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His Heartless Ways [Jungkook FF × Taehyung FF]


Jungkook - "You're my wife for the outside world but inside of this house you're nothing but a whore of mine . Get this thing stuck at your brain , slut" the poor girl was crying her heart out laying on the floor while holding her cheeks 9 Months Later Jungkook -" yah how dare you to touch my princess ? She's mine . Leave . her . hand ." He tried to pull her to him but Taehyung griped her hand tightly . Taehyung -" why would I let my girlfriend stay with a stranger like you ? " Jungkook -" I'm her husband . She is carrying my child" Jungkook's anger knows no limits and seeing her princess in someone else's arms couldn't help more . Taehyung -" correction , Mr Jeon . You're her ex husband and about the baby ......... I'm the father of this child " ~~~~~~~~ A story of Jeon Y/n where she lives in a living hell which is owned by her devil husband Jeon Jungkook . She is nothing but a toy to him. He is nothing but heartless who doesn't even has any remorse of cheating on her . But what will happen if she left him and he becomes a psycho ? What will happen if an angel name Taehyung comes in her life ? What extent will Jungkook to go get his princess back ? A short series *Yandere AU*

Drama / Romance
Kim Juthika
Age Rating:


// Once you made your choice you can't go back from it//

///Jeon Jungkook///

*25 years old
*Heartless , rude , arrogant , cold black hearted
*CEO of Jeon enterprise
*Husband of Y/n but never considered her as his wife
*Face of an angel but mind of a killer with a black soul .

// I only care about three things . I , me and myself//

///Jeon Y/n///

*23 years old
*Kind , innocent , shy , loving, caring
*Orphan but has a true friend by her side
*Wife of the mighty Jeon Jungkook
*Loves him so much to the point that she has forgot to love herself

// It hurts to know that he'll never look at me the way I look at him //

///Kim Taehyung///

*27 years old
*Introvert , shy , mysterious
*Most renowned lawyer of Korea
*Brother of Kim Yerim and knows y/n since childhood
*Has lots of secrets in his heart

// Don't try to understand me with your logic . Feel me with your soul //

///Kim Yerim///

*23 years old
*Sweat but savage
*Younger Sister of Taehyung and childhood best friend of Y/n
*Hates Jungkook because of the way he treats her bestie

// You're a human , not a puppet . So don't let anyone control you //

///Kim Yugyeom///

* 25 years old
*Best friend of Jungkook
*Supports him with blind eyes

// It's not wrong to help your friend no matter what//


*24 years old
*Bitch , gold digger , home wreaker
*Dirty little secret of Jeon Jungkook .

// I'm not a gold digger . I would prefer to call myself a 'wallet lightener' //

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