George tossed his head back and groaned even more loudly that before. Dream rolled his eyes remembering that it was George's idea in the first place to go out into the ocean to find ship wrecks and temples that they could raid. At first they had been successful but after awhile the ocean grounds became barren with the exception of the wildlife that swam beneath them. Dream stopped rowing, letting the boat coast and getting a mumbled groan of disapproval from the older male, "My arms are tired so unless you want to row I suggest shutting your case." Dream snipped back at him.

George rolled his eyes and looked back down into the water. Below them was what seemed to be a ravine. It stretched so far down that the water looked black. George squinted trying to see if he could spot anything in the murky darkness. Suddenly, there was a low flash of yellow light. Without looking away George reached over and pulled at the back of Dream's hoodie. He turned to look back at George soon following the brit's gaze into the water. More flashes of yellow appeared and Dream soon deciphered what they were.

"Glow squids." he said softly as he watched to light show with George, unable to tear his eyes away from the spectacle.

"They aren't hostile right?" George asked unable to look away as well.

Dream nodded as he felt something wash over him. A small pit of fear welled in his stomach but he couldn't explain why. They glow squids were in fact no hostile. That was a fact but besides that nothing else was known about them. The feeling that washed over him grew and he felt himself tipping towards the water as the dim glows of the squids got brighter. George felt the same way as he watched. He started to internally panic as he realized that he couldn't move and he couldn't look away, "Is it just me or are they getting closer." he said quietly as he mind desperately tried to fight to get away from the trance he was in.

"Yeah they are." Dream said and could he the quiet panic in his voice.

"We should go." George said as the glow squids continued their steady approach, "Like right now."

"I can't move." Dream said breathlessly, the pit in his stomach growing tighter.

Soon the squids were circling the small boat the the two men resided in. Water splashed up in the wooden interior and pushed against the sides of the boat as the squids continued their dance. Dream felt the trance give way and so did George and they looked at each other for a brief moment realized the gravity of their situation before long tentacles reached over the sides of the boats and wrapped themselves around the pair. The boat flipped over the they were dragged down into the depths, further down into the blackness of the ravine where death surely awaited the two.

I couldn't breath as George and I were dragged down further away from the boat. The tentacles wrapped around my arms, legs, and chest kept me from being able to reach my inventory or fight back. A fuzzy darkness clouded the corners of my vision has water began to replace the air inside my lungs. Just as if felt myself begin to slip off the deep end there was a bright flash of gold that nearly blinded me and suddenly air reached my lips.

I immediately began coughing and hacking as my body rejected the water that had invaded my lungs. I could hear George doing the same next to me as well. Once I had taken a few gulps of much needed air and the cloudiness in my vision subsided I noticed the multiple pairs of feet that circled us. I looked up, staring into a deep pair of orange colored eyes. I gasped and backed away only to have my back bum into the sturdy legs of another creature.
The creature that stood before us were a solid black with traced of gold coloring and tattoos that lined their bodies from head to toe. Eight tentacles protruded from their backs moving around like a cats tail would. Their hair was a deep shade of blue that contrasted their brightly color orange eyes that stared down at me and George.

"There's no way..." George said, "These are the glow squids, right?"
"I-I don't know." I stuttered.

My fists clenched in fear but a sudden realization clicked in and I felt my eyes widen, "George we can move now." I said softly, not knowing if the creatures could understand us.

He gave a quick nod as in sync we both opened or inventories and selected our weapons mine being a diamond axe and George's being a diamond sword. I swung upwards at the creature that was leaned down towards me while George swung at the legs of the nearest creature to him. Both let out yelps of hurt and surprise as we both made a dash for the slight opening the surprise had caused. Our freedom was short lived as tentacle wrapped around the both of us, restraining our arms and legs and snaking around our torsos and throats. The tentacles constricted around us, the pain causing us to drop our weapons. The tentacle around my throat squeezed tightly, not enough to kill but enough to make it a struggle to catch my breath.

I glanced down at the monsters that were now beneath us as we were being held captive by their tentacles. The monster's face that I had slashed was looking up at me with what appeared to be a smile. I watched that the deep cut that had swiped across his face mended itself until the wound looked like it had never been there. I cursed myself mentally wished that the creatures didn't have an ability to self heal.

I heard George yelp form beside me and I looked over to see blue tentacles snaking up his shirt and curling more around his chest. I felt the slimy things do the same to me, sliding up my chest and back going everywhere I didn't want them to.

"Separate them and take them to the halls so that they may not try to escape again." a silky smooth voice said.

The tentacles loosened ever so slightly as George and I were dragged in separate directions. I thrashed against the slimy restraints screaming curses and George's name and I could hear him doing the same for me.

The voice spoke again, "Don't worry you'll see your friend again, after we train you both."

I swallowed hard, not wanting to know what kind of training these beasts were planning on doing.

George's POV
I felt my frail body get pushed up against a wall as tentacles continues to ravage me under my clothing. I could feel the slime all over my chest and legs as the tendrils continued to rub up and down them. I gritted my teeth as the ickyness only continued to pool over my whole body. It felt disgusting to say the least. I felt a hand grab at my face and I was forced to make eye contact with the things that had abducted me and Dream. I hoped that he was okay. I knew that Dream was strong and could handle whatever was tossed his way but I couldn't help but worry for him. This was something different than that manhunts we did or the stupid challenges we crushed. This felt more sinister and oddly a lot more sexual.

I glared the the creature before more and watched as it smiled before sticking out its tongue, "Bite and this will become a lot worse for you." It said in a gruff voice before the tentacle around my next tightened causing me to gasp. Quickly, the creature stuck it tongue deep into my mouth, threatening to make me gag. I moaned in surprise as the creature proceeded to kiss me, its long tongue moving as it pleased within my mouth and occasionally slipping down my throat causing me to gag. Tear prickled to corners of my eyes as I squeezed them shut, fighting back against the urge to bite down on the creatures tongue.

Suddenly, I felt the tentacles around my body yank upwards ripping off my garments leaving me only in my boxers. The tendrils continued to snake around me as the creature deepened the kiss, its tongue permanently down my throat. It swirled its tongue around and I could feel myself moan and begin to suck on the slimy thing despite my best wishes. Just as the kiss became heated it pulled away, a sting us saliva still connecting us, "Good boy." It purred as it wiped its mouth. I looked around taking note of the five creature that surrounded me before the tentacles undid themselves dropping me to the floor with a thud. As I pushed myself to my hands and knees as hand grabbed my hair and I was yanked upwards to come face to face with a giant cock in my face. I turned my head to other way as the creature that was holding me pressed its throbbing member against my left cheek making me shiver. I felt my own self tighten from the arousal.

This can't be turned me on, I thought, anything but this.

The creature rubbed against me for awhile before I yanked on my hair harshly causing me to gasp from the pain. I proceeded to shove its shaft in my mouth, pushing my head down on it. The creature, which I had come to the conclusion were the glow squids from earlier, thrusted forward into my mouth, the slick from the previous ones tongue making the action ten times easier. My hands automatically came up and rested on the things hips as it thrusted forward into my mouth. I moaned as I became accustomed to the punishment and my gag reflex dissipated, a wave of pleasure overtaking my body.

I felt a tentacle rub up against my ass hand reached down towards me, removing my hand of the creatures hips that was face fucking me. I felt my hand curl around the two heats of two other creatures and I instantly began to move them slowing up and down along the large shafts. I was now sitting more upright but I could still feel the tentacle between my legs messing with my ass, curling around my plush cheeks. I moaned as I felt it snake into my boxers and began probing my hole.

I felt myself harden as the slick thing continued to mess with my entrance, slicking it up with foreign juices. Without warning the tendril plunged into me causing me to yank myself off the cock I was sucking on and moan out loudly. The creature grunted and slammed my face back down onto its throbbing member and speed up its thrusts.


It continued to thrust into my mouth as the tentacle in my as continued to push itself deeper into my wet cavern. I could feel it filling me as it continued to push deeper without showing any signs of pulling out. My eyes opened as tears flowed down my cheeks as I looked up into the face of the creature that was being pleasured. Its orange eyes stared down at me piercingly as it flashed a small grin. It gripped my hair tighter as it pushed himself down my throat and erupted. I moaned sharply as I was forced to swallow the substance that was being pumped down my throat. My eyes rolled back as ecstasy overtook me and the tendril that was filling my hole pressed itself against my internal bundle of nerves.

Once the creature was done it pulled out, the suction of my lips releasing with a pop. The creature that I had been stroking grunted as they to came all over my face. I felt the tentacle in my ass pull out and I collapsed on my side, throat sore from the abuse.

"We aren't done yet." the gruff voice said, "Not even close."

Dream's POV
I felt strong hand grab at my legs yanking my bottom half up towards the creatures face as my arms were pinned down quickly by two other squids. I sneered up at the creature that held me, it being that same one that I had previously injured. My throat was sore more the abuse I had to endure as two of the monster forced me to down their cock as another had slipped its t slimy tentacle into my ass. I could feel myself agape and though I would never admit it out loud I hating the feeling of being empty but it seemed like it wouldn't stay that way for long.

I creature smirked, "You are such a fighter," it purred as its large hand gripped my hips, sure to leave a mark, "but how much longer can you fight the pleasure you are feeling right now?"

"As long as it takes." Dream retorted knowing those words would haunt him.

"Very well, we'll see how long you last." the creature said as it pressed his face into my ass.

"What are you-" I was cut off as a gasp escaped my lips as a long, warm tongue slipped into my entrance. I creature moaned into the opening causing me to moan back and stiffen as it continued its work. A hand cupped the under side of my chin and tilted my head back to be met with another stiff squid cock. I swallowed hard as I opened my mouth and begrudgingly accepted the large thing into my mouth.

The squid at my ass began to thrust its tongue roughly in my cavern, twisting and turning its tongue to get new angles and hit different pressure points. His tongue soon found my prostate and upon my loud moan as he pressed up against it I felt him smile and continue to abuse the tight bundle of nerves.

My thoughts became fuzzed as a waved of pleasure washed over me. I tried my best of force it down but I only fought back with a strong ferocity, soon over taking me. I was a mess to say the least as I choked on a dick while I was being eaten out by a humanoid squid. My eyes widened as the shaft in my mouth erupted without warning. I filled my throat and mouth, spilling over my lips as he pulled out. I coughed out what was in my mouth, the rest having made its way down my throat.

I felt the tongue pull out and I whimpered as the warmth left me empty. I glanced over at the squid holding my waist eyes widening once more as I watched his it pressed the tip of his cock up against my welcoming hole. He reached over yanking me upwards and onto his lap. His breath was hot on my neck as he pushed me down onto his length. I screamed out in pleasure as I widened and adjusted to his large, pulsing warmth. He soon bottomed out and I could feel his thick rod twitching inside of me.

I groaned resting my head on his shoulder as I continued to adjust, the shocks of pleasure striking through me. I felt his slimy tongue graze against my neck and along my shoulder. He sifted himself so now I was forced to look him in the eyes. His tongue lapped at my bottom lip and I opened my mouth to allow him entrance.

No more thoughts rushed though my head anymore, replaced by the mind numbing pleasure I was feeling by being filled by a creature of the deep. He thrusted up slowly as he used his tongue to fuck my mouth, pleasing both my needy halves. He detached his mouth from mine and leaned back, continuing to thrust upwards at a steady pace. Another cock was placed his front of me and I quickly swallowed it eager to replace the tongue that had left me. My hands were soon occupied by the same heat and the squid who was fucking me continued to thrust upward at a faster pace. My eyes rolled back and I soon became a moaning mess as the pleasure became nearly unbearable. I was near my breaking point and I could feel it.

I felt hands spread my cheeks as another warmth was pressed up against my already filled entrance. I heard a deep laugh as the cock inside of me pulled out to the tip and then slammed back in with another cock. It felt like my mind had shattered as I released the cock I was sucking on and screamed out, tears falling from my eyes. The two began to relentlessly pound me as one shifted out the other pounded in abusing my prostate that was at the center of the abuse.


My body began to heat up and go into overload as the pleasure overtook all my senses. I went back to sucking on the cock in front of me feverously hoping to make the male cum. He soon grunted forcing my head down until my nose squished against his inky black skin and he dumped his loud into him open throat. I moaned looking up at him as the two receiving hand jobs also released covering my entire face.

My hands feel onto the chest of the monster below me as I was forced down by the one behind me as both of their thrusts became faster and more sloppy. Out the corner of my eye I saw the white glint of my mask. They had torn it off at the beginning of the ordeal and as I stared at it I felt the prideful and confident sense of self slip away and be replaced by an unquenchable lust.

"GOD PLEASE-FUCK ME HARDER! FILL ME UP WITH YOUR SEED!" I screamed eyes rolling completely out, tongue lolled out. I was yanked down into a passionate kiss from the male under me as both squids thrusted in at the same time and filled me to the absolute brim. I moaned into his mouth as I came as well, white contrasted against his black belling and chest.

He pulled away looking into my eyes and he smile, "I think it's time you see your partner again."
Dream and George were dropped beside each other. Both were panting messes covered in cum and their own sweat. The glow squids looked down upon their work and smiled as they felt themselves ramping up again for the big event of the night. They switched partners wanted to test out the work that the other squids had done.
Both men groaned as they felt their holes being filled by the stiff cocks that surrounded them. Dream cast a glance over at George as he bounced himself up and down on one of the squids while sucking off another. George looked like he was in heaven, his sweet moans filling the space as he rode the monster's member. Dream turned away to look into the lustful orange eyes of another male as it bent down to kiss him as two cocks slammed into his prostate.
He let out a muffled moan as he felt hot liquid paint his insides and fill his being. As the two pulled out he was immediately filled again by two others as the tongue that he was sucking on was replaced with the real thing. He sucked on the meat rod (OH DEAR GOD) as it forced its way down his throat. Beside him George screamed out as he to was filled by two others his hands now busy pleasing other two.
The two men's moans filled the open area as euphoria sank in and they caved into their desires, pleasing the humanoid squids as they continued to have their way with the American and the Brit. Hours passed as the two continued to be filled over and over again, energy being drained from them as their bodies were being repeatedly overstimulated.
By the time the squids had finished both men were shivering, moaning messes. The squids looked down at their work and smiled as the two alphas of the group lifted one man each off the ground and carried them over to the portal they had originally dragged them through. The squids supplied the two with a drug that would allow them to breath under water up until they could reach air. The squids hopped through the portal and sifted into their squid forms swimming up towards the surface, placing the now passed out men onto the awaiting boat.
The boat was dragged by the squid for a couple miles before they were pushed up against the shore of a large land mass. The squids slipped away back into the water as the American began to stir.
Dream opened his eyes to see the sun hanging over head. He felt groggy, abused, and very sore. He felt something shift next to him and he turned to see George who was also beginning to come around. His blue eyes opened and looked over to meet the green of Dream's. He let out a faint breath which sounded much like a laugh, "You know Dream, I didn't think I'd ever see your face because we got gangbanged by a bunch of squid."
Dream turned to look up at the sky, blinked, and wheezed softly, "Yeah...neither did I."
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